It’s Official: 41st Annual Daytime Emmys to Stream Online

Michael Muhney, Doug Davidson
Get ready to watch your favorite daytime stars snag their awards online, kids. After failing to land a deal to broadcast the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on television, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced today the ceremony will be streamed online. Last month, Soap Opera Network first reported the possibility of the Daytime Emmys being streamed, after speaking with the show’s executive producer David Michaels. In a released statement, NATAS chairman Malachy Wienges said:

“We are confident that the expert team we’ve brought on will flawlessly execute an evening that celebrates the outstanding talent being honored and allows fans to be a part of the action.

This development comes on the heels of Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens reporting NATAS declined TVGN’s $1 million offer to air the ceremony. NATAS has denied those claims. The 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will stream live June 22 at 8 pm EST at

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  1. Profile photo of Kendall Troy
    Kendall Troy

    Sounds low budget to me…. Just think people mentioned the food for the press at last year’s….this year the press can interview from home and just get something out of their own refrigerator!

  2. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    Daytime Emmys need to get it together. Between the 4 soaps an all of the talk and game shows, if they produced a lean show with just the major awards, good presenters, and couple good performances, they could find a TV home for it. They lost a lot of credibility last year where there were a few major gaffes and the President of CBS called the show’s production amateur. C’mon Daytime Emmys – get on it!

  3. Profile photo of ItsJustDonnaLee

    Don’t forget that self-promoting “singer” (and I use that word lightly here) that went on and on and on and on with the theme songs from cancelled shows that were up for some lame award (probably invented just so this heifer could burst out in song). UGH

  4. Profile photo of Jorpa

    I’ll just wait for the the winner’s list to be posted on here after it happens. Award shows have gotten ridiculous in the last few years.

  5. Profile photo of radrobd

    I most likely won’t watch. I’ve watched the ceremony for the past 20 years on TV, whether it was on the CW or HLN. I’ll prolly just read the winners here on D.C.

  6. Profile photo of MrRHS

    The Lead Actress category is the only portion of the ceremony in which I’m remotely interested. However, I’ll still watch in support of the soaps.

  7. Profile photo of brettyboy

    The Daytime Emmys had already lost all credability with me this year anyway after the best soap, no scratch that, the best TV show on the air General Hospital was not nominated for Outstanding daytime drama and the crappy online version of One Life To Live was, add to that that both CBS soaps which are at all time low’s got dozens of nominations and now this, what a joke. I won’t even bother to watch this year.

  8. Profile photo of doctormo77

    Has DC heard anything about the show’s format? I would assume they would just do awards and a few tributes, no fancy numbers. This is sad, I fondly remember watching both the Daytime Emmys and the Soap Opera Digest Awards during the 1990s. I have a feeling people will be relying heavily on Twitter for information that night.

  9. Profile photo of DevinMissesOLTL

    I’m very disappointed in the networks that these shows air on. How do you NOT want to honor your own shows?! The hardest working people in television drama! Day in and day out! WOW It’s really sad.

  10. Profile photo of appleridge

    Im actually good with this

    1) It will be most likely award after awaed
    2) We will be more likely to see clops used to decide who run
    3) Speeches wont be cut off
    4) It wont be censored

    I kinda liken this to the Indie soap Awards however with NATAS involved I am feeling it will be a good production and actually is the first daytime emmys Ive looked forward to in a long time

  11. Profile photo of Patchworks

    This is sad news. My fear is that once the networks realize the Daytime Emmys have been relegated to live streaming, the inherent value of airing the awards will decline, and we won’t be able to get it back on television. I hope to see it return to network or cable next year. I actually enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the awards and I miss the awards’ former prominence.

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