The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Nick Come Together For Family

Are you ready to end your week with a Friday full of The Young and the Restless spoilers? Check out the latest Y&R scoop!

Victor/Nick: Father and son team up to keep their family safe.

Jack: Old Smilin’ wonders what’s up with Stitch and Kelly when he spots them sharing a moment.

Paul/Nikki/Dylan: The Chief of Police’s status takes a turn for the worse and in true soap fashion, he needs a liver transplant to survive. Nikki tries to console Cricket, but Paul’s wife isn’t feeling what the socialite has to say and snaps at her. Nikki backs off and gives Cricket space.

Meanwhile, Dylan blames himself for Paul’s predicament. However, Cricket tells the war veteran not to beat himself up for Paul’s shooting. When the doctor reveals Paul’s rare blood type, Dylan remarks he has the same as well and insists on being tested.

When Nikki learns Paul and Dylan share the same blood type, she starts to remember an intimate moment she had with Paul shared while they were in Ian’s cult that she’d locked away in her mind. Watch for Nikki to start jogging her memory and comes with a stunning realization.

Devon: The billionaire starts to create a plan when Neil and Hilary’s upcoming wedding starts to get close.

Summer: The troubled teen contacts Phylils.

Ian/Mariah: The two are secretly working together, but Victor is hot on their trails. Will The Black Knight discover their plan?

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  1. Profile photo of harlee490

    Utterly, disgusted and no words on how bad 90% of these spoilers are to longtime viewers. Dildo to the rescue and being the son of Paul furthers my disgust. Ken should blame himself because of heroic mishaps Paul’s lying in bed needing a liver transplant…jeez, how can Steve Kent\AngMcD\JFP\Jean P.\Shelley A…truly believe in their hearts this is what is best for YR? In their delusional warped minds this is entertainment…it’s beyond me…

  2. Profile photo of Peterascal

    I guess tying Dylan to Paul is supposed to cement him more in town. Plus it could cause tension between Paul/Christine and Niki/Victor. On the plus side, with Paul’s horrible track record with his kids, Dylan’s either going to leave town or die… :)

  3. Profile photo of Mets82

    My God, I’ve never seen so much story given to one guy so fast. He came to town, bought a coffee house, had a baby, the baby turns out not to be his, he has a new family, fighting Ian Ward, being in love with Avery etc. I mean they need to pull back with this guy. Today was eye rolling at the end when Nikki said “you could save Paul!!” It actually reminds me of Cane a few years back where he was the hero that everybody turned too.

  4. Profile photo of pjc722

    What I don’t get is the HUGE PAYOFF to fans that Dylan is Paul’s son and why the reveal is so pathetic. For one thing, in a town where in the past 2-3 years we have seen more DNA tests being taking than I care to imagine, it makes NO SENSE at all that Dylan wouldn’t get a DNA test with Ian. Even if Ian said NO to the test, Dylan has proven himself to be resourceful enough to be standing in Ian’s dark hotel room, AT A STANDING ANGLE to evoke STRENGTH, that he could have easily gotten DNA all along to prove it.

    But the reveal coming when Ian is as much a threat to the townsfolk of GC as is the writers actually coming up with interesting story. It would have been more dramatic if the reveal came when Ian was about to be shot by Dylan or Dylan was about to be shot by him or something that was at the climax of a story.

    For Dylan to discover the truth… which, of course, whispering Nikki will keep to herself I am certain of that… while just standing around a hospital floor where NO ONE WANTS HIM, at least not his wife… his new momma!

    As for the other spoilers… they are as interesting and as exciting as reading that Cane and Lily are going to get HOT & HEAVY!!! (BTW, why is the GCAC the Winter’s personal living room? Its soooo odd how they take over the main floor of their hotel almost like “YEAH WE OWN IT. AND WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT”

  5. Profile photo of sanka9

    What is so climactic about Paul being anybody’s father? How did these fools in charge come up with the idea that someone would care about who fathered a nonentity lackluster character like Dylan, Too much exposition for one character in such a short time BORING. There has to be some intrigue and mystery to some character if they are going to be viable in a soap. Until today ppl still debate that Nick is Jack’s son but should the writers go there? No they don’t have to.

  6. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Wow, I knew Phelps would wreck this show, but this is in record time. I can’t believe how bad Y&R has become. This woman has turned this show into The Steve Burton Cooking Hour. What absolute trash. Sony & CBS had better step in a purge this show of Phelps and her writing stooges. This ain’t Y&R anymore.

    I’m sure Billy Miller is laughing his ass off.

  7. Profile photo of pferrando

    So way back in March or so I starting bitching for a youth based storyline for the summer.

    I didn’t mean for it to be the one they are telling with Summer.

    It COULD have been better if they had already developed Austin, who is hot and has great chemistry with her, but the whole reveal and Summer falling for the guy happened in about two weeks. No investment at all.

    We knew that something was going to happen to have Paul be Dylan’s father, so that part of the story doesn’t bother me. And it was a good way to intro Barton.

    Tuesday’s show this past week showcased EVERYTHING wrong with YR. Missed beats, dumb dialogue, bad pacing, lack of production values that the show is known for, and mismatched characters interacting in ridiculous ways.

    Luckily the rest of the week was much better, but it proves what we all know, and that is that Phelps is out of her league with this show.

  8. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    There is no way I can defend this crap´without sounding like a mindless apologist. This show needs fixing. All I can say in its favor is that while it’s on in the background, I’ve been getting a lot of other stuff done.

  9. Profile photo of Wrecklesslove

    I kid u not, i just dozed off reading these

    the only story i somewhat care about is the Winters and even that is irking my nerves. they ar trying to tell this as a triangle when Devon is the only one pinning. Its annoying. as is the constant progression of Hilary’s relationship with Neil.


  10. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    Like all of the above, I would like to complain, but it is a waste of time. Y and R, as we once knew and loved it is gone. JFP and her love or whatever for Dildo is slowly ruining, this once fabulous show and the audience is leaving in droves. How sad.

  11. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    What I don’t get is how Steve Burton, Shelly Altman, and Jean Passante did their interviews about some huge shocker coming up when it turned out to be something most Y&R fans figured months ago. The showrunners are underestimating the audience. They think we’re a bunch of imbeciles who can be easily fooled. It’s really condescending. These women writers are much smarter than this garbage, yet they choose to write these stories like we’re in the second grade.

    As for the spoilers, I’m only interested in Sharon and Nick because they have such great chemistry. Other than that, nothing else makes sense.

    Why is Victor allowing Mariah to stay in town? He could’ve tried a lot harder to get rid of her.

    Ian has done nothing to endanger anyone in GC. Why are people so afraid of him? Dylan’s caused much more harm: kidnapping Connor, breaking up Nick and Avery’s relationship, causing Paul to get shot. Why aren’t people going after him?

    Neil has been one of the best fathers on this show. He’d never sleep with a girl his son was interested in. He’d also never quickly forgive all of Hilary’s misdeeds.

    Summer’s an idiot so…

    Jack should’ve rekindled his relationship with Jill, during their plot to take Chancellor back. Kelly should’ve been with Neil because of Lily. Colin should go away.

    Billy should’ve started gambling again and Victoria should leave him for Stitch. Chelsea’s a nonfactor.

    Dylan and Avery should go away along with Tyler and Abby. Both couples serve no purpose.

    Why there are more new characters being introduced on this show is even more ridiculous. Ugh.

    • Profile photo of harlee490

      @rhythmchyc Another great post, I totally agree. It’s ridiculously lazy writing thinking the current writers can shovel cow shit at the viewers, especially longtime viewers, who was enthralled for decades with Bill, Kay’s writing in depth, intricate, mind puzzling long-term stories…they were adult stories not second grade mentality coloring books. These writers are in the frame of mind (it seems) to rest strictly on YR’s popularity of pulling in ratings and thinking we will accept anything thrown at the viewers…SURPRISE the proof is in the puddin’….the last 8 weeks of ratings!

      Ken being Paul’s son is a shocker but disaster waiting to happen, absolute disgust.

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc


      Thank you again. :) I miss all the cliffhangers and the intrigue and that feeling of wanting tomorrow to come faster just so that I can see what’s happening in Genoa City. The last time I felt that way was when Nick saw Mariah at the ranch for the first time, and that story’s only strong because of the actors. Other than that, nothing’s been must see since MM and Billy Miller left.

      I don’t see any disasters coming. This is Dylan and Paul we’re talking about: i.e. the most square characters in the history of Y&R.

      I really hate everything about this character and how he’s continued to be involved in stories because other than the kidnapping story, he’s done nothing worthy of this soap.

  12. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Lackluster writing. I have NEVER seen a story that could have been so good — Bonaventure — languish on a backburner for so long. Now it’s almost forgotten, and we are getting more of the Dyldum Show.

    Honestly, someone at CBS must be reading all of these posts. The same themes are being posted at, which is where a lot of grandmothers post their feelings about Y&R. They don’t like the complete ret-con that is occurring at Y&R any more than we do. So why keep Steve Burton?

    What is totally funny for thos eof us who have been watching since high school — is that Nikki was married to Jill’s brother, Greg Foster during the whole The Cult story-line, which was very short at the time. So now it has been revealed Dyldum is Ian’s son, not it is going to be revealed that he is Paul’s son. But what is fascinating, is that Dyldum is anybody but Greg Foster’s son, even though he was Nikki’s husband at the time. And to think that Jill has never been in ONE scene about the whole story-line — at least to needle Nikki, and to say something like, “Who else did you sleep wit when you married to my brother?”

    But that wouldnt fit in with JFP, Shelley’s, and Jean P’s vision for The Show. Which is more Dyldum, and then even some more.

    Folks, we are going to be a-seeing some 2.8s and 2.9s in the ratings soon. My daughter and some of her friends have stopped watching. Why wouldnt they? Austin and Summer turned out to be a bust. Fen is no where to be seen. Noah is dating a cop who wears full make-up when she’s in uniform. Cane and Lily arent on very much any more. And Kyle is gone. Who is there that is Young, on The Y&R?

    • Profile photo of harlee490

      Hallelujah! @heymon …so right about Greg and would hate to see Ken being connected to Jill, I shatter to think…but the fact is Nikki was married to Greg during the “original cult story” and this caused problems between the two and factoring in Paul being in the cult Nikki turned to him. Nikki\Paul was only f*ck buddies not heavy relationship and why then not approach the subject if Nikki was being raped by Ian at the time, he should be the one that gave Nikki VD which she gave to Paul.

      If this cult story is so fired good for JFP to use, my next question is she should had brough in Peggy Brooks for the arc of story so she to could testify about Ian’s past deeds…maybe Dylan could be her son and they both leave when Peggy flies back to where ever….OH! I forgot JFP doesn’t use history of any show she makes up her own!!

    • Profile photo of noway

      Preach Heymon,

      How long ago did we say Stevie B/Dylan would be Paul’s son and these azz clowns are just getting around to it? About nine months or a year???? I know you wanted to bring Greg Foster into this but could you even see Stevie B trying to hold a scene with Jess Walton. I could just see the look on her face now. Bwahahahahaha. But Jill is still moaning about no inheritance YAWN. Stopped watching in January and see no reason to come back. BTW, they had a 2.9 on Friday for the last ratings released. 2.9 or less should be all they get all summer. This show is going down faster than the Titanic, but the execs are so enamored with JFP and wooden boy.

      So glad the D-Con is back at B&B and in Quinn’s orb, hopefully Brad plays this right and its isn’t a short term gig for SK.

      Happy Father’s Day…

  13. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I’m 3 days behind on Y&R and guess what? I’m in no hurry to play catch up.

    Meanwhile, in Salem USA, the aftermath of Nick’s murder continues to reverberate through the canvas. Sami getting a patented death stare from mama Marlena( ain’t nobody can do a death stare with the tilt of the head like Dee Hall), Julie laying into Nick’s murderer Gabi, EVERYONE finding out that Gabi was behind hiring Melanie’s eventual kidnapper(a secret that has been simmering for almost two years now), Kate Roberts being her usual fabulous DIVA self. Not to mention Nicole now manless for the 700th time and Victor going IN on “gold digging tramp” Theresa. Yeah, DAYS is STILL where it’s at.

  14. Profile photo of Remmy Sheda
    Remmy Sheda

    Fascinating. How long did it take, exactly, for Dildo to make Paul’s shooting all about him? Like, three minutes and don’t we just love Avery the Simp “Don’t blame yourself” crap. Well yah, Dildo DO blame yourself, you did it and I, for one, will never forgive you if we lose Paul to you!

  15. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    They need to do some major clean up.
    Bring in Nu-Phyllis, Nu-Billy, Nu-Adam and let them kick some ass and clean house. Phyllis kicks Sharon’s ass, Adam kicks Billy’s ass, Billy kicks Stitches ass.
    First trash out the door is Sharon, then JFP.
    My gawd our Grandmothers could have figured out these storyline finales.
    Friday, the audience says…


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