Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric and Nicole Are OVER!


Just what is going down this week in Salem, U.S.A? For starters, one couple is busting up over shocking lies. Keep reading for more of this week’s Days of Our Lives spoilers!

Nicole/Daniel/Jennifer/Eric: Nicole (Arianne Zucker) rips Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) for destroying her relationship with Eric (Greg Vaughan). When she leaves, Daniel and Jennifer argue about the Nicole and Eric situation. Jennifer has some hurtful words for Daniel. Later on, Eric asks Nicole to take off the engagement ring.

Abigail: Abigail (Kate Mansi) discovers a shocking secret, and gets some comfort from Ben (Robert Scott Wilson).

Bev (Allison Paige) sets a trap for Paige (True O’Brien).

Kate (Lauren Koslow) shocks Gabi (Camila Banus) by contacting her before she leaves. Afterwards, Gabi tearfully says goodbye to Salem.

Marlena/Sami: Marlena (Deidre Hall) tears into Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Kate about Nick. Then, Sami and Marlena are updated on Eric and Nicole’s break up.

Julie/Hope: Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) has it out with Nick’s killer. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) shows up and attempts to stop her half sister/stepmother from making things worse.

EJ/Stefano: E.J. (James Scott) gets some unsettling news about Kate and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) possibly trying to stop their wedding.

Rafe/Jordan: Rafe (Galen Gering) keeps his distance from Jordan (Chrishell Stause). Meanwhile, Jordan believes Kate ratted her out.

Victor (John Aniston) and Theresa (Jen Lilley) square off over Brady (Eric Martsolf). Has Shane and Kim’s daughter finally met her match?

Will/Sonny: Will (Guy Wilson) figures out Sonny (Freddie Smith) has been hiding something from him.

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  1. Profile photo of mufasa

    I have never understood why Victor doesn’t take care of Theresa – talk about a great match – and Victor should be taking down Anne……..I think Paige should be Anne’s daughter…that would be a twist……

  2. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Once again, Days has another epic sweeps month and it looks like things aren’t about to taper off.

    I will say I’m not overly thrilled about what’s going on with JJ. I actually don’t mind Paige as much as everyone else but these little stunts with Bev just reinforce my opinion that Bev’s basically a watered-down version of Theresa. The little one episodes sabotage bits have gotten a bit silly…

    Speaking of Theresa, CANNOT WAIT to see her attempt to go up against Victor. As always, I expect John Aniston to be right on point and for the “sluts”, “gold diggers” and “whores” to be flying out of Victor’s mouth.

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yes, Days continue to give the viewers soap opera entertainment at its best.

    I like Bev and the actress quite a lot but I would like if the writers would go in a direction of Bev (Nola), JJ (Kelly), Paige (Morgan) type GL story. I think it would be fun…Nola was a hellion on heels, Nola wasn’t going to sit at Company pouring coffee…hell NO! It has the vibe and would love for the story to peak.

  4. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    I’m to the point where I like Eric but not w/ Nicole. Nicole should be a vixen, she should enjoy stirring up trouble & I think she should be doing that w/ Brady. They are smoking hot together!

  5. Profile photo of blake3b

    Days is must-see TV every day again and it’s just going to get better with everything coming up. I actually like Paige better these days, but I agree with Harlee that the one episode sabotages are silly. Bev is way too obvious with her schemes, I mean talking to JJ about Paige doing drugs at the same time the guy is trying to put them in her purse???

  6. Profile photo of kenerly1

    I am upset that Daniel is going to be angry with Jen for telling Eric about Nicole. Nicole would not have told him. Also Will is going to find out about Gabi’s part in the Melanie kidnapping and that Sonny knew. Sonny was threatened by EJ not to tell..Not sure Will will understand that.

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Loved Gabi’s exit storyline and for all of her secrets to finally come out (except for the Nick rape attempt and river dump), especially about Melanie!

    The Ericole/Dannifer storyline was horrid, however, I’m sorry but it was just bad all around. I haven’t been able to stand Nicole ever since she got on her high horse about Kristen last year anyway, and this isn’t helping. Now she’s being exactly the same kind of manipulative, deceitful tramp she accuses others of being. Also, I don’t see much chemistry between AZ and GV. He is just too good and convincing playing a priest. I want Eric to be a priest again, and go back to the priesthood.

    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      Yeah, this never-ending rinse-and-repeat with Nicole has gotten old for me. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they swapped out romantic partners–AZ has good chemistry with Shawn Christian and I think Missy Reeves and Greg Vaughan are great together. It’s a long-drawn conclusion that Dannifer will never be a viable couple and unless they really write Eric completely out-of-character I can’t see him taking Nicole back after this mess that just went down.

      And speaking of great chem, I’d like to see them push Hope/Aiden a little more; the onscreen rapport between those two is fantastic.

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