Hello, Billy Abbott! Burgess Jenkins Debuts Next Week on The Young and the Restless (PROMO)

Burgess Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

A new face, a wedding and a revelation, next week’s The Young and the Restless promises to pack quite a punch!

First up, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) reveals to Paul (Doug Davidson) that Dylan (Steve Burton) is his son. How will Paul react to the revelation? What will Cricket (Lauralee Bell) have to say?

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Then the best storyline The Young and the Restless has going for it takes another twist, as Hilary (Mishael Morgan) walks down the aisle with Neil (Kristoff St. John). Will Devon (Bryton James) watch the woman he loves marry his father?

Finally, Burgess Jenkins debuts as the latest Billy Abbott. Look for Billy to continue to fight for Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

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    Excited about possibly seeing a more energetic actor in the role of Billy as opposed to TOM who played Billy as a pathetic loser who gave a crap about what he did to Victoria, and even to Delia, and went around blowing hot air most of the time.

    Let’s hope that with this recast that they redirect the role of being from being a selfish bore to a romantic lead. Billy Miller played Billy as a laughable and foolish frat boy and, Tom, well, Tom played him bad. Let Billy tell Victoria that he realizes he has done wrong and beyond their son together Victoria’s life is hers alone. Let Billy interact with Jill more, become active in Jack’s life and let’s see the relationship with Abby again become part of the character’s charm.

    As for the DYLAN reveal… i am just wondering how long BELL will be aorund to play Christine that we will see more of a dynamic with the story. IF after Paul gets out of the hospital Christine goes MIA again than the story’s potential is a dud. It already is one since there is as much Drama to this story as there is to my TV being in the OFF mode.

    Y&R is screwing up left right and center. The wedding in the park with Neil and Hilary is sooooo forced. The one thing that Neil is not taking into account is his kids feelings whether they are adults or not. Hilary’s actions were towards a Lily and so Lily has every right to be angry FOREVER with Hilary. Hilary has only apologized and not saved a child or donated a liver to give her any FREEDOM from scorn.

    As well, faux Cassie, Mariah, goes around spewing the same lines as Hilary ‘I’m the town pariah!’ “its hard being hated by everyone after I said “I’m sorry”. I wish for Sharon there was more motivation to accepting Mariah over her family’s concerns than just a foolish and not compelling need to save the girl.

    Can we please get back to Jack taking Victor down?!! Soon the BONAVENTURE story will be as “WOW” a reaction as was Jill’s inheritance that was hidden in the chandelier! Sorry, Esther is always with a duster. You mean she’s never dusted the chandelier since Katherine’s death?!

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      Agreed on everything. Although, I don’t think a recast for Billy matters since this Who the Daddy storyline is recycled garbage. No one could save it. Billy is a done-for character. He contributes nothing to this show. He really needs to go to NYC to work with Kyle on some new project indefinitely.

  2. Profile photo of scrumptious

    First image of Burgess Jenkins as Billy Abbott is SHIRT-LESS with the voiceover, “Billy is a Lover”.

    LMAO! You would never see that kind of promo with David Tom in the role. Tom’s only love scene on the show was in pitch black lighting with the sheet covers pulled all the way up to his chin. They kept his body hidden from the audience.

    When David Tom’s Billy used to run up on big Stitch at the gym and threaten him, I howled with laughter. Comic relief! It was like watching a tiny chihuahua yapping at a Doberman.

    I see JFP has hired herself a new hunkier manlier Billy with a nice chest! He looks and sounds more like a romantic leading man. Now this guy? I can see as a playboy and lover, and somebody who fathered 3 kids.

    Good luck, Burgess! Looking forward to seeing his spin on Billy.

    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      Yeah, no offense to DT as an actor, but his Billy was a joke, plain and simple(although I will still say that he and MCE have great screen chemistry–I would’ve been semi-okay with him staying if they’d pursued that angle more). Now, this nuBilly, he’s hotter than DT or Billy Miller but Ryan Brown was hot back in the day too and his Billy was an epic fail. I guess it’s just another wait-and-see situation but I can’t help but think with Tom floundering in the role this can’t be anything but good.

  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    The preview looks good.

    I think it’s disgusting what was done to David Tom. But I can’t blame this new dude, so I’m willing to give him a chance.

    Thankful that Tyler hasn’t been on my screen, and if they don’t quit making Abby a whiny little bitch, that character will need to go too.

    I can deal with Dylan now, in small doses.

  4. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    Any Billy without Billy Miller is a waste. Too bad they didn’t just write him out. Instead of bringing in more talentless hacks like Tyler and Dyldumbo, Abby and numerous others, they should be getting rid of some of them.

  5. Profile photo of elsarilla

    So true yoyo !!! Not sure why they couldn’t keep him and let him do other things, after all they allow Dylan to live in Tenn. and I’m sure they work with him to make it easier for him to travel…

  6. Profile photo of aroundhound

    There are so few people commenting now here since this sight has been revamped. Personally, I think it’s dull and boring. So far, #epicfail.

    I like the NuNuBilly. He has a devilish smile, has the bravado and the sex appeal and seems to be a solid actor. He’ll stand tall up against Stitch and create heat with Chelsea and Victoria. The only thing he doesn’t have is lips, but can’t win ‘em all.

    • Profile photo of elsarilla

      I agree aroundhound…… it’s true, it’s hard to find any new posts by anyone. They keep all of the old ones going back for days and weeks. I think they messed up with the new so called “revamp”. Hope they’re listening.

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