General Hospital Promo: Who Killed Baby Gabriel?

General Hospital Promo

Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) have said a tearful farewell their little boy on General Hospital. Now the question remains, who was responsible for the accident that robbed Gabriel of his young life?

Was Fluke (Anthony Geary) the bandit behind the wheel of the car that ran Patrick and Sabrina off the road? Did Ava (Maura West) make good on her threat to harm Sabrina and her baby, by hiring someone to take them out?

In the latest promo, several suspects are outlined, including: Fluke, Rafe (Jimmy Deshler), Ric (Rick Hearst) and Julian (William deVry). Who do you think did the dastardly deed?

Watch the General Hospital promo below, then sound off with your theories in the comments!

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    Soooo sad. I think it was Rafe driving after he got high. They never really explored the full potential of Rafe’s character, or really even tried to give us any bonding scenes with Rafe and his uncle Silas, all of a sudden they became a family off screen and then all of a sudden Rafe had a drug problem. Too bad.

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    When the accident initially happened I figured Victor Cassadine would be added to the suspect list. He could have staged the accident in order to keep Robin in line. Now it appears that Rafe is destined to claim that prize. At least GH is giving Rafe something to do instead of being just a snitch. Also, isn’t summer traditionally when soaps put their teens in higher profile storylines? Ron and Frank have a proud history of having their teen characters commit murder/manslaughter. On OLTL Matthew Buchanan killed Eddie Ford and Jack Manning was involved in the death of Stacy Morasco.

    • Profile photo of momosity

      That is a very astute observation! I think most of us thought Rafe was gone (good riddance), but apparently they’re using him to illustrate the dangers of drug abuse among teens. I’ll still be glad to see him gone, but at least they’re doing something positive in writing his exit.

  3. Profile photo of Cornfed

    They’re saying it’s either Rafe or even annoying Aussie idiot Levi. Also rumored that Levi could be after the Aztec treasure, a story from 25 years ago that AGAIN would be a Ron re-write. God this show has gotten SO bad, SO quickly and i for one am not happy about it. Ratings have risen, but i know long time fans (including me) who have TUNED OUT and taken the show off their dvrs. Also, I checked some other sites and NOBODY cares about this Nina story either!

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      Whether Levi is after the Azted treasure or not i wouldn’t consider it a rewrite because RC is just using the history of the show.Plus until i see the story onscreen i won’t be RC rewriting something.Plus as you point out the ratings for GH are good right now.

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      @alpha — Yes i did say GH ratings were up. I know someone out there is watching, could be new eyeballs, i’m not sure. I do personally know or 3 or 4 long time viewers (10 years or more) that have taken the show off their DVR shortly around the same time i did (AJ’s death), something they never even did during the Guza era. I wish CarToony would’ve just created a new soap and someone else had taken over GH, but we know ABC wasn’t offering 2 hours of soap time… :(

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    I think Rafe will be the red herring because of the drug issues..He is the go to suspect.
    The writers seem to have gone out of their way to make Levi annoying in comparison to Nate. I think Levi will be the driver, with the rest of the suspects being red herrings.

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      I also think Rafe will be suspected of and even be accused of being the driver but he isn’t.However rumors are that Rafe is going to overdose and die.So people could accuse him of been the driver but just as it’s proven that he’s innocent he dies.So the remaining characters could feel guilty for different reasons.

  5. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    no amount of death or loss is going to make me or anyone else for that matter, start caring about marysuebrinna.

    she is one of the worst and weakest links of the show and should be written off.

    • Profile photo of wilco617


      I didn’t have much a reaction to Gabriel’s death. I’ve never been able to get invested in Sabrina or her spawn. The acting wasn’t bad, it just didn’t resonate with me all.

      Sabrina is like Franco to me in that nothing they try will make the characters work.
      I wish Sabrina’s impending exit were a permanent one.

  6. Profile photo of Mets82

    I don’t know why it would be Rafe. The guy has hardly been on screen. I’d also like to know how he got this drug problem all of a sudden. I’d like to see Fluke be the one who did this so we could finally see some closure to Fluke. Its getting a little sickening now.

    • Profile photo of Cornfed

      You don’t know why it would be Rafe? Maybe b/c Ron ruins about every character he creates, either by overexposure, underutilizing them, writing them into corners, or propping them endlessly? Imo Sobrina is sorta GH’s version of OLTL’s Gigi, (Gigi, Kiki, do i see a name pattern here? I digress…) meaning she’s shoved into people’s faces and forced to be liked. Hell, it’s always the opposite! Sobrina’s one time nemesis Britt was the one who ultimately became the STAR of GH’s newbie cast. That being said, there is no doubt that certain types of characters resonate with different viewers. I hated Gigi and overrated Farah Fath, but LOVED camptastic Crystal Hunt as sister Stacy! (I loved Ron’s writing of Kim & Stacy’s antics.) Go figure.

  7. Profile photo of nysam

    How many kids has Re-Ron now killed in his 2 years at the helm??

    Cole and Starr’s 3 year old daughter, Hope (was that her name?)
    Maxie’s miscarriage

    As for Rafe…we don’t even know his character. He has been on the canvas for a year and a half, but has only been in a handful of episodes in that time. Why do I care if he was the driver?

  8. Profile photo of liason4real

    RC killed off Cole, Hope, TnT’s son Victor, and now Gabriel. I don’t give a flying flip about Gabriel, but hated to see Hope and baby Victor killed off.

    Rafe is now a junkie?! Geez. How hard would it have been to have Rafe after being rejected by Molly for the 9999999th (time!) start trolling for drugs on the docks?

  9. Profile photo of Wrecklesslove

    I think Rafe being the driver would be a weak reveal since hes not an A or B…. or C character, has been off screen for months and is boring as hell. I do however hope the overdose rumor is true. If we’re gonna keep the killing up, he can be next. the teen scene is atrocious right now and needs to be aborted. Molly should have either been aged (not recast, just aged like how Morgan went from 19 to 21 in less than a year lol) to 18 and graduating with TJ or just finished HS early. Send them off to college and try again with Emma, Spencer, Joss, and Cam in a few years lol

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    I was wondering if anyone had trouble viewing the promo with the new site layout. I have a brand-new PC w/an up to date browser but I don’t see anything to click on. I was able to view promos on the old site. Maybe it’s right in front of me and I’m missing it? :-)

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      I like the idea of Rafe and his connection to The Barringtons as well as his connection with Lucy (albeit non-biological family). I also like the idea of Rafe as a way to keep Port Charles alive. I, for one, was a HUGE PC fan and was excited when Rafe first arrived. But he’s such a boring character/actor. I could care less about him now. But, I also don’t want to see him die. I’d be okay with a recast and redirection maybe. I’m glad they dropped Felix’s sister, too. The original actress was good but the second was meh.

  11. Profile photo of pjc722

    I am not sure what the neccessity there is for a hit and run killing a newborn truly is with daytime. On Y&R, a former GH head killed off a kid only to see its two major actors in the roles of parents opt to leave just at the end of each story and it to NOT have a rippling effect KILLING A CHILD on a soap should have in this day and age. Now, new heads of GH have opted not to even allow the dead baby an oppurtunity to giggle and they are turning it into a “HIT & RUN” story where, if the poll on here is any indication, will be because of some stupid actions of Rafe?!

    I am left to wonder who the writers are actually writing towards besides their own egos. With Y&R, Delia died and it was made into a WHO DUNIT and then the actor who DID suppposedly DO IT, left the show and there was WAY MORE BETTER off camera drama there then on-camera. Even the character is presumed dead who killed the kid. But he wasn’t drunk or high OR even texting. He actually, in a warped way of looking at it, was trying to avoid hitting a puppy and killed a kid LEFT alone in the shrubs on the side of the road. No PSA here, folks.

    Now GH is sort of copying the story and making it into this big deal all so they can have some sort of drama?! Seriously, if it’s Rafe he will be off the hook and dating a pre-teen in 6 months.

    Tell story. NOT this crap.

  12. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Sorry to say I had and still have no emotional resonance to this story…..I just don’t care about Sabrina its just more of the heavy handed sympathy card writing she gets…I’ve had my fill story after story the theme is

    ‘poor sabrina, feel sorry for me yet?”

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