Barbara Walters’ Retirement Scores 5.2 Million Viewers For The View

Barbara Walters' final episode at The View pulled in 5.2 million viewers for the ABC gabfest. The installment also scored The View its fourth best single episode ratings. Walters' exit delivered the best ratings among women 18-49 since Nov. 7, 2012.

Watch clips from Barbara Walters' final week on The View after the jump!

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    Current panel just is not as good as any in the past. I see ratings falling. Sheree just does not have what it takes to give well educated opinions even though she thinks she does. Comes off loud mouth. Whoopie has lost control of Sheree. It is almost comical now. I am not sure if Jennie would fit in better if they had others who could bring level of discussion up again. Can’t visual at this point. It has lost its way totally. I am really wondering if it is patterning like The Talk. I would like the Talk if Sharon O was gone. Can’t stand her big mouth. Like that show better with Carnie Wilson. Please God I would not want Marie O every day there. I watch both shows sporadically to see if they improve. So far neither want me to sit and watch every day.

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    In a related press release, The View has announced that Barbara Walters will rejoin the panel in September, and retire again during November Sweeps!

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