Is General Hospital Gearing Up For a Cassadine/Westbourne Family Reunion?

Thaao Penghlis

He’s back, kids! General Hospital and Days of Our Lives veteran Thaao Penghlis is bringing Victor Cassadine back to fictional Port Charles, New York.


Penghlis tweeted:

Victor’s old paramour, Dr.Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), recently admitted she was Det. Nathan West’s (Ryan Paevey) mother. Could this mean the cop is a Cassadine?

Dr. O has remained coy about Nathan’s paternity. Victor certainly isn’t as maniacal as her other baby daddy, Faison (Anders Hove). If the hunky cop is in for a family reunion, maybe half-sister Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) can give him pointers on handling new daddies?

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    Daniel St. John

    Nathan hasn’t bothered me as much ever since they toned down his creepy obsession with proving Silas killed Nina so making him a Cassadine would be OK with me. Too bad it would mean he has to share scenes with that black hole of suck Nikolas but ya gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

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    He’s about as Cassadine as Sam McCall, so it fits.

    The true #1 C (based on when I started watching) needs to come back: Stefan. I never got Luke and Laura, but Stefan and Laura I got immediately. I distinctly remember when they got together those floor length schmatas of hers went back to Goodwill.

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    Nathan doesn’t bother me much, depending on who he’s in scenes with. I’ve liked his scenes with Britt, Obrecht, Maxie and even Nina. He does, however, need to stay far away from Silas and Sam because then you get sucked into a black hole of questionable “acting”.

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    There could be a lot of reasons for Victor to return this time and this might be a longer stint than the others were.Plus if Nathan is his son Victor may not be happy that Dr. Obrecht kept him from him.I guess Dr.Obrecht could say she was protecting Nathan from Faison by giving him to her sister to raise.However i’m sure Victor was the one who got the charges against Dr.Obrecht dropped and arranged for her to become chief of staff.However as he did that Victor could turn around and take it all back.

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    Meh. We don’t need any more Cassadine’s. Where are the Hardy/Webber’s and Quartermaine’s? Liz can’t keep a family member over the age of five on this show!

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    I should get over it as a long time soap fan but my biggest reason for wanting Nathan to be anything but a Cassadine, if he’s a Cassadine, it would mean Nathan’s new sister is in love with Nathan’s new cousin, I know there isn’t a blood link but EWWWW.

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    Nathan has somewhat grown on me although they have to be careful not to shove him down our throats. He will get overexposed real fast. Stefan is needed to cement the Cassadine family. Right now I dont know who’s a Cassadine and who isn’t.

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