Watch the 2014 Daytime Emmy Lead Actress Reels

Daytime Emmy

It’s Daytime television’s biggest week, Daytime Emmy week! Before the curtain rises on the award show, check out 2014’s Lead Actress submissions!

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Heather Tom (Katie) from The Bold and the Beautiful face off against Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Eileen Davidson (Kristen) from Days of Our Lives in the 2014 Daytime Emmy Lead Actress category. Each submitted the scenes they believe featured their strongest work.

Which Daytime Emmy Lead Actress submission do you think was the best?

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  1. Profile photo of met

    Oh my good, KKL thought that scene was Emmy worthy?
    Well I see Ms. Lang is as delusional as her character.
    The other ladies (Heather Tom, Eileen Davidson and Ari Zucker) submissions are ten times better.
    If Ms. Lang win, then its because of pity.
    Yet another reason why no network wanted this hot-mess of a ceremony.

  2. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    I was glued to Heather Tom’s and Eileen Davidson’s reels. Katherine Kelly Lang’s didn’t even hold my interest. I cut it off before the 4-minute mark.

  3. Profile photo of DenverDean

    Eileen and Heather rocked. I’m also glad AZ finally received some attention for her work – she has truly evolved as an actress. I still rue the DAYS wardrobe people – what were they thinking putting ED in that hideous yellow jacket for almost a month of episodes????

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Eileen Davidson HAS to win this one.

    I don’t know why Katherine Kelly Lang made the list. I like her and I know that she can act but her reel isn’t impressive at all. You see these emotional outbursts with Brooke every month if not every week. It’s nothing unique, nothing special.

    Heather Tom’s reel is strong but not as strong as Davidson’s. Same goes for Arianne Zucker.

  5. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    Eileen’s performance in that episode was practically legendary among days fans from the moment it aired. I’d go so far as to say that it’s one of the best performances of the last year in any medium – film, prime-time, daytime… you name it. Do the right thing and give Eileen the statue, people!

  6. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    No other actress in daytime drove story so effortlessly last year the way Eileen Davidson did. I love both Heather and Ari Zucker and while I suspect Heather will win yet again I truly believe Eileen is not only LONG overdue but deserves that trophy.

  7. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Heather Tom had best overall meltdown. She is good at this.
    Eileen Davidson will give her run for her money this year.

    A Zucker was good but against Heather/Eileen, it iwll be tough

    Katherine Kelly Lang is a more laid back actress. She is good but it almost hurts her for awards. She gets dominated by whoever is in her scenes. It used to be Susan Flannery and now DD or Heather. These shows do need the laid back actors also. They help keep the shows going also.

  8. Profile photo of Mets82

    I have to go with Heather. She cries and does angst like nobody else. Even though I dont watch Days, Eileen was great and she looked damn sexy. HE WAS ALL OVER ME!! WOW!! She completely owned Marlena in that scene. That was Marlena right?

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