The Young and the Restless Wants To Make You Feel Oh So Good (PROMO)

When’s the last time watching The Young and the Restless made you tingle with anticipation? If it was recently, good for you! If it’s been a while, that could change soon.

The Young and the Restless has released a new promo promising to stir fan’s emotions this summer and, if we’re lucky, have us all saying “I’ll have what she’s having.”

The show’s latest video made me wonder; what can Daytime’s No. 1 soap of 25 years do to make you feel good when watching? On the off chance Y&R’s “Feeling Good” promo didn’t leave you all warm and fuzzy inside, check out: SPOILERS: Chelsea and Billy Team Up For Love On The Young and the Restless

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    I am in “Like” with Y&R right now, but that promo was worthless. It was a compilation of old clips, including an engagement that is currently off.

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    I agree…the promo meant nothing.

    But I’m excited about the return of Phyllis. I’m loving Neil/Hilary/Devon, Lily is tolerable these days, can’t go wrong with Nick and Sharon…

    You know what? I just don’t like Dylan. And I don’t find this Ian character to be anything but annoying. He hasn’t done anything evil to make me feel as if he’s a threat or scary. That is the low point of the show for me. The Dylan/Avery/Ian aspect is just UGH….

    Then again, I’m not too fond of this Stitch and Victoria and Billy thing either. I find the episodes that don’t feature those two stories are more entertaining to me. But I think I’m in the minority because mostly everyone else seems okay with Stich/Vikki/Billy

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    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the promo. Pretty generic.

    What was wrong with the show though was a pretty slow sweeps month. I was surprised at most of the stories standing still. It seemed like after the Mariah reveal everything stood still. Not sure why, but I wondered if the David Tom situation resonated backstage down to the writers. I’m hoping that Phelps is running around like crazy and that these are HER final days.

    In any event, TODAY’S show seemed to be back on track. Only low point again was Tyler and Abby, just now arguing in a different spot about Mariah, yet again. If they stay apart there is at least hope for MO.

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    Very blah and gives absolutely no sense of the storylines. .. And gee, if they’re going to feature the no-story, recurring “Courtney” in a bikini, then where’s “Austin” in a Speedo®? .. At least he’s actually in a storyline and might attract the highly-favored 18-34F demo .. lol!

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    This promo is nothing but pure crap wrapped up with some BS with a side of WTF!!!! Y&R is the worst daytime drama on tv. The other 3 are waaay better. Whateves Y&R!

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    I gave it WTF…only remotely awe inspiring tingle was Shick…I’m lovin’ Lily w\Hilary\Devon\Neil mess but I don’t care for Lane never have from the beginning because I don’t care for DG.

    Today’s show was better simple answer why is Shick and because JM\SC oozes on the TV screen like watching hypnotically at a beautiful lava lamp…they mesmerize me with their chemistry. Today with Lily\Neil\Devon\Hilary was good, Lily being the spoiled heiress Neil brought her up to be was perfection!

    Courtney Jumpstreet WHY? She needs to get die in the line of duty at a high school….UGH!

    I loved yesterday’s scenes with Victor\Nikki, they can bicker, throw tantrums at each, scream but just keep them together because yesterday proved it in a soft, non-verbal action…showing the strength of their love.

    YR is desperate and fearing the ratings slide knowing this isn’t a fluke but serious and just maybe Jill Phuck-up Phelps her days are numbered followed by her team of hacks. I’m most disappointed in Jean, I liked a lot of her stories on ATWT.

    Yesterday & today with poor Jill, jewelry falling out the chandeliers (plot 1), Mattie wanting to see Grandpa Colin only meeting him once and she lifts the family jewels (plot 2)…Colin trying to pawn the Katherine’s jewels (plot 3)…Jill still broke and not selling the necklace but HOW is she affording to keep the electric on in the Chancellor mansion?…nothing but plot stories. If the writers played the beat and we saw Mattie\Charlie visiting for a few times and then Mattie came by, more believable in the story setup. This soap right now is riddled in plot stories head to toe and it’s showing its colors.

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    Restless Fan

    That’s a promo trying to sell a lemon. When it features dead weight couples like Tyler/Abby and Dylan/Avery you know its a WTF JFP production. And why was that day player Courtney featured? WTF has she done on the show that’s so memorable? The promos highlights whats wrong with the decision making at Y&R. The characters they think are interesting are anything but.

    As for Luke Kerrs question, what would make me feel something for Y&R again? For it to start telling stories with heart. Stories that are connected to the shows history and don’t just bloom from nowhere. A show where new characters are slowly integrated and tied to vets, instead of coming in driving story where vets are supporting them. A show where vets begin acting like their old selves and not some bland version of who these writers think they were. A show where JFP is burned at the stake for an upcoming umbrella story where everyone lives happily ever after. On the way out may she take her music composers, Steve Burton, Ray WIse, Rederic Williams, Melissa Ordway, Jessica Collins and every day player suffocating the canvas with her. Ideally Steve Kent would be in that pack. As long as that dark cloud is in charge the sun will never truly shine on Y&R again. That’s all.

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      Restless you statement : “As for Luke Kerrs question, what would make me feel something for Y&R again? For it to start telling stories with heart. Stories that are connected to the shows history” is dead ON, my friend! All of your post is exactly ringing true and telling the glaring defects of what’s wrong with the show.

      JFP doesn’t understand YR is a different dog and she’s playing it like she always does with any soaps she has been in charge and right now she’s trying to make it GH lite…UGH! Know your soap and it’s soul not trying to instill another soap’s soul onto YR!

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      Restless Fan

      Thanks Harlee! Every soap is different and conforming a show to ones strengths is not good. An Italian chef would never say his strengths are in Mediterranean. Y&R needs writers and producers who know its recipe. JFP/Shelly and Jean are not those people.

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    Best thing about the show right now is Hilary/Devon/Lily/Neil. The chem between Hilary and Devon yesterday was palpable. Lily as haughty bitch-on-wheels is gold, giving CK something to do other than constantly coo and fawn over DG’s lame cheesing and her two Easter egg children. I’m enjoying Shick well enough, though I still think there’s a helluva lot more that needs to be done to get Sharon back to some remote semblance of the character she used to be. And I’m still liking Victoria and Stitch and not entirely disliking the Billy/Chelsea tandem either; despite the constant petulance, I think DT actually works well in scenes with Missy Claire Egan.

    As for the bad, here goes. Abby and Dead Eyes Tyler–I’ll make it brief. No. Jack and nuKelly–I’m very slowly warming to CM in scenes with everyone EXCEPT PB; I just don’t see that couple ever working on any remote level the way Bergman and Cynthia Watros worked. Avery’s cyber stalker–Stevie Wonder told me to tell everyone he saw that one(Austin) coming from a hundred damn miles down the road. And poor Jill, scrounging around looking for a supposedly 18 million dollar necklace that looks like it costs about 18 CENTS to make. Sad.

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    I agree the Devin/Hillary/Neil that a story that I’m feeling. I’m glad to see Jill but these capers of trying to find what Katherine left her- ugh I’m over it. I’m not a fan of Colin and I’m not a fan or even care about Lane. Sorry Lane fans, but they both bore me. I just wish a tornoado would come to GC and pick Lily up and toss her body in a lake.

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    I know viewers hate them but where were my Jill and Colin in this promo? Not even a glimpse of either one of them! EPIC thumbs down. Plenty of Cane, Lily, Dullen and Cupcake Girl though. Ugh!!!

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    yojoromo4469June 10, 2014 at 2:15 pm
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Y and R, 18 to 49 ladies hit all time low and from last year, check out the drop
    Y&R 4,210,000 (-131,000/-437,000) Close to half million in the year. Thanks Dildo, Cupcake, Tyler and Abby and a few other not so talented peeps.

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    I don’t get the show right now. None of the stories seem to make much sense and are so plot driven… READ “PROMO-RATINGS DRIVEN”… instead of character driven that I am not liking much of the show right now.

    First off, Billy is now being portrayed as selfish and a bit pathetic with nuOLDnuBilly under Tom. Billy Miller had a bit of the fratboy dumb ass charm to his portrayal of the character so eventually came around to his way of thinking because of the actor. With Mr Tom in the role he is acting like a selfish bore who thinks JUST CAUSE he said I am sorry that everything is wiped clean. The fact that his neice, Summer is missing and had a crush on a lunatic doesn’t even garner the man’s attention to have a call to his brother to see if he can help him find her. NO, it’s off to Australia. (Really, writers, they are brothers and Jack was RIGHT there when Delia died for Billy).

    Chelsea… seriously, enough already with the guilt. Connor has Delia’s eyes. You said thank you. You didn’t charge Chloe or push her out of your life because of the international kidnapping of your boy and even went out of your way with both grieving parents. ENOUGH OF THE ADAM KILLED YOUR KID GUILT. Why on earth are you going on a 24 hour flight to Australia for Billy just to get info on Stitch?! Plus, Billy is worth a few million and you are worth QUITE a few more with Adam’s dough, so why not, let’s just say, HIRE AN ACTUAL DETECTIVE to go down to Australia or just dig into Stitch’s past here in GC?! If Stitch has no prior history cause his name isn’t his name, don’t you think the hospital board would want to know?!

    The Lily/Hilary hate relationship is great if it would just move beyond the cattish (and not catfighting) fighting. Lily looks juvenile when she screams things at Hilary and, sorry, once again, another woman is put with Neil and DULLED DOWN TO NOTHING MORE THAN ARM CANDY on this chauvinistic stud. Lily’s scheme to destroy the relationship with Devon sleeping with Hilary is sophomoric ON THE PART OF THE WRITERS. Plus, Neil is being a “dick” for choosing his selfish love for a woman who tried to destroy his family than to choose his family over her. I don’t even see the chemistry.

    Leslie and her DUMB brother, Tyler. Seriously, show the groom and give me more reason why she choose this mystery man over Neil. (Granted an invisible man has more going for him than the ALWAYS RIGHT, ALWAYS FULL OF IT Neil Winters) When he comes on the show finally, this actor better have his A-game on and make Leslie laugh and giggle and put her on a pedestal without making himslef look like a loser. If the actor comes on and is just a younger version of Neil and is all dry and full of himself than why bother with this story. As for Tyler, the actor needs to be let go. Sure, aint going to happen but since getting over Lily he has as much charm as a sleeping Neil Winters. Why go after Mariah and WHY all this male guilt over women you left behind?! STUPID!

    Jack is utterly BORING and no John Abbott. He never had to be the ALWAYS NICE JACK “I want to emulate my late daddy, John Abbott! I never saw Jack, under Peter Bergman, as the vilified leech that Katherine always portrayed him as when he would get one over on Victor. Nor did I see why Victoria and Nick would rail at him over the same stuff when it was all business unlike their father’s actions that were always personal. Not once in 25 years has Jack’s actions caused a character to die but Victor’s list is enormous. Get Jack back to being a ruthless business man and a nice guy.

    Speaking of Victor, what is his story exactly?! He hires Cane to discover who the culprit is in the Bonaventure deal?! Seriously, this is Victor Newman for crying out loud. I would prefer to see Victor go up against Jack or even Tucker than up against Colin who is just a two bit mobster from down under. Cane not telling Victor and keeping his loyalty to his dad who KILLED HIS SISTER AND BROTHER is just stupid.

    Cane needs more to do than whisper.

    I am PISSED beyond belief that the big story for Jill was a damn necklace worth 17 million bucks. This show could be enormously successful if they had put Jill in charge of Chancellor instead of letting it disappear into Newman. It was bad writing. Jill is a legacy character and Jess Walton is amazing portraying her and LOOKS DAMN FINE today with the weight she has lost. To pit Jill against Victor and even Jack in business would have given this show what it needs… a “BITCH” who cares for money as much as family. Putting this character and actress with Colin in this silly necklace story is a bad move and a dull conclusion to Jill’s search. It doesn’t even answer the riddle of “you will find your happiness” or whatever Katherine said in the will.

    And her billions went to Devon who is as exciting and motivated as any of the young ones on the show. So with his billions he bought a hotel and walks into scenes saying HI. Really?! Think through your ideas first, writers.

    Really Summer?! Really?!!! Your aunt is held at gunpoint by your crazy lunatic crush and the guy shoots the Chief of police in the gut and you tell him “I understand more than you know!” REALLY?! How?! Can the writers stop writing this character as a sad sack of overdramatic teen angst and get her a real story! Sorry, he shot a cop and eventually he will get off because he was misunderstood when he held a LOADED GUN AT AVERY!

    And then Dylan. Can’t he be arrested for what he did in disobeying the police?! Obstruction or something that led to the shooting of a police officer?! Do we really have to listen to him cry that he is the fault of the world just so we can see Steve Burton struggle to get his BOTOXED forehead to wrinkle in concern?!

    THe promo is the only exciting bit of fun to Y&R right now.

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