Is Will Covering For Someone Else Murdering Nick Fallon on Days of Our Lives? (PROMO)

Leave it to Will Horton (Guy Wilson) to confess to murdering Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). Is he telling the truth, or is he protecting someone else from being arrested? Next week on Days of Our Lives, Sami (Alison Sweeney) isn’t about to let her son go to jail. Watch the promo after the jump!

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    It’s definitely not Will. It’s far too early in the mystery for the real culprit to be revealed. He’s obviously covering for someone, perhaps he thinks Sonny/Lucas really did it? Or Gabi admits she capped him?

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    I’m enjoying this story so far, but I hope the writers aren’t going to drag this story out until the day Kristen returns to Salem.

    BTW, new-Ben is a vast improvement over the other guy in the acting department, although he looks as buffed and waxed as those cars he models with on The Price Is Right. They should have made him grow some scruff.

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    Yeah, it definitely wasn’t Will; my money’s still on Gabi. Although, if Nick mistakenly happened upon my girl Ciara in the park that night then all bets are off! ;)

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    I’m thinking if Will goes to prison, it might be for awhile (at least the duration of the murder mystery). Because the way they worded that custody agreement, it telegraphed that Sonny would have custody of Ari, if something were to happen to both Will and Gabi. And we know she’s goin’ one way or another.

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    jeremy in chicago

    I’ve thought it’s Gabi from the start. However, now that I’m caught up, my second most likely suspect is…


    Why are they giving her part of this story? The nightmares and all? Then we have Lucas and Will both trying to cover for someone. They’d both do that for Allie.

    This would also get Allie to stay in Salem while Sami takes off with EJ and Johnny.

    I still think Gabi is acting VERY crazy and super guilty, and we know she’s leaving canvas, so it’s probably her. But I think Allie is the only other viable option. They could say she found the gun on her daddy Lucas, and it would be turned into an anti-guns storyline about how kids accidentally shoot people.

    Of course, it would be absurd b/c Nick was shot so many times. Totally absurd. But… it’s Days!

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