SPOILERS: Bill Confesses on The Bold and The Beautiful!

Bill/Brooke/Quinn/Ridge: Bill (Don Diamont) confesses his affair with Quinn (Rena Sofer) to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Quinn (Rena Sofer) attempts to defend herself.
Wyatt: Wyatt (Darin Brooks) is concerned about the effects of Quinn’s past actions on his life.

Ridge: Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) takes a tumble.

Katie: Katie’s (Heather Tom) happy ending is starting to turn into a nightmare.

Hope/Liam:Hope (Kim Matula) and Liam (Scott Clifton) ask Quinn about her inappropriate relationship with Bill. Then, the Liam vs. Wyatt war intensifies.

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    BB has been rockin’ on rails causing sparks and creating fire this past week as “their” sweep month continues!! WOW! the family Bell specially Brad is getting more like his daddy as he matures. This past week with Ridge falling out the helicopter on Bill’s direction served up some of the most delicious Bell style soap since on YR since YR was YR! It had what I grew up to love about soapdom…especially Bill’s style a mind-bending, twisted psychological effect based in characters’ personality and relationships! It was an awe-inspiring “OH MY GOD” jumping to her feet hootin’ & yellerin’ moment in the livingroom!!! Simply superb soap opera….

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    Only problem with this is that once again Ridge becomes the Golden Boy and the Almighty when he is found and everybody else, Katie included, will play second fiddle.

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    Ridge is alive and knows Spencer Publishing is behind the his mishap…settle way the beat was played when Ridge noticed the pilot’s arm patch. Ridge will use this to his advantage and milking the story as any superb soap will do to the cause\affect\effect of the quad…I said this before but best quad I’ve enjoyed since Lori\Lance\Leslie\Lucas. Now add some Quaky Quinn still determined for Bill, Hope being drawn more toward Liam, Wyatt finding out about why his parentage was given, Quinn\Wyatt’s relationship will take a hit…not just four characters but this beat has an umbrella effect on many characters.

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      Thats what he saw. You know if Bill wanted to not have any traces of him doing this, maybe he should’ve covered his bases a little more. You dont have the patch exposed so Ridge could see it.

      I will say that even though what Bill did was wrong, Ridge acted like a spoiled, pompous rich brat. I mean, ok, you show up at the wedding, then he suckerpunches Bill and takes off with Brooke. What is he 15? Plus, forcing Brooke to get into the plane. I mean I just didnt like it. Ridge seemed overly concerned with Brooke even though hes engaged to someone else.

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    B&B has been on FIYA that it sooo much better than Y&R. I’ve been loving this show and all (3) shows have been on point in my book. Y&R is last, and I just wish I could throw something at my tv, but these flat screen are no joke.

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    I think the location shoot was fantastic.

    I HATE the interrupted wedding stories though. And the Ridge character is slowly being ruined for me.

    I laughed out loud though at how bad TK looked as he “fell” out of the helicopter. Not very realistic looking to me.

    As far as good soap though, it’s probably the best of the four right now from what I read.

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    All of this will make for one exciting week. Katie and Quinn made for great scenes Friday. As did Ridge on that James Bond like fabulous boat. That Abu Dhabi hotel set was classic Bell.

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