Top 6 Moments From Season 5 of The Good Wife

The Good Wife’s fifth season was its best to date. Stunning writing, superb acting and game-changing moments had everyone talking about the CBS drama this past TV season. Keep reading to relive the Top 6 moments that catapulted Season 5 of The Good Wife into TV legend!



No. 6: Peter Endorses Finn for State’s Attorney
Finn (Matthew Goode) was the ASA who tried saving Will’s (Josh Charles) life during the Jeffrey Grant (Hunter Parrish) shooting, and was hit twice in the process. After the State’s Attorney tried to scapegoat Finn as the person who railroaded Jeffrey Grant, he turned to Alicia (Julianna Margulies) for help.

Ever the politician’s wife, she suggested he run against his boss, just so he couldn’t be fired for discrimination. She had Eli (Alan Cumming) help with the process, which got him on Governor Florrick’s (Chris Noth) radar. Since Peter probably wanted to impress his wife, it led to a public endorsement. No one was more shocked than Finn. 

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    [quote=harlee490]I so agree, to date this was the best season and GW had some damn good past seasons…can’t wait until fall.[/quote]
    I THIRD THAT. AWESOME SEASON! That Diane Lockhart pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

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    I binged all 5 seasons in about 5 weeks and just and caught up. Not hearing spoilers had me in shock after Will’s death. It’s my new favorite show, but I actually like watching episodes back to back.

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    Daniel St. John

    I have to disagree with the description of #4, Peter wasn’t any more or less out of line with his reaction to Alicia entering into a state of constant mourning for her ex-lover than he should have been. There was a period after Will’s death where Alicia was just awful to watch. And she lashed out at Peter because she was hurt.

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