Kate Plans to Stop EJami’s Wedding on Days of Our Lives! (PROMO)

Days of Our Lives

The Kate Roberts vs. Sami Brady rivalry is back with a purple-streaked vengeance on Days of Our Lives!

This week, Kate (Lauren Koslow) reveals she has a plan to stop EJami’s wedding and it involves Stefano (Joseph Mascolo). EJ (James Scott) and Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) just can’t catch a break! From the machinations of the late Nick Fallon (Blake Berris),to the little Deveraux enchantress who caught EJ by surprise, something or someone always gets in their way.

Can Salem’s most tortured supercouple survive this latest obstacle? Watch the Days of Our Lives promo below!

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    Awesome I love when Kate and Sami fight. Days has gotten must-see again since Eric found out the truth and Gabi confessed to killing Nick. Now that they are wrapping up we will have Eve Donovan coming back, EJ and Abby’s affair coming out, and Kristen’s return. Days will have the best summer stories for sure.

  2. Profile photo of THEBEST

    So, I’m guessing that Kate is going to be the one to expose EJ & Abigail’s affair.I don’t understand the reasoning behind wanting to stop the wedding tho. Pretty weak considering that Sami & Kate’s relationship hasn’t been that bad lately. There are tons of more organic reasons to have them back at each other’s throats besides this.

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    I’m disappointed that 1) Kate has anything to do with Stefano, although she does need the storyline, and 2) that Kate even cares that EJ and Sami are getting married. It’s not like Sami’s marrying any of Kate’s sons again…

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