DC #765: Ho Monster

Daytime ConfidentialOn today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines.

Ridge rushes to stop Brooke and Bill’s wedding on The Bold and the Beautiful. Will Hope choose Liam or Wyatt? How will Deacon Sharpe shake things up when he returns? Should Deacon pursue Aly like he once did Bridget?

Gabi confesses to killing Nick Fallon on Days of Our Lives. Julie rips into Gabi for murdering her family member. Sami and Kate get caught by a snooping Marlena. What will DAYS do without Alison Sweeney?

Ava is pregnant with a Corinthos baby on General Hospital. Ava and Carly face off over the Corinthos men. Patrick and Sabrina mourn Gabriel’s death, but few tears are shed by the DC crew. Does Nina need to be moved out of Silas and Sam’s orbit ASAP?

The Young and the Restless recasts Billy Abbott and Phyllis Newman. Who would ever believe that Days of Our Lives is a better written show than Y&R? Who would have ever believed that the Winters family was the only family worth watching on Y&R? The DC crew weighs in on the abysmal state of Y&R.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!

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  1. Profile photo of Smitty

    I am loving this podcast so far and I’m just 20 minutes. I am loving the discussion on Y&R. Bill Bell had a distinct vision for this show. The show had that vision from 1973-2005. It’s like after 2005 folks have been trying to put their own stamp on it and it just doesn’t work. Y&R has too much history for it to be in the state that it is in. It’s crazy as hell that no Newmans work for Newman-Chancellor except for Victor. Where is Victoria, Noah, Nick, Abby, and Summer? Then Jabot has the Abbotts there but we never see it. Noah Newman the FIRST NEWMAN GRANDCHILD has done nothing since they SORASed him. He worked for Newman for 3 months and that’s it. He serves no purpose on this show. Why is Victor and Nikki’s FIRST GRANDCHILD doing nothing?!

  2. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    Its upsetting that instead of addressing the creative issues they have at Y&R, that the people there are making excuses and deflecting accountability. There are 5 main people in charge of creating and approving the direction of Y&R. They are, Steve Kent, Angelica McDaniel, Jill Farren Phelps, Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante. THEY ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CREATIVE MESS Y&R IS IN!!!! IF any of those people are deflecting blame, they should be fired. If any are making excuses for the state of the show, they should be fired. If any have come up with the ideas we see unfold on our screen, they should be fired. If any isn’t doing a checks and balances on the show, they should be fired. ALL these people I listed ARE responsible for the state the show is in. No more cutting slack. They are re-writing and dismissing this shows history to make up their own fucking show and it sucks dirty donkey ass. And I don’t care if JFP is the nicest lady in the world, she sucks 20 day dirty ass as a producer.

  3. Profile photo of sillytee

    what a mess YR still is. This Austin thing was a dud from the start. Neil/Hillary isnt enough to bring this show back.cane/lily are not the money couple No one cares about the paternity of Vicky’s baby. i could go on..

  4. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    This podcast got Y&R to the tee. The history has been utterly disregarded. Y&R is so frustrating because the actors are KILLING it (for the most part- minus Amelia, Steve, and Redaric) and the characters are poorly written.

    The main issue I have with Y&R is not that the stories are being repeated (blogger story), but that the characters aren’t the priority; the plot is the priority. All the characters (except Victor, Nikki, the Baldwins, and the Williams) are either acting OOC (Neil, Sharon, Chloe, Victoria) or two-dimensional (Dylan, Summer, Noah, all new characters).

    If they focused on writing complex characters, the stories would write themselves; the drama would unfold organically; the plot wouldn’t be predictable; the soap would be a soap. This is why the scenes between Adam and Billy or Jill and Katherine were always phenomenal. This is why the bully s/l (until Carmine became a stalker) worked so well. Complexity is key, and it could be done with or without knowing Y&R history.

    • Profile photo of harlee490

      @sillytee I’m starting to think the same thing to tie Paige to a core character….KDP (which I have loved since Chelsea Readron) is coming I have no problem with this storyline if the writers are going to connect the two. This could be why Eve is so protected of Paige…who would be the baby’s daddy if the writers go there?

  5. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Great podcast! I don’t watch Y&R, just could never get into it. I tried, but it just never clicked. I watched B&B for a little bit and every now and then but I don’t know, I just never became a huge fan. DAYS is amazing right now-looking forward to the future of this show. I love how they appreciate the history as stated by you all.

    I used to be a huge GH fan, but I just can’t anymore. Y&R may be the worst soap right now, but GH is a VERY close second. I disagree with you Jamey and agree with Luke about the Barringtons…although they weren’t a “legacy” family they have ties to the history of the show and I would much rather see Allison Barrington (before show killers decided to kill her off-still upset about that one) and Rafe on my screen every day or half the current cast. GH needs a changing of the guard quick. IMO, they are just as guilty of damaging a legacy show.

  6. Profile photo of harlee490

    I listened twice now to the podcast just keeps getting better each time, I swear. OH SOOO RIGHT about YR and it’s dismal storytelling…nobody’s to blame of course but the air they all are breathing I guess!! No history is being followed and it’s such a disrespectful way to honor a master such as Bill Bell…I have said for months we are not watching YR but Sony\JFP, AngMcD’s version of hser new soap with sprinkling of certain characters the viewers know and call it YR…using the grand tradition of Bill and resting on nothing but YR’s laurels for success! Yes, I would like to know where Margot is hiding? Supposedly knowing the Bell soaps and spending 25 years at BB? Maybe she’s being override by AngMcD\Sony…maybe she was just hired for “window dressing” to calm the waters of the volatility coming from viewers on JFP?

    As for BB, Jamey I noticed you commenting about Bells\sisters and the way Bell soaps approach storytelling compared to other soaps…Yes, it’s not a throw down sista’ hate style simply because Bill came from “family regardless approach”. One minute fighting next minute standing uniting…loyalty. It has always been this way if you look back on Bell soaps…Lori\Leslie, Dru\Olivia, Ashley\Tracy (over Brad), Nikki\Casey (early on stripper hooker), Brooke\Donna, Brooke\Katie, Kristin\Felicia (very early on). The best soaps that did sista’ hate was the P&G soaps, royal battles ensued.!!!

    Days is killing it from top to bottom! I’m so in love with Days and taking the approach of good ole fashion soap storytelling and as mentionsed the writers using touches of history to PLAY & FURTHER beats in stories! Loving this deeply, reminds of soaps of the ’70s\’80s when soaps was telling full length stories and where aftermath stories organically carried the next beat of a story! It’s a natural progression how good storytelling should be with out all the plots. I know of course there has to be plots (before I get reamed) but that’s called “the bible” the layout of the plans for the story. Soaps have gotten so far away what made soaps special…telling stories.

    Poor Days is the only soap still sandwiched between competition of other soaps and the top 2 soaps!…I wish Days could be moved to 3pm and you would see the ratings would substantially rise. If GH was in the same time slot GH ratings would be where Days’ ratings are registering each week. So Days is holding its own KUDOS to Days!

  7. Profile photo of MrRHS

    Outstanding podcast!! Kudos! I wish you were all in the same location so that we could get a video podcast. I’d love to see how you would physically interact with each other…LOL!

  8. Profile photo of Wrecklesslove

    Jamey told so much truth! Agreed about everything said about the current state of Y&R. Especially those exterior shots. they seem so pointless to me. Although the shot of the police station and the hospital are from buildings in my hometown of Pittsburgh lol I also said B&B could pack in a good 3-4 extra minutes of story if they stopped their areal shots too. As pretty as they are lol

    I understand and agree to a certain degree with the idea of not giving GH as much flack because they are at least trying, but they are repeating SLs too. This Nina/Silas/Sam thing is Robin/Patrick/Sabrina 2.0. Not to mention that that SL was also about something done off screen about a character thats too new for anyone to really care. Before MS was cast, everyone was asking why we should care about Nina. And if any of the casting rumor are true, we are going to have to contend with a another slew of new characters

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I just can’t with Y&R right now. I CAN’T. Right now it’s background noise while I find stuff to do around the house.

    Days is OK but not that great IMO. The ongoing Dannifer saga continues to suck the life out of this show. That argument over Eric and Nicole was the most contrived, badly-acted mess I’ve seen in a while. Shawn Christian and Melissa Reeves DO NOT CLICK. When will the ridiculousness of this pairing stop? Adding Eve to this mess will not make it anymore watchable.

    GH is better than it has been in months.

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