Perkie’s Observations: Ned’s Life is in Danger on General Hospital

Anna doesn’t believe Jordan’s story that she’s a DEA agent. She would have been given a heads up. Jordan says she wasn’t informed because of her involvement with Duke. Anna can’t be trusted. Anna calls Jordan’s superior and is not happy with what he tells her.

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Jordan tells her Julian is not the head of the organization. She’s been trying to get the guy above him.

Jordan explains about someone buying out Barrett Enterprises and funneling the money into Derek Wells Media. Anna says they can salvage the investigation, if she brings Jordan in and makes her look like the heir apparent.

Julian is brought into the PCPD, despite his protests that he needs to get to the hospital to check on Lucas. Julian blames himself for thinking he could walk away from the business.

Alexis wants him to identify his boss. Julian is worried she could be next. Lucas was a message. Julian can’t get out of the mob.

Nathan brings Harry’s body to the hospital. Sam and Silas identify him as the shooter.

Sam is certain the hit was professional. Nathan wonders if Sonny could be behind it.

Sam doesn’t believe this. Lucas is Carly’s brother.

Nathan asks about other enemies. Sam tells him Julian was trying to get out of the business. Someone had a problem with that.

Sonny tells Duke the bust went down and Julian was picked up. Duke says he can no longer work for Sonny.

Sonny offers him a position in the legitimate side, but Duke wants to move on. Duke says he enjoyed working for Sonny, but wants it to end.

Sonny is worried about what Duke knows. Duke promises to say nothing. The two share a drink and Sonny wishes him well.

TJ tells Molly about his mother getting arrested. She’s been lying for years and dealing drugs, he complains.

When Luke gets home, Ned continues to needle him. Luke pulls a gun on him.

Ned is shocked when Luke says he can kill Ned and make it look like a suicide. Tracy walks in. Luke claims he was surprised by Ned and pulled the gun.

Ned says Luke is lying. He planned to kill him.

Luke insists Ned is trying to come between him and Tracy. Ned thinks Luke is trying to isolate his mother. He begs her not to let Luke take her down. Tracy tells Ned to leave.

Ric and Liz are on a date. He tells Liz about Alexis suspecting he’s Julian’s backer. He swears he isn’t. Anna brings Jordan into the station under her pretense.

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  1. Profile photo of Perkie

    I swear to dog, Ron had better be writing this that Tracy is on to Luke and playing him. Because if he’s writing this that the glorious Tracy Quartermain is being snowed by Luke after the millions of things she’s witnessed and been told and after walking in on him holding a gun on her first born, well I’m going to have to hurt someone.

  2. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Tracy aint stupid. Not her first Luke rodeo. Damn good episode. The music with the final scenes was superb. Please keep Ned he is so hot and a great actor. Cartini has produced one helluva sweeps.

  3. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Agree with the above comments. Tracy has always been a smart, strong women, and always gave Luke the shaft when he scammed her for money and disappeared on her for months. I think deep down she knows something is off, but is putting blinders on for now because she has her Luke back. That is the only way I can accept her actions right now but there are so many women that know something is wrong in their relationship, us women have that “instinct”, but she is putting it off because she wants to believe in Luke. Can’t wait to see when it is all revealed that Luke is a fake, or whoever he is. I so hope they keep Ned around. We need more Q’s. Jane and Wally are so good in their scenes. Ron’s mistake, like Guza, was killing off AJ, and Alan. Any long time viewer of GH always loved the Q’s. Tracy needs her son Ned, and eventually bring back Dillon.

    I have to add that both Tony Geary and Maurice Bernard have been great lately. That last scene of Sonny, with “that look” was perfect. I still think Maurice deserved to get an Emmy nod this year. He gave his best performance, with going off his meds. and Connie’s killing, in a long time. The last few years under Guza he was sleep-walking thru scenes. And, Geary , he always liked playing the dark side, but he has been great . He actually does look like a different character.

  4. Profile photo of Pauretajt

    [quote=Perkie]I swear to dog, Ron had better be writing this that Tracy is on to Luke and playing him….. well I’m going to have to hurt someone.[/quote]

    If Tracy Q is really being written this dumb and clueless, I going to have to hurt Ron…

  5. Profile photo of Peterascal

    What was that song playing during the final scenes? It was SO well done! Anna and Jordan teaming up. I hope there’s follow through with that. Tracy HAS to know what’s going on. As blind as she can be with men, Luke pointed a gun at Ned. I think she asked Ned to leave because she’s somehow handling it. Not because she didn’t believe him. BTW, Ned should be ELQ CEO!

  6. Profile photo of bren

    tracy needs to wake up, she’s smarter than she’s being written…. i need this luke story to WRAP UP. i’ve been fast-forwarding through his scenes. i love the actors but this can only drag out so long…

  7. Profile photo of curacaoman

    I would like to see Ned mentor Michael as CEO of ELQ and to have them develop a father-son bond. Michael is going to need a dad when the truth about Sonny come out

  8. Profile photo of liason4real

    AJ and Michael should be running ELQ.

    I love Ned!

    I guess Jordan forgot that she sent TJ to the man that is working in the mob!

    Anna and Jordan need to team up.

    Am I the only person confused as to why Duke was giving Sonny a tongue bath at the end of yesterday’s show? AJ is the one that hired Duke to work for him at ELQ!

    Tracy is not stupid.

    I had to laugh at the Liz/Ric/Molly scenes since Cam was born in 2004 and Molly in 2005!

  9. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Tracy can’t be that stupid can she? I never ever saw her played by a man like this. Tracy got smarter with age. In this storyline she looks kinda stupid. I hope that there is some kind of twist coming up.

    Fluke is a sociopath. But a great one. I really can’t remember the last time I enjoyed Tony Geary that much. And he seems to enjoy it too, playing the creep.

    I’m happy that Ned is used more and hope that he sticks around.

  10. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Not only does Ned need to stay, but Dillon and Brook Lynn need to come home, too. If FLuke really is Bill Eckert, then wouldn’t he want revenge on Tracy by taking not just her money, but all of her kids/grandkids? Dillon is her son by Paul Hornsby, who later married Jenny Eckert. Maybe FLuke would find some poetic justice in getting Dillon. Plus, Dillon was very close to the real Luke. Maybe he could also suspect that something’s not right with Luke.

    Dillon could be a new love interest for Maxie, because heaven knows Nathan and Levi aren’t cutting it. Wouldn’t he be interested in baby Georgie’s welfare?

    Brook could decide that’s she’s done with music and wants to work at ELQ instead. She could be Michael’s rival for a position (not CEO; that should be Ned). Or Brook can remain in music and finally be a success. She and Dillon could come home because he wants to film a documentary about her musical roots. Who knows, maybe we could learn that Morgan was a film or music major in college (before dropping out and gambling) and he could get involved with the production. He and Brook could start a romance. That boy needs to do something away from his trifling parents. They could even throw Kiki into the mix (gag, I know, but since RC insists on having her, she might as well be useful) since she’s a singer, too. Maybe she could be Brook’s backup singer who tries to stab her in the back for a shot at stardom. Maxie could be Brook’s stylist or something.

  11. Profile photo of bobbyew

    [quote=J Bernard Jones]If you all are able, re-watch the scenes where Tracy tells Ned to scram.
    Pay attention to Tracy’s reactions, especially once Ned has left the room….[/quote]
    Exactly J, the whole time she was fussing at Ned she was smiling as Ned left the room Tracy turned a bit and had that negro what you really up to look on her face.

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