Queer As Folk’s Robert Gant Returns To The Young and the Restless

Robert Gant

Former Queer as Folk star Robert Gant is heading back to Genoa City. Soap Opera Digest is reporting the actor will reprise the role of lawyer David Sherman on The Young and the Restless.

David is the son of Mitchell Sherman (William Wintersole), former right-hand man to the late Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper).

He was last in town for the reading of Kay’s will. This time around, the legal maverick hits up Genoa City to assist the Newman family. Just what type of legal drama will Victor’s (Eric Braeden) clan find themselves in this time?

Look for Gant to stick around town for a few episodes, starting July 11.

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    Maybe he should be Kevin’s new boyfriend once he comes out later this summer? It’s either him or the homophobic cop. For Greg Rikkart’s sake, I vote for Robett Gant. Imagine playing love scenes with him? They’d be HOT together!

  2. Profile photo of pennywise555

    I sure hope Katherine’s lawyer is returning to convey her REAL wishes regarding Chancellor Industries. It’s utterly ridiculous that Kay would leave her family company to another wealthy family, the Newmans. Victor isn’t that far behind Katherine in age, is Nick the bartender going to ensure CI”s longevity? GMAB. The whole affair makes Kay look like an blooming idiot.

    51% of Chancellor Industries should have been given to Jill, with the remaining shares divided EQUALLY among the heirs of Kay’s Life long extended family. Meaning Phillip 2, Chance, Mac, Brock, and Devon share equally instead of the last person being found to be related to Kay gets the lion share. Who would do that? So far Kay’s “fake” wills have been more interesting, and made more sense, than her final one.

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    I agree that the way Kay’s ridiculous will was written left little room for future drama in the Chancellor Industries boardroom. These writers couldn’t even do that right. Instead we’re left with Victor doing his same old schtick, Devon playing eye-rolling billionaire, and Jill chasing around some music box.

    And DanMan – Gant and Rikaar? .. That would be hot, not to mention fun. .. Hmmm – Could we please have Kevin go to David to handle his divorce from an MIA Chloe (because he doesn’t want to bother Michael for a change)?

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    I should remember him from QAF but I don’t, but his face does look very familiar. Why is everyone so hung up on Y&R doing gay? If they had wanted to do it, it would have been done eons ago. It’s not like Gay is the new Black. Gay’s been around a long time on TV now . It’s not that cutting edge anymore. That notwithstanding, I do vote for Gant to pull down his pants. Maybe Avery can lend them her butcher block and the kid who’s after Summer can videotape it and then join in.

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      I wouldn’t say I’m (personally) “hung up” on Y&R doing gay. I guess I’m bringing it up here because in an interview with Michael Fairman, co-HW Shelly Altman was asked (among other things):

      What are your plans now for the talented Greg Rikaart (Kevin), post-Chloe? Kevin needs a story!

      I think in broad strokes we can say Kevin will go on a journey of self exploration. Kevin’s computer skills will be called on by other characters in a major way. He will be involved in big revelations.”

      Well, he’s already done the computer skills thing between Billy wanting his help to zap Dr. Ben and his helping figure out who “ForMJ” is on Avery’s cooking show site. Now is the time to start going through the “self exploration.” The only thing I think missed the boat on is for Chloe to have said before leaving town, “Kevin, I love you–but I’ve never really loved in you ‘in that way’–and I don’t think you have loved me that way either. You need to really take a closer look at things and figure out what you want.” Rikkart has NEVER had hot sexual chemistry with any of his leading ladies. Chemistry, yes–hot, no. I would love to see what would happen if Greg Rikkart was allowed to play a gay character. I would buy Kevin having suppressed his feelings and having conflicted feelings about men. While I don’t know whether or not Altman and Passanante are the ones to write Kevin’s great coming out and love story with another man, I think that is a story that Greg Rikkart would be awesome playing all the beats. As for Robert Gant, he’s a good actor and would be strong enough to carry his half of such a storyline.

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      rabbit on the moon

      From what little I remember about him, his character was a professor, HIV+, and married to Hal Sparks’ character. I’m surprised I can recall that much, considering I hated that show. The nudity was the only good thing about it. I preferred the original.

  5. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    The will was supposed to stir up drama. Instead, it wrapped up story in a pretty little bow, as if the writers were writing the series finale of this show.

    I don’t think there’ll be any self-exploration from Kevin… not on screen anyway. He’ll figure stuff out like Leslie did and self-actualize in a jiffy.

    And I do wish there’d be a gay storyline, but I doubt this regime would do it right. They couldn’t even do Ken and Barbie right.

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    I figured they were telegraphing Kevin could be coming out way back when they read Kay’s will, wherein she left Kevin that big ol’ skeleton key instructing him “to open the (closet) door that’s been holding him in and finally unlock the secret to happiness” or something like that.. LOL! .. And coincidentally, it was actually Gant’s character, David Sherman, who read that line to Kevin … hmmmm ;-)

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