David Tom Reveals Y&R Fired Him For Being “Too Young” For New Kelly

Recently axed The Young and the Restless star David Tom is opening up about his brief return stint on the show. In an interview with CBS Soaps In Depth, Tom revealed how his firing came as a shock to all. According to Tom:

I think I was definitely well-liked there. As far as I knew, nobody knew about this. Not even the cast.

Tom also discussed what the reason was why Y&R let him go after assuming the role Feb. 3. Tom stated:


One of the reasons they said they let me go is that I obviously looked too young when they placed me with [the new] Kelly [Cady McClain]. Well, she was hired after I was. I don’t understand why they didn’t think about that [when they were casting her]. We don’t really have a storyline [anyway]; She’s with Jack. I thought I looked fine with Missy [Claire Egan, Chelsea]. I really loved working with her.

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    It looked to me that he was too young looking for Victoria, not Kelly. She looked awful when he first appeared. Too much make-up and they gave her bangs one day. I like her with Ben, though. I like Kelly and Jack. They seem like a good, mature couple. I’m looking forward to the new Billy although he looks quite young in the one and only picture I saw of him.

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    With all due respect, in my opinion David Tom as let go because his acting in this role wasn’t very good. He looked too young with BOTH Kellys and Victoria. After watching Billy Miller in this role, David Tom was boring and completely turned me off.

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    Luke Kerr

    Note: My apologies. I was doing site maintenance and mistakenly deleted a number of comments. My apology for any confusion this may have caused.

    – Luke

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    JFP, are you kidding me? You fired David Tom for looking too young to play opposite Cady McClain? He has history with the soap, she doesn’t… Why didn’t this come into play when they were casting the new Kelly as Tom pointed out? As much as I love CM as an actress and overall person, I would much rather keep DT for Billy.

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    I will never understand the importance being put on characters and actors that clearly are NOT resonating with viewers.

    While I love Cady McClain, this role is a resounding fail. I love Cynthia Watros but always felt like she thought she was actting in a different show!

    Melissa Ordway and whoever the hell plays Tyler need their walking papers. This is acting school for them.

    the only newbie Im enjoying and its taken a looong time is Hillary.

    Sad thing is when I watch, your lucky if I watch 15 minutes of any given episode.

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    Nobody even knew David or cast…and people wanted to bitch a blue streak because MTS supported a friend after the news broke…not many friends some have I guess.

    So this is how JFP\Sony\CBS\AngMcD treats people is despicable and karma will bite all of those MF in the ass…karma’s a bitch >)

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    This is such BS. The nu-Kelly looks younger then the last one. Billy Miller was just so good ,(though, his animated features at times were distracting), that David Thom, unfortunately, to the big honchos, wasn’t good enough. I sometimes felt David was trying too hard to be like BM. I still feel they should have not have recasted Billy, and wait till Billy Miller decides to return. Too many replacements on this show at once, not good! Some recasts work, but a lot of times they don’t.

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    My main complaint with DT is that he always comes off as a petulant brat who whines all the time because he has to share his toys with the other kids(so to speak). I most certainly don’t think he’s a bad actor by any stretch, I just think he’s not the right actor for where the role is at this stage.

    As for the thing with Kelly, they hardly ever shared scenes together so I’m not sure why that reason was given. And as much as I think DT’s casting has been a bust, I think Cady McClain’s has been an even bigger one.

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    Cady looks younger than Watros… And Billy barely has scenes with Kelly anyway. This reminds me when GH fired Greg Vaughn and replaced him with original Lucky, Jonathan Jackson. Even though JJ is a wonderful actor, it was jarring going from Hunky Lucky to Little Lucky. It eventually worked again, but took a while.

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    That was punk ass of them to use CM whom DT is not paired with just to shield AH. He looks too young for AH basically. Imo, this is about getting Villy to work but Billy ain’t supposed to be the same age as Victoria, Nick, Sharon, etc. That’s gonna be jarring.

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    Where can I sign the petition to fire Jill Farren Phelps? The show is terrible creative shape right now. I can’t even tolerate it on as background noise because when I have caught a piece of dialogue it’s usually stupid and/or infuriating. The cast is too bloated, the stories too shallow and the show lacks soul. I wish that CBS/Sony would please fire Jill Farren Phelps. My major problem with the soap industry is that it routinely employs the poorest writers and showrunners versus the acclaimed. Heck, I’d take new blood over the Jill Farren Phelps’, the Chris Goutmans’ or Hogan Sheffers’.

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    I think David Tom, must have his head up his ass, if he thinks they fired him because of new Kelly, looking too young. Old Kelly and I do mean old, looked like she could be DT’s mother. No way in hell was he fired because of new Kelly. He was a horrible replacement for Billy Miller.

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    ^^^ Exactly, Cady had nothing to do with it. If he believed that smoke he need his head examined. It was really about Amelia she wanted 2 hunks to fight over her horrible acting ass. Can we get a Soapdish reality series @ YR.

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    On SoapBox with Lilly and Martha, Michael Bruno said that DT was the LAST to know of his firing. That many on set knew before he did and Bruno who I believe Reps AH said that YR should have had more class and told DT first

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    First off, yes BM was great in the role but he’s not coming back. DT was a great replacement. I don’t buy the too young thing. In regards to Kelly, I consider it a nothing character-they wasted two good actresses with the role.
    DT gets fired, but AH gets to stay. Now that is still a bad recast. Would be interesting if they let DT go because HT was coming back as Victoria. (Snowball’s chance in hell, she ain’t leaving B and B.)

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    You know, didnt the higher ups at Y&R see, I dont know, maybe some pictures of what David Tom looks like. How could he be too young? They knew who he was before they rehired him, right?

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    Lollololololoooo – this is nothing but SHEER and UTTER BULLSHIT.

    They just didn’t have the guts to say they wanted a HAIR MODEL for the part.

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    [quote=MeltStuff]I thought he was let go due to poor hygiene.[/quote]

    Huh? David Tom looks perfectly clean to me. He’s no less groomed than the actor playing Stitch.

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    JFP should be fired not David Tom, and there are plenty of reasons to fire her ass, there’d be no need for these bullshit excuses! She is the worst thing ever to happen to Y&R, she is a thousand times worse than Maria Arena-Bell ever was. I love David Tom in this role and don’t want to have to get used to another recast.

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    [quote=appleridge]David Tom actually auditioned for the role this time. His replacement, Burgess Jenkins got the role without an audition. SMH!!![/quote]

    And that pretty much shows you how much of a fail this show has become.

    I thought that David Tom and Melissa Claire Egan had some good chemistry going for them. Billy and Chelsea shouldn’t be together but it was the start of something.
    No secret that he didn’t click with Amelia Heinle who continued her “I miss Billy so much” crap over the last couple of months and had nothing but good words for Sean Carrigan, while completely ignoring Tom.

    It’s doubtful that nuKelly was the reason for him being fired. But I don’t doubt for a minute that this is what they told him. Don’t think he’s that naive to believe it himself. He even says in his comment that he doesn’t understand because nuKelly was cast after him and all.

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    [quote=Yoryla]Lollololololoooo – this is nothing but SHEER and UTTER BULLSHIT.

    They just didn’t have the guts to say they wanted a HAIR MODEL for the part.[/quote]

    They have taste for crap in their hair department already and from what I have seen of new guy, I don’t want my hair done by anyone that works on him, or in fact anyone that works for Y and R. In my humble opinion they have the worse hair people in the world.

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    The kicker is that the way TPTB stylin’ this now-coifed, perfectly-manicured, too-dressed-up and overly-made-up version of NuKelly, she gives off a rather matronly vibe that wouldn’t have worked with Billy Miller’s Billy either. Cue the Vivaldi.

    (And I agree that Tom’s making it work with Melissa Claire Egan. And there’s actually future storyline there, since she is Johnny’s bio-mother. Somewhere down the line the boy will learn of this. .. And even though, I couldn’t wait for Chloe to exit, I also thought Tom did pretty well with Liz Hedrickson despite what her character was up to.)

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    Sad to see David(the original Billy) was let go, but he probably knows the excuse he was given was a complete lie. I mean, why even come up with NuKelly when she’s primarily with Jack. I personally believe the whining for Billy Miller to return from fans have played a major road in his firing. The thing is the other actor chose to leave, therefore the Billy role was going to be recast. DT is actually a good actor, so in the midst of this big story…I thought they were doing great getting the original actor back in the role. I rarely heard complaints about his acting, its mainly about him looking youthful although he’s a lil older than BM. Thing is if its he looks too young for Vicki to some….he should look younger, b/c she’s supposed to be older. But considering she’s messed around with Stitch, and doesn’t know whom she’s pregnant by, they could break them up. Bottomline the firing was unnecessary, b/c I have a feeling the new recast won’t be accepted either. He actually looks alot older than the prior Billys.

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    Angie Lucy

    Anyone else think it was a little unkind for David Tom to call out Cady McClain’s age like that? It’s a BS reason to let him go (if it’s true), but he could have easily said that TPTB thought he didn’t match up well with some of the women on the show. By saying “I looked too young for Kelly/Cady,” he’s basically saying Cady looks too old. They may dress her too old, but she looks several years younger than the original Kelly. Besides, Billy (character) is already supposed to be younger than Victoria, so why would it be hard to believe that he’d be interested in another slightly older woman?

  25. Profile photo of Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies
    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Well, Angie Lucy, I feel something similar to what you’ve said above. I think that — as tempting and possibly well-deserved as it may be — commenting on being fired is precarious. He’s obviously upset and is entitled to be so. But his comments throw casting, JFP, and Cady under the bus, and make him look either naive or bitter. It’s a tall order for anyone, and certainly for a young professional, but always classier to take the high road and say nothing or say something pat about being grateful for the experience, proud of the work, wishing everyone well, than to feed into what is already a very charged dynamic. I’m sorry for David Tom, but I didn’t think this was working, either. And not because of my fondness for Billy Miller. I was excited to welcome him back to the role, but ultimately, couldn’t buy a blessed thing he was selling. Extremely unfortunate if the news was not delivered with respect and compassion, but if I were his peeps, I would have strongly advised that he stay tight lipped beyond: “I’m really grateful to the fans and colleagues who supported me in my return to a role that meant a great deal to me.”

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    [quote=yojoromo4469]I think David Tom, must have his head up his ass, if he thinks they fired him because of new Kelly, looking too young. Old Kelly and I do mean old, looked like she could be DT’s mother. No way in hell was he fired because of new Kelly. He was a horrible replacement for Billy Miller.[/quote]

    Also as a long time viewer daily, and a close watcher, I don’t even remember David Tom having a scene with the new Kelly, played by Cady. Is anyone able to give me an example? Thanks.

  27. Profile photo of billcanada

    That excuse is a load of crap. If JFP wanted to pair up Billy and Kelly again then why didn’t she just hire a younger looking actress for Kelly? And since when does age matter anyway? They pair up older actors with much younger actresses all the time. Just look at Neil and Hilary. They’ve paired up older actresses with younger actors too although those pairings were hard to watch and gross. Cameron Matheson and Susan Lucci, for example. David didn’t have any chemistry with any of the actresses on the show. I think that is why he was let go. There could have been something else going on too that we don’t know about. Actors are let go all the time for various reasons. Instead of feeding us a load of bullshit as to why they should just tell us the truth. Do they think we’ll believe anything they tell us? I think they should kill off the character of Kelly. Cady doesn’t fit in with the show.

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