The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Neil and Hilary Are Jumping The Broom!

The Young and the Restless

Dig into some sizzling summer The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Billy/Victoria/Stitch: The Abbott playboy gets closer to discovering Stitch’s secrets. Will he tell Victoria what he’s learned? Stitch isn’t ready to step aside. Who will get the girl?

Paul: His brother arrives in Genoa City.

Victor/Nikki/Paul/Cricket: The Black Knight gets a pass from his wife, on the damage he caused his family. Does the sinister presence of Ian Ward help Nikki to forgive and forget where Victor is concerned? Watch for Nikki, Paul, Victor and Cricket to be floored by a stunning revelation.

Nick/Sharon: The lovebirds move forward in their relationship, just as Sharon’s missing memories starts to come back. Watch for Mariah to be a key component in Nick and Sharon’s relationship.

Adam/Chelsea/Billy: The still unseen Newman black sheep is not amused when he sees his wife spending time with his brother-in-law.

Devon/Hilary/Neil/Lily: Mrs. Ashby is out for blood, when she learns her father is engaged to her nemesis. Will Devon help bust up Neil and Hilary for good?

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      Isn’t that a right Hey Mon…loving Lily so much lately…some don’t understand why their is a lovefest on my part going on with Lily but CK is shining being the spoiler heiress and interacting more with other characters than the ass-wipe Aussie husband… I think CK is having some serious fun playing this story, she seems inspired. #TeamLily all the way….LOVE IT!

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    Go ahead Neil…… Marry your rebound so your son can screw her. Neil just gets worse and worse every week. Meanwhile, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Adamn Newman blind asses can see the real chemistry is between Devon and Hilary.

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      I think the plan for Neil and Hilary was probably a long term pairing including marriage with an anchor baby (as if Neil needs another baby with a random woman)…maybe a hot affair with Devon down the road that will test the marriage with Neil and Hilary surviving it…all to play the drama with Hilary and Lily. However, high fan interest in Devon and Hilary as a couple and their smoking chemistry that surpasses anything Hilary has with Neil warrants a change in direction. If these writers were smart, they would take this opportunity to give this show something it hasn’t had since the 90’s. A NEW and YOUNG black couple to root for.

      I am interested in this story with Mariah. I just hope they don’t pair her with Nick or Noah. That will be just too close for comfort.

      Adam’s hand is not interesting. Writers should have left the idea of Adam off canvas until a few weeks until they were ready to bring him back. Only show the hand AFTER he had been cast.

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      But @Divatude58, that’s my issue? Wouldn’t Devon be more of an anchor for Hilary at this point then Neil would be?! He is Katherine’s grandkid (feelings about the story be damned, IT HAPPENED) AND Dru & Neil’s kid, Lily’s brother……. Neil is a character that has already been well established, and built up. BUT his connections and what they are willing to do do with the character are very limited.

      Devon on other hand is basically a clean slate waiting for a writer with some common sense and a little imagination (according to Barney imagination can take you anywhere) to actually invest in this very young underdeveloped character and go to town. IF what you discussed was the writers’ original plan then they are extremely short sided and narrow minded to think that viewers want to see Neil with another woman, half his age whom he doesn’t have chemistry with.

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      Camp is not a sustainable model

      Well, Devon could be or would be (if I were writing the show) a new multidimensional bad guy (borderline corporate villain) in the making. A corporate Clyde to Hilary’s Bonnie. Together these two would undermine Abbott’s and seize the rights to Tuvia (the shelved African American haircare and Cosmetics line) and Safra (New Enterprises version). He would then form a company called Hamilton Products and then he would combine and rename the brands to Uzuri (“beauty” in Swahili) Cosmetics. From there Devon would plan to compete with Victor and Jack in general market. Along the way he would scoop up Chelsae’s fashion line and with Neil leading the way, give Victor and Jack a run for their money starting a new rivalry between the Newman’s, Winters and Abbott’s.

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      Ever since the show did that scene with Hilary and Jill in the elevator (discussing how that they actually have some things in common), I’ve sensed that they’re doing something of a retelling of how Jill married the father (John), but then had a fling with the son (Jack). .. I’d say look for Hilary to marry Neil, but then she and Devon get stuck up in a cabin during a freaky snowstorm sometime around November Sweeps (flashback 1983) leading to hot, steamy fireplace sex on a bear skin rug .. lol! .. The only question is, who would play the blackmailing Lindsey Wells character outside snapping the photos of them? Esmeralda would probably fit the bill.

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      @Nk3play2 I understand what you are getting at but the same could be said for Devon. We all know what they are willing to do with that character is even more limited than Neil. Let’s be real about it. Anchor babies only work when the character is tied to is a lead and their is investment. Anyone with eyes can see that they are more invested in Neil than they are in Devon. Otherwise, we wouldnt be having this conversation. Hooking Hilary to Devon would be a no brainer. Neil would have never entered the picture. But he did. And the reason for that is because he is a LEAD and if a black woman is going to have a place on canvas, those in charge must feel it has to be at Neil’s side.

      I don’t think it is short sighted. It’s actually brilliant if ONLY the writers had more investment in the story and those who make such decisions gave Neil/Hilary more airtime to tell a decent story.

      Devon being Kay’s grandchild means nothing anymore. The lady is no longer with us. Devon’s only connections that matter are the Winters.

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      @FoxCrane I agree, they seem to be doing a retelling of that story. So what happens after this story is told? John divorced Jill and took Billy. However Jill still had a place on canvas because before her marriage and betrayal of John, Jill already had a rich history and years of story behind her. What does Hilary have? Where does she land? Neil doesn’t own a company for her to get a peice of in a divorce to continue the story. @Nk3play2 used the term short sighted in another post. I didn’t think it applied there but it sure does here. This reimagining is a very short sighted story UNLESS Hilary’s soon to be WTD story ends with Devon as the father. I can see him thinking to marry Hilary for the sake of the baby and try to have a life with her. But that doesn’t fly for Neil. He already has one kid which he is not with the mom, why not two. And it would be dumb for him to stay with Hilary after she cheats with his son. He is not an old man and is still virile and attractive. Why would he do that?

      So after this arc is told, what do you see for Hilary?

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      @david46208 I like where your head is. Lol. But Devon needs a reason to turn into this guy. That’s why I liked the idea of her wanting Jack instead of him. This gives him something to prove. A reason to turn into this shark.

      You know what? I would like to see Devon be bilked out the majority of his fortune by Adam when he returns through some investment at Newman Chancellor and that gives him a reason to after the besting the Newmans.

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    Jack and Hillary, what a wasted opportunity!!

    Jack/Hilary/Devon could have caused such a scandal and have everyone at each other throats. Neil and Jack’s friendship could screw up because Neil thinks Jack is messing with Devon’s happiness. Devon is pissed at Jack and uses his billions to try to take away JaBot from Jack out of revenge. This causes Neil/Devon to bump heads because Neil works for JaBot. Lily is pissed Hilary got Devon upset and works with Jack to help him get Hilary so Hilary will stay away from Devon. Meanwhile, Lily pretends to be friends with Hilary to set her up so Devon thinks Hilary and Jack are still sleeping together. Billy and Devon go head to head with Billy trying to stop Devon from taking away JaBot. Devon is trying to talk Chelsea into joining him saying he will make her clothes line even more popular. There is much more storyline with Jack/Hilary/Devon

    Does Neil ever date? Does this man get high off of getting married? Is he that insecure?

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    All I have to say for this storyline to become interesting Hillary has to be up to her old games somehow. THere is zero onscreen chemistry and the fact that we watched Neil and Leslie for years as a couple just to see them dump one another over “not wanting to get married” and then Leslie GETS married 3 weeks later and now Neil is asking Hillary to marry him… Hillary has to be up to revenge!

    The other reason I don’t like this story is not that they are writing Lily as a spoiled brat in how she starts fights… I love a good catfight but not one that it’s a 5 year old kid crying that he stole my toy kind of fight… but that they are writing Neil as selfish and arrogant. For him to expect Lily or Devon to be OK with him dating Hillary after all that she did to them all is dumb. As well, Neil’s constant “I am better and smarter than you” stance on almost everything is making Neil the black Mike Brady from Brady Bunch movies on Y&R.

    Plus, “after all he’s been through”?! He dated a beautiful woman who was smart and successful and always put him first (SHE quit a damn SUCCESSFUL job to work with the man) but once he pressured her into marriage and she said NO he was like YOU’RE OUT OF HERE. Now Moses is coming on and it will be another brat to play off hillary.

    Dylan is Paul’s son.

    Seriously, what does Nikki see in Victor other than an abuser.

    And can someone please end Jack and Kelly are boring. Cady McClain is a good actress but either the writing or the acting is making me think this incarnation of Kelly is a few screws lose. Her desperation is embarassing to watch and the character… like Dylan… is inserted into stories and families that she shouldn’t even be near. Sure she works at the GCAC but when HER BOSS’ dad comes over with a bday gift that is the perfect opportunity to walk away. (Which she doesn’t) Then throw in that she walks into scenes already happening like a showdown with Lily and Hilary and then turns to Lily and basically says “well enough about you let me tell you about my date.” it’s all awkard and cringe-worthy story telling.

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    Oh, the show needs to figure out new DRAMA stories. Now Vicki is pregnant with either Billy’s or stitches kid. We just found out that Chelsea had Adam’s not Dylan’s kid. Dylan just found out that he is Nikki’s and soon will find out he is Paul’s too. Summer still has to find out she is a true Newman. Jill is forever trying to find out who her mommy is. A couple of years ago the drama was Devon being Tucker’s kid and then before that Tucker being Katherine’s kid. Lest we forget Chelsea having Billy’s kid and then Cane finding out that Delia was Billy’s daughter and not his own.

    And Delia was just in 2009.

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    Here we go again Steve “Ken the mediocre actor ” Burton swallowing up more storyline being front\center…makes me ill with anger busting everywhere…I can’t stand this Ken doll unisex…made me sour on Avery character now because of this dreadful stalker story…yet again an agenda in Austin another villain…YR DO NOT have multiple “legion of doom” characters at once but JFP\hacks think they should be just like GH….UGH!

    Paul is Dylan’s daddy…do these stupid asses at Sony\CBS\AngMcD\JFP really think by making Dylan Paul’s begotten son it will change the viewers opinion about Dylan????? It didn’t by saddling him with MTS in the same thinking mode of connecting him to a vet…UGH! Steve Burton is FLOP and the viewers are the ones suffering especially the longtime viewers that know The Show….

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    hey mon

    Guess we will all have to post our disgust with The Y&R right here. So Austin is now a crazy stalker, and he has been on The Show for what, 3 weeks? Stupid. Let Summer have a Summer romance, with a guy romancing her, and then making love to her morning, noon, and night — like normal. She is the future of The Show. Even a Fen/Summer/Austin triangle would have been better than to have Austin be an appendage to another ‘person with a secret’ story-line, revolving around boring-ass Avery.

    And now what? Dylan is going to be ret-conned once again. So Nikki, back in 1979, was married to Greg Foster, Jill’s brother, had a baby with Ian, but now the baby is Paul’s. For God’s sake, do another DNA test.

  7. Profile photo of Mets82

    Surprised in a way that Austin was the stalker. Hey Mon, your right. He’s only been on the show for what, 10 mins.? I actually liked the scenes with Avery and Austin. Thought Austin did a good job and didnt sound wooden. I’m still on Team Hilary but I give credit to CK. She’s doing a good job with her role now. I will say that she comes off more a bitch than a protective daughter but thats just me.

    Btw, can we get a Superman cape for Dylan? Did you see tomorrow’s preview where he tells Paul “I have to go find her.” I mean he comes off like a modern day Superman. And honestly, I hope Avery gets her edge bake. Her baking cupcakes or whatever doesnt do anything for me which is a shame because I really liked her when she first came on.

    I cant stand Billy. He just comes off as a whiny human being. Not for nothing, why are they turning Chelsea into a bitch again? Same for Victoria? Here’s an idea, Victoria. You should’ve just told Billy the truth and been done with it. You acting like its Chelsea’s fault isnt right and being nasty about it too. Chelsea, you have to stay out of BIlly’s business. If you 2 ever do get together, it would be a step down. Billy’s a wimp.

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      The guy who plays Austin is a pretty good actor, although I’m surprised that everyone didn’t see that telegraphed-from-a-hundred-miles-away plot twist coming. Guess it’s back to the drawing board for poor Summer. And hopefully with him outta the way we can also look forward to no further episodes of Avery’s bullshit web show.

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    Was it not the most ridiculous thing to see Courtney Jumpstreet in uniform! I busted a hard laugh, it was so funny…this is the first time we saw Jumpstreet in the police station. Today’s show was ultra boring, Dylan prancing around like a big hero…puke gag me. Avery in the mad clutches of the mad producer Freddie Kruger–Austin… the big thug you heard was this story flat-lining for the viewers. What was the need for this character or story? The viewers are sitting through this pile of manure, all in charge call entertainment and pleasing the viewers?…their asses must be on quaaludes if this is what their meaning to entertain the masses…go into rehab people!

    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      Haha, yeah I thought today’s episode was kinda moving along there and then here comes Jump Street in her cop uniform and suddenly I’m thinking WTF?!? The character served a purpose as Summer’s friend/glorified day player but she adds nothing to the canvas as a “cop” or as Noah’s girlfriend(why oh why does this show consistently waste the talents of Robert Adamson? Pathetic). At least with her around I guess Abby’s no longer the most generic blond cipher on the show….

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    I so confused about why the writing has been tanking since the Mariah reveal.

    There have been no NEW storylines started, and these writers seem to be on vacation. No movement at all.

    The best part of today’s show was Lauren and Christine.

    Even Mariah seemed watered down today. No edge.

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    I have to agree with everyone about Austin. Why all these stories about characters we don’t even know or really care about?! Summer wanted to lose her virginity to a guy she thinks is HOT but knows zero about and the absolute ridiculousness of Austin working for a production company that just so happens to see a video that was posted by the woman who he blames for getting his mommy killed is DUMB!!

    Plus, we just had this EXACT story with Hillary and Neil and there it was a character we did not care about and its THE EXACT SAME STORY. By the end of June, Avery will be defending him against kidnapping her, holding her hostage with a gun while DULLyn screams “he’s dangerous” all the while forgetting he kidnapped a baby at gun point.

    Why all the repeat stories?!

    I hope that once the NUnewBilly comes on, that the show has opted to drop the love triangle with Victoria and Stitch and that a new character comes on board to romance Billy. Sadly, the character of Billy has been given too many second chances with Victoria and it’s time for her to say BYE BYE.

    And, I can’t believe I forgot to even comment, Mariah. I want her to be Grace’s daughter that she abandoned. Wouldn’t it be a smarter solution to this doppelganger to have Mariah reach out to her “mother” and for Grace (played again by Jennifer Gareis) to answer the phone in NYC. As the story plays out we see that Grace knew there were twins and kept one all along for her selfish reasons. It would be better than just watching Sharon clutch onto a girl who looks like her daughter. Plus it could be a nice soapy moment.

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      Yea, Hey Mon from the previews I could tell…haven’t seen the episode. Last week Steve Dildo wasn’t on for 4 days but JFP has to make up for the viewers lost and cram him on every episode (or near) this week. UGH…simply disgusting how this show has fallen once again…I’m for one so weary over the last 8 years of hacks, the incompetence of EPs, piss poor casting directors and special shout out to RC Cates and his pick of music isn’t Emmy\Grammy worthy…

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    hey mon

    Ratings are out. Id post them, but I dont know if there are any Forums sites on the new DC to post them.

    3.1s? JFP had better right this sinking ship, cause she will be getting the broom right quick.

    Ratings Report: Week of May 26-30, 2014

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,210,000 (-131,000/-437,000)

    1. Y&R 3.1/11 (-.1/-.3)

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. Y&R 642,000 (-77,000/-239,000) <—— new low *
    2. GH 630,000 (-30,000/-22,000)

    * Previous low: 696,000 (April 21-25, 2014)

    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. GH 1.0/7 (same/same)
    1. Y&R 1.0/7 (-.1/-.4) <—— new low *

    * Previous low: 1.1/8 (May 19-23, 2014)
    * This is Y&R’s 8th straight week hitting a low

    Women 18-34 Viewers
    1. GH 190,000 (-33,000/-38,000)
    2. DAYS 161,000 (-12,000/-32,000)
    2. Y&R 161,000 (-15,000/-77,000)
    4. B&B 148,000 (-14,000/-29,000)

    Women 18-34 Rating
    1. GH 0.6 (-.1/-.1)
    2. DAYS 0.5 (same/-.1)
    2. Y&R 0.5 (same/-.2)<—— ties low (3rd straight week)
    4. B&B 0.4 (-.1/-.1)

    Women 25-54 Viewers
    1. Y&R 976,000 (-109,000/-228,000)

    Women 25-54 Rating
    1. Y&R 1.6 (-.2/-.4)

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

    Monday: 3.1/4,356,000 (did not count)
    Tuesday: 3.0/4,155,000
    Wednesday: 3.2/4,299,000
    Thursday: 3.2/4,385,000
    Friday: 2.9/3,985,000

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    Removing Devon and Lily from this entire SL, how are we supposed to root for these two when they’ve only been dating for a few weeks? Its ridiculous. This aint B&B! Lol. I dont like Nilary. Never will. I will root for their downfall erryday! lol

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