Ilene Kristen Checks Back Into General Hospital

Soap legend Ilene Kristen (Delia) is making her way back to Port Charles. General Hospital newcomer Michelle Stafford (Nina) posted a pic on Instagram and said:

“So this chick… The reason I’m an actress today y’all. I watched her on ‘Ryan’s Hope’ when I was young. It’s the first time I was really taken and affected by an actress’s performance. I loved her and the show so much I got my sister and aunt and uncle hooked on it! When she left i was so upset I stopped watching…So today I shared the stage with Ilene Kristen. Still brilliant!! A true artist!!”

So far, no word on when Kristen is slated to reprise the role of Delia Ryan.

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    I have to agree with a lot of what MS says here, but nowadays IK overthinks and overdoes a lot of her choices IMO, taking things a step further than they usually need, which is similar to Ron’s writing in general LOL so Ron and Ilene are a good match i’d say! Let it be known i LOVE IK as a person :love: , stopped and chatted with her on the street a few years ago and we ran the gamut in topics from Nancy Addison to dishing a bit about JPL. Truly wonderful, a real NY’er thru and thru. Enjoy her more as a performer when she dials down the camp and truly BRINGS IT.

    What i DO NOT want to see is MS being the new GH cheerleader, similar to Genie’s role when she briefly returned for the 50th anniv, which was all a mirage, looking back…

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    I just hate that Delia became “Roxy” from OLTL. Eileen Kristen should rein it in a bit and play Delia as DELIA.

    I know Ron has a hard on for OLTL still, but he is basically ruining the characters.

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    [quote=LauraWrightCrazy]I don’t see how Ron’s writing affects the way it’s portrayed on screen. Ilene can tone it down without changing what’s written. That’s the actors choice.[/quote]

    I dunno, I think Eileen can change it up on a dime. I think they are telling her to play Delia this way.

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    Hi, LWC, i’m baaack from staycation, are you thrilled? :)

    I gotta agree with ABM, i mean IK does improv a tiny bit, but Ron’s writing is camp thru and thru for the most part.

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    Roxy! One of my all time favorite OLTL scenes is when Max Holden told RJ Gannon he was married to the “woman” sitting on their bar set stuffing food down her throat. :bigsmile:

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