PC #77: Orange is the New Binging on Game of Thrones

On today’s jam-packed episode of the Pop Confidential podcast, there’s been a whole lotta binging going on! Jillian Bowe is doing a marathon of Orange Is The New Black, which Luke Kerr, Melodie Aikels and Jena Dorsi ship. Since Jillian isn’t quite caught up to Season 2, the other three PC panelists dish the show that has everyone on Twitter buzzing.

Meanwhile, after years of mocking Luke’s Game of Thrones love, Jamey Giddens completed a four-season marathon in 10 days, and is HOOKED! Seriously, he only planned to give the pilot “a try”. Listen as the co-hosts discuss the entire run of the series, leading into Season 4’s frustrating Episode 9 battle, as only they can.

But before the gang dives into their TV-gasm, celeb headlines, movie and music news are back!

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    Jamey Giddens, this was me as you was expressing your new found love for Game of Thrones:


    I just wanted you to give the show a chance. I’m very happy that you happen to really enjoy it. I’ve read all 5 books. Before I started reading them, I spoiled myself via Wikipedia, after the first TV episode. I kind of regret I did but I’m also satisfied that I was prepared for the Red Wedding because Lady Catelyn Stark was one of my favorite characters. Speaking of M’Lady, Michelle Fairley is tearing it up on 24: Live Another Day. She’s truly playing one of the baddest bad asses that have ever been on that show. I don’t like to spoil for those who are none the wiser but I know exactly what Lena’s Instagram photo means and I am ECSTATIC!

    Jena, this season’s finale is suppose to have the same shock value as the previous seasons’ episode 9s. At least that’s what showrunners Benioff and Weiss been saying since the beginning of the season. Knowing what I know, and if done right, it should definitely have everyone talking come Monday morning.

    Here’s one way to think of Game of Thrones. It’s a human chess game where you can go from player to pawn, and if you survive, back to player in one moment. I think that’ll be more clear come the season finale.

    Jillian, DIVA, what you’re waiting for. Get off the pot and step into the GoT light. Come! Come! All is well in the light! ;-)

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    I love the PC podcasts. Glad you’re doing them more regularly again. Do any of you watch Devious Maids? It’s my guilty pleasure. I love the comedy and the absurdity of it. I’m excited that Royal Pains is back for the summer, too. Any HankMed fans? I also hope you’ll talk about the fall TV shows and movies coming up. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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