Just How Many People Knew About David Tom’s Young and Restless Firing Before He Did?

More stunning revelations are coming out following David Tom‘s (ex-Billy) firing at The Young and the Restless. Recently, Tom stated to CBS Soaps In Depth that, not only was he shocked about getting the axe, so were his former cast members. According to soap agent Michael Bruno, Tom may have been the only one who was clueless!

Bruno, who is Amelia Heinle‘s (Victoria) agent, appeared on  Soap Box with Lilly and Martha where he stated:

There’s a lot of stuff behind the scenes which goes on that you’d actually be surprised that people don’t know. You kind of are like, ‘This is happening, everyone else knows,’ and here’s an example of someone where I knew this was happening, I don’t represent him, and this is a person who’s going to work everyday… and talk about out of line, you kind of go, ‘Shouldn’t he be the first one to know before everyone else knows?’ And this is not the first time.

Watch the interview at the 35:44 minute mark below.


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    This is disgusting telling of CBS\Sony\Phuck-up Phelps\AngMcD…giving the reason he looked too young against Kelly…hmmmm sounds like a load of manure…

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    This is disgusting and very telling of CBS\Sony\Phuckup Phelps\AngMcDan on how they manage people and situations. Karma baby possibly now showing in there ratings the last 7 weeks. I read the excuse was he was to young looking for Cady’s Kelly but he was hired first so….it’s bs and its highest level.

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      Restless Fan

      Harlee you’re absolutely right. I think they are all corporate dicks. Certainly if you’re employed by them. To the regular Joe they are probably very gracious and thankful that we watch, blah, blah blah. That being said, Y&R is the daytime equivalent to ambien. Never have so have plots been constructed that tie nowhere to history but tie to backstory’s that are happening off screen. I think Phelps, Altman, Passanante, Angelica McDaniel and Steve Kent all share the blame for Y&R’s current situation. Fact is, they could get rid of Phelps/Altman/Passanante but with McDaniel and Kent calling the shots who the hells what hacks they would promote to those positions. Angelica SEEMS likes a nice lady but she should in no way be calling creative shots at the show. All that cheesy cross promoting (Neil/Hillary on TPIR, Avery on The Talk), Nikki’s MS (to name a few) I have no doubt all came from her. They all have agendas and those agendas are trumping what is right for the show. All of them individually are taking their stab at. I’m sure Brad Bell listens to Angelica to a point but she is not calling creative shots at B&B and its so much better for it.

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    I hate knowing backstage drama like this. It really affects how I watch and enjoy the shows. I’d rather just see them as their characters and leave the rest to the actors and their managers. Knowing all the he said/she said gossip (which is what unproved stuff like this is– gossip) takes away from the magic of soap operas. Like the wizard of Oz said, “Ignore the man behind the curtain!”

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    You put that in “quotes,” not me. I was implying that he was saying that everyone knew but him.
    He wasn’t a good enough actor and enough people realized that and got him out.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Cuppa_Coffee: What’s hard to understand? David said he didn’t know and neither did his cast members. Michael Bruno said otherwise. There’s nothing that needs to be edited. Maybe you may need to re-read both stories so you can understand. It is clearly spelled out, David Tom said he and the cast members were left in the dark, whereas Michael Bruno said David was the only one that didn’t know but everyone around him did.

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    This really isn’t all that deep. I’m sure it’s not just happening on Y&R. And it doesn’t mean that someone was “lying”.

    I could be “shocked” when my coworker tells me that they have been fired…but it doesn’t mean I didn’t already know. LOL. The wording makes all the difference.

    Either way, I love David Tom but I think Billy had progressed and evolved since his version and he didn’t really “fit” to me. Kinda makes me feel like an ass that I’m comparing the original to the replacement, but hey…the way Billy is written now…he’s written for an actor like Billy Miller. That doesn’t say that he’s BETTER than DT…just two different people with two different styles.

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      This was my take on DT and the role too, the character simply isn’t the same as when he portrayed him previously. At the end of the day, despite the fact that I thought he had great chem with both Liz Hendrickson and Missy Egan and even some with Amelia Heinle, I just didn’t think he was a good fit for the point at which the character had come to. Frankly, I just hope it’s not another merry-go-round of recasts with the character that happened the last time that DT left.

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    It doesn’t surprise me that Amelia Heinle’s manager would know about David Tom’s firing before David Tom did. Amelia Heinle has never shut up about Billy Miller in interviews & on Twitter and had hardly had a nice thing to say about DT. Just a couple of weeks ago she tweeted some pic of her as VIctoria & Billy Miller as Billy in some romantic embrace, which i thought was odd and disrespectful to DT.

    I’m not surprised AH & DT didn’t have chemistry. She basically has chemistry with no one and seemed to pre-occupied with Billy Miller. But that was no reason to fire the guy. I thought DT was great with most of the rest of the cast.

    That he was fired is a mistake, IMO. It’s also shitty he was apparently the last to know. It’s an embarrassing situation for YR, IMO. But this too shall pass. Feel sorry for the next that’s gotta play Billy Abbott.

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    When DT was young, he was an excellent Billy. He just never quite jelled with me since he’s been back though. I’m looking forward to seeing what the recast has to bring with him.

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    He’s a bit of a baby. ‘everyone else knew except me.’ I’m sure in his mind he was good. He’s probably the kind of person that will run and hire an attorney and sue, saying he didn’t know anything and thought everyone liked him, the sun rose and sat on his rear. This makes no sense…

    ” Recently, Tom stated to CBS Soaps In Depth that, not only was he shocked about getting the axe, so were his former cast members. Accoring to soap agent Michael Bruno, Tom may have been the only one who was clueless!”

    If the cast was shocked, that means they didn’t know, so they were clueless too, not just DT. Either someone is lying, or it was typed wrong.
    I won’t miss DT, he didn’t fit.

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    Michael Bruno who is an agent in the know says DT was the last to know

    I dont know what you read but no where in SID was DT a baby.

    I understand that some BM fans cant deal that he QUIT YR but he did. He moved on, fans of the show need to also

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    Reading comprehension is your friend, Cuppa_Coffee. DT didn’t say “everyone knew but me.” To the contrary, as this post says, DT told CBS SID that both he and the rest of the cast were shocked by his firing.

    However, as the post states, AH’s agent says that the whole cast knew he was getting fired. Doesn’t make DT or AH’s agent a liar or mean anything was “typed wrong.” Apparently DT didn’t or doesn’t know that everybody else knew he was going to get fired. He was left in the dark not only about his own firing, but the cast knew about it before he did.

    It’s shitty, but that’s the industry. It’s not for the thin-skinned. How he was fired doesn’t bother me all that much; firing someone is never easy and some ppl are always gonna know before-hand. I just think it’s dumb they fired him at all. He was doing fine as long as he wasn’t stuck with the Vortex of Suck known as AH’s version of Victoria.

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    Exactly right…it was BM’s decision to leave. YR\CBS\Sony tried but they wanted a fuller commitment which at least MAB was able to keep him with shorter contracts and outs to do other projects. Billy’s fans will indeed need to move on and like all of us let out of sigh of regret on your favorites…forward please.

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