Amelia Heinle Wins 2014 Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy!

Amelia Heinle
The Young and the Restless’ Amelia Heinle (Victoria) won the Daytime Emmy for Supporting Actress.   she dedicated it to her sister, who is fighting cancer.

Heinle beat out Elizabeth Hendrickson, Melissa Claire Egan, Kelly Sullivan and Jane Elliot for the award.

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    Eh, I’m actually okay with this. She’ll never be the definitive Victoria Newman, but she did arguably the best work of her career during the Delia storyline. Congrats Amelia!

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    Jane Elliot was robbed. EVERYONE in this category was robbed with this win for Heinle.

    The reel IMO wasn’t impressive and it wasn’t better than Elliot or Hendrickson’s.

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    This award was the one I have a problem with. Jane Elliot should have been recognized for her perfectly “caught in crystal” portrayal of Tracy Quartermaine….

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    Oh my goodness??!!! Amelia won the Emmy for playing “Amelia” on Y & R…same dress, same hair and all!! And she had the nerve to say ‘thank you Heather Tom for letting me fill -or step- into your shoes! Really Amelia?! As if you ever could!
    I realize my comment may be too harsh, but man …how could the Emmy team get this so wrong?!

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    I’m OK with her winning as well. I know some of you don’t really care for her, but I’ve always liked her, or maybe it was the natural chemistry she had with Billy Miller. They played off each other so well!
    Personally, I think she did better with the Delia aftermath right after she died than Hendrickson did.
    I remember a friend of mine saying at the time “Dang… she plays a better grieving mother than Liz. Chloe’s not even crying”
    Congrats Amelia!

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    Amelia Heinle is a solid performer and has been in daytime for almost 25 years. I loved her since LOVING. Her Emmy reel was quite good, better than the other actresses in her category save Jane Elliot. I wanted JE to win but not at all unhappy or surprised AH won. Congratulations!

    Both Kelly Sullivan and Melissa Claire Egan’s reels were extremely weak. Elizabeth’s Hendrikson’s reel was good but Amelia Heinle’s was better. Like kgdallas’ friend commented, I similarly commented that one would have thought Victoria lost her biological child because of AH’s acting.

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