Eileen Davidson Signs on For The Young and the Restless Return

Eileen Davidson

The game of Red Rover between Sony TV soaps The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives over Eileen Davidson has apparently ended.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting Davidson has signed on to return to Y&R as Ashley Abbott. In a statement to the magazine, Davidson said:

They has been reaching out for quite a while and wondering what I wanted, so the deal we made suits my life very well. I’m really happy. I’ve put in a lot of years in this medium, which I don’t take for granted, so I’m very grateful.

While Davidson starts her Y&R storyline in September, fans of the talented, Daytime Emmy-nominated actress will still be able to see her airing in Salem as lethal Kristen Blake DiMera. The actress is slated to stick around on DAYS for a 12-week storyline.

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    Restless Fan

    I’m happy…scratch that. THRILLED! Eileen is coming back. Of course the writing will have to be there. With these scribes you just gotta pay a visit to your church, light any candle in eyes view, and pray really hard. In any event, I HOPE the writing is good. Eileen is so needed on this show right now. I hope the story is good. Bringing her back and not creating good story would be like Martha Stewart having a dinner party and serving Stouffer’s frozen lasagna with salad in a bag.

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    I’m thrilled if they pair her with Stitch. I’ve seen ED on Days and she comes alive with a younger love interest. Ashley’s a bore with the older men. Victor is played out, and Tucker was just well…..gross.

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    Totally SHOCKED that Jill the biatch would wine and dine a 50-something female, PLUS i’d rather see her on Days, but i love me some Eileen. Too bad the writing sucks on ALL soaps right now! Grrrr :(

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    I knew eventually Eileen Davdson would have to choose between Y&R and DOOL.However Y&R may have made her an offer in terms of what she wanted in terms of her personal life.I think one of the reasons she left DOOL the last time was because they were using her too much.So maybe Y&R will only need her a couple of days a week.

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    SOOOOO thrilled by this news.

    And yes, the writing has been spotty these past couple of months. I’m hoping this signals a BUNCH of behind the scenes changes as well.

    The show needed a HUGE confidence boost. This is a fantastic start.

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      P~ I know you have to be as giddy as I am about this news!! YR needs this type of “bring it on home” news… I know some like ED better playing KD and not Ashley but what I said ages ago…ED always will come home to YR regardless…she has a love in her heart for Ashley\YR…facts are facts.

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    YES GOD!!!

    Now can we get Ashley and Stitch? To me they have far more chemistry than Victoria and Stitch…

    And maybe she can pump a little life into Abby as well :)

    Not to mention I actually watched the past two episodes of Y&R and it was actually pretty decent. Hmm…I won’t hold my breath though.

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    NOOOO!!! I need ED on Days. I will miss Kristen. However, given Y&R’s current state, she just may prove to be the jolt to bring it back to life the same way she did on Days last year. It was so good.Days is losing a lot of characters – Sami, EJ, Kristen, Gabi, Nick – I wonder if it’s time to be alarmed.

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    YIPPPEE!! I’m glad Ashley is coming back. I dont see Ashley with Stitch. I really dont know who she should be with, I’m just glad she’s back.

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    As much as I absolutely adore Eileen and think she’s one of the most talented actresses in daytime, I sort of with she would have signed with Days instead. She’s plays evil so deliciously, you can’t help but root for her! You see an energy in her you don’t see on Y&R.
    I’m going on 4 months Y&R sober (well… I maybe watch a total of 3-4 scenes a week) LOL, but from what I’ve read and seen, nothing has improved on the show so I shudder to think what they’ll do to my beloved Ashley Abbott.
    Best of luck to Eileen.. I’ll guess we’ll see.

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    ED, coming home with the rest of the cast will heat up the screen. I am hoping that the writers are being pushed to fix this mess and write from history. Jill is doing everything to keep her ass from being fired. Its not the cast it is the writing. An EP can get all the great Emmy winners or excellent cast members she wants but if the writing ain’t right the show won’t be TIGHT!

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    I am thrilled that Eileen/Ashley is returning. The only thing that would really save the show, would be the removal of DYLDO and JFP.
    We of course know that is not going to happen. Really too bad though. Myself and many others, are really tired of the Steve Burton show. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could only act and didn’t just have the one boring expression. The stories are just so unrealistic. Nikki, being his mother is just really dumb and now Paul, his father. Who else will be his relative? Just so totally unbelievable, the way they are inserting him into every story line. Would not mind, if he had even a tenth of Michael Muhney’s talent. So sad, to see my one and only soap, go so far downhill. Ratings slowly, but surely sinking, on a weekly basis.

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    I agree with kgdallas. This show does not know how to write for intelligent women. Ashley will be the next teenybopper Avery or pitiful Victoria if she returns. Then again, with her history of mental illness, she’ll be the next Sharon or Chloe. They’ll recycle without even bothering to rinse plot particulars off (as they did with Austin/Hilary).

    I love Eileen, but even if JFP got Liz Taylor to come back from the dead to do a contract role, it wouldn’t make a difference because the writing sucks.

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    As much as I love Eileen and Ashley, I fear this regime just isn’t capable of writing the material this outrageously talented woman deserves. Frankly, I’d love to see them prove me wrong but with the way things have been going I can’t even say I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve always said Ashley is as important to this canvas as Victor, Jack, Nikki or Jill but when you’re pushing Dylan McAvoy as the “star” of your show you have to strongly question if they can do the character justice. And I just don’t think they can.

    Meanwhile, over at Days, she was inarguably the star of the show for a solid year with some damn good material(and sadly, being slightly overworked as well). I would’ve loved to have seen them work out a better, long-term work schedule for her over there but I’m sure even in 12 weeks she’ll do plenty of wrecking.

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      Fantastic post ChrisGa, this about sums it up perfectly!

      Here’s one thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet: Y/R, imo, has never been able to pair her with A MALE STAR WITH WHICH SHE HAS SIZZLING CHEMISTRY. (I didn’t see the few Stitch scenes she did, so someone may correct me here.) Victor and Ashley never did it for me back in the 80s, i may have been one of the few…never saw much chemistry between them during any decade they were on. Don Diamont and her didn’t do it for me either, tho he was looking mighty fine during their time together onscreen.

      Days, OTOH, always hits a home run for her in the chemistry department, tho obviously ED is aging 10x more gracefully than Drake H., who really does look and act like an old(er) man. :(

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