Who Was Responsible For Patrick and Sabrina’s Car Crash on General Hospital? (POLL)

General Hospital, GHWho was behind the wheel of the hit-and-run that resulted in Gabriel Drake Santiago’s birth and subsequent death on General Hospital? Vote for your prime suspect!

Will you miss Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) baby? The little boy died in the hospital from complications after a car accident that resulted in him being born premature.

I feel the most sorry for Patrick. The poor husband and father has been through so much in recent years. He deserves a little bit of happiness.

Sabrina, on the other hand, my hate for the character is well documented. However, I see this as an opportunity for General Hospital’s writers to make the character infinitely more interesting. I hope they have her go off the deep end like One Life to Live’s Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell).

This week’s General Hospital promo features a number of suspected drivers. Everyone from baby-faced Rafe (Jimmy Deshler) to faux Luke (Anthony Geary) and the Jerome siblings are possibilities. Vote for your prime suspect you think caused the hit and run!

Who was the hit and run driver that caused Gabriel's birth and subsequent death?

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  1. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Ugh, I am so done with this show. Cartini is destroying this show and that’s a big statement for me to make cause I mostly enjoyed them at OLTL and I am always an optimistic person, but this is just too much. They have this horrible habit of playing with a new toy for a week before discarding it for something shinier. It’s a terrible way to write. I agree with all the above comments.

    Rafe started off as a great character and the actor is very good, but they’ve done nothing with them. Had they been smart they would have really played up the Barrington connection. They should have kept Allison in the game-get her involved in a romance (Patrick perhaps?) and kept that PC connection Cartini so desperately wanted to include. I like Rafe getting involved in drugs, but they should have built it by building the character but because we had to endure awful stories like Nina/Nathan/Obrecht/Madeline/Franco/Carly–the older toys were pushed to the back of the closet and now they have to be thrown away.

    Sigh…..this poor show.

    • Profile photo of aph1976

      I don’t think Valentini or Carlivati are destroying GH.The ratings are up.Which means people are watching the show.Yeah they may have things they hate about GH but they may also have things that they love and that’s why they are tuning in.As for Rafe i do agree that the show could have built up to his drug addiction more.For example we could have seen him for a few weeks acting strange and make us wonder what was going on with him.Then the show could have revealed he was using drugs.Now it’s understandable why he would turn to drugs because of everything that he has gone through in his life.

  2. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    I bet it’s someone who wasn’t even in the promo.

    Rafe is too much of a red-herring imo.

    I bet it was Nina Clay or someone the audience wouldn’t suspect until the last minute!

  3. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Can’t figure out how to edit comment, so I am going to add another comment. I haven’t watched GH in weeks and it’s sad to me that I haven’t missed a minute of it. There’s nothing on this show I’m rooting for…I think my favorite characters are Lucy and Anna and ain’t much going on with them. I would be VERY surprised if Finola Hughes renews her contract with the show. I mean unless they get another head writer or a co-head writer I really don’t think I can watch this show again. Killing off AJ was the last straw and I haven’t watched since.

    • Profile photo of DonnyA2001

      Exactly Moustache! This regime can talk all they want and defend themselves till they are blue in the face, but they have no respect for this show or its history. Switching topics-I really enjoy the look of the new site but I’m having trouble navigating it. Maybe I’m a dum-dum when it comes to this, but it just seems complicated-more so than the last look. Ah well, it’s probably just me-I do enjoy the design keep up the great work!

  4. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    Right now my money’s on Fluke, but I think this will be similar to who shot out Anthony’s tires in that we won’t find out who *really* did it for quite some time. I have a feeling first Rafe will be set up (and possibly blackmailed), much like Connie was for the earlier accident.

  5. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Is this the 2nd thread on this topic? I thought i posted a comment yesterday, but maybe not, or maybe on another thread?

    @DonnyA — you said it all. You can’t properly write for ANYONE when you have too many characters on screen, and too many pet actors you’re trying to integrate into a show and force down ppl’s throat. We’ve wasted well over a year now trying to make Kiki, Silas and Franco work. That was the beginning of CarToony’s problems, but it’s only escalated from there.

    From what perspective exactly is this story interesting? Let’s see — people HATE Patrina as a couple, Sobrina was maybe pregnant on screen for TEN episodes but vanished in between, and Rafe is a periphery character AT BEST, disappearing for months at a time and we have no idea where this kid lives. Is it with Silas? I just can’t care about this story.

    Everything happens OFF screen, and that’s not the way you make ppl care about characters OR the outcome of a story. For a minute one could assume, “hey, the writers got smart and cut their losses with Patrina”, but NOOOOO, the story continues! And has Carlos even been seen? (I guess he’s not needed when everyone else is Sobrina’s cheerleader…)

  6. Profile photo of Cornfed

    ” There’s nothing on this show I’m rooting for…I think my favorite characters are Lucy and Anna and ain’t much going on with them. I would be VERY surprised if Finola Hughes renews her contract with the show.”


    Luke, how come we can’t edit our comments? I haven’t seen the edit feature in a few days…

  7. Profile photo of Beach Dreamer
    Beach Dreamer

    What if Sabrina tampered with the brakes herself to cause the car to go out of control to gain sympathy from Patrick? He seemed completely uninterested in this child until the accident occurred. She didn’t have to show up at the house in the first place. Emma invited her to the RECITAL not to their home. Sabrina put herself in that situation.

  8. Profile photo of wilco617

    I don’t really care. The whole “hit and run” aspect of the storyline has been more-or-less dropped/back burnered up until this point.

    Rafe is probably too obvious. I voted Rafe since the current writing seems to be hanging him out to dry (which pleases and surprises me. He seeming like the Golden Boy for a while). However, part of me thinks it will be Lucy. Something about her inclusion in the initial Hit-and-Run episodes seems suspicious to me.

  9. Profile photo of aph1976

    I think we are to assume it was Rafe who was the driver but he wasn’t.However i think Sam will begin to suspect Rafe and that could cause problems in her relationship with Silas.Ialso don’t think Ava or fake Luke was responsible but they just let Carlos and Spencer respectfully believe that they were.So they just took advantage of the situation.Plus no one knew Sabrina was going to be in Patrick’s car that night.So if it was intentional than either Patrick or Emma were the targets.Maybe Victor Cassadine was responsible to show Robin that he could get to her family at any time and that could explain why Robin refused to come home because she was protecting her loved ones.I also think Levi could have done it.

  10. Profile photo of LauraWrightCrazy

    Wilco617– I thought the same thing. She seemed really concerned about Sabrina’s well being & it seemed off.

    My ONLY complaint with this show was Rafe’s sudden drug usage, but he has been offscreen for sometime.. so I can let it slide.

    I’m such a huge Sam & Silas fan that I’m loving every minute of their story with Nina. I care about Sam and watching her & Silas move from foe to friend to lovers has been wonderful.

    The Jeromes (KiKi included) have been on my screen long enough that I’m invested in this family and who they love and sleep with. I can’t get enough of Ava. 5 days a week of her (&Carly) wouldn’t be enough. Something about the Ava baby tale is making me love Sonny more than ever! & there’s never too much Morgan on my screen. Britt is finding her bitchiness again! Duke & Anna are having a real story with real arguments.

    & I may be in the minority (on this site) but I’m loving Maxie & Nathan. They’re both young and sexy and sleep feet away from each other, it makes total sense they’d fall for each other. & I’ve noticed a slight shift of improvement in his acting. Someone said it before, he’s the David Fumero of GH.

    I COULD go on & on about this “bloated” cast that I love.. but these are reasons enough for me to tune in every day. I think the huge cast allows for fresh stories every week. We DONT see the same characters every day & while I miss my 5 days a week of Sonny/Carly/Jason, that most hated, I’m okay with seeing them less in order to see more characters that I love. It’s only my opinion though.

  11. Profile photo of Mets82

    I didnt vote. I really dont know who did this. You know I’d say Rafe to but now it seems too obvious. I do agree about Rafe’s character. Why did they make him into such a jerk so fast? Why did they give him a drug problem?

    I hope I dont spoil anything for anybody but it seems like Sabrina is going crazy. She wore her wedding dress yesterday.

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