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It’s Daytime television’s biggest week, Daytime Emmy week! Before the curtain rises on the award show, check out 2014’s Younger Actor submissions.

The Younger Actor category is a battle between General Hospital’s Bryan Craig (Morgan) and Chad Duell (Michael) vs. The Young and the Restless Max Ehrich (Fenmore) and Daniel Polo (ex-Jamie), but don’t count Days of Our Lives’ previous Daytime Emmy winner, Chandler Massey, out.

Which actress do you think submitted the best Daytime Emmy Reel?

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  1. Profile photo of blake3b

    Chandler Massey. Man watching that clip I realize how much he’s missed. Days is losing so much talent in a short amount of time, I really hope they have a lot more coming on now.

  2. Profile photo of K8LVR

    Chandler Massey! I know a lot of people think he really gave up during the end of his run, but still acted circles around so many in daytime. I like Guy, but doesn’t compare to Chandler. Miss him.

  3. Profile photo of seanny

    I like Chandler, but last year was not a good material year for Will. 2013 belongs to GH’s Bryan Craig. He came on the show with a handicap (that pretty face) and immediately owned the character of Morgan Corinthos. Not just any newbie could hold their own in scenes opposite Maurice Bernard, but Bryan does it effortlessly. If CM takes the trophy it will be more about a FU to Days than an emmy winning performance in 2013.

  4. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I remember sitting up and paying rapt attention to Bryan Craig’s Morgan along about the time he began to work more often with MB’s Sonny. He got a good jump start with MaWe’s Ava but it’s easy to see how much he’s soaked up being “in school” with these two veteran’s as screen partners. He’s developed into much more than a “pretty face”, and it’s satisfying to see inteligence and a sincere desire to improve as an actor come together in a clip like this. I like Chad Duell and this clip was also very good but BC edges him out….

  5. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Bryan Craig every day and twice on Sunday. The only other person in this category that I would be more than okay with winning would be Max Ehrich.

    As for the rest, Chandler Massey’s last year or so on Days was a few good performances peppered among A LOT of cheesy grinning and sleepwalking. He deserved the award during the coming out storyline; I don’t think he deserves it this year(and frankly, I would’ve given a Days nod to Casey Moss or Freddie Smith over CM). Daniel Polo–to this day, I truly never understood all the hoopla with his performance; I found him extremely tentative and he whispered almost as much as David Tom. And Chad Duell is, well Chad Duell; make what you will of that statement.

  6. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Brian Craig–good dramatic scenes
    Daniel Polo–Awesome work

    Chandler does effortless work but Brian/Daniel gave him run for his money this time

    Chad/Max–Not in league with Daniel/Brian this time around

  7. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Bryan Craig should win but I guess that Chandler Massey will win this one. Craig has gotten even stronger in the past months. His reel is great but I think that he’s a much better actor now. With the right reel, Craig could totally win next year.

    Daniel Polo’s reel isn’t bad either but I don’t think that he has a real chance to win. Ehrich is another strong young actor. But not in the league of Massey or Craig. Duell has become rather a fan favorite than real Emmy material. His acting is alright but not award worthy.

  8. Profile photo of Mets82

    Dont watch Days but I still think it goes to Craig. He is fantastic as Morgan. He was a guy I thought was going to play a dumb pretty boy but he has brought it. I forgot who Daniel Polo was. I think he should’ve been on a little longer. I cant stand Fen, so he’s out and Micheal has been good but I think Craig is a little better.

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