Chandler Massey Wins Younger Actor Daytime Emmy!

Chandler Massey
Former Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey (ex-Will) won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor. However, instead of showing Massey’s reel, the awards show aired the clip from Will and Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) wedding featuring Guy Wilson as Will.

Massey beat out Bryan Craig, Chad Duell, Max Ehrich and Daniel Polo for the award.

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    Yep, showing a reel of your replacement was rather awkward. Bryan Craig was most certainly robbed but nonetheless congrats to Chandler Massey.

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      Normally you and I are on the same page blake but I gotta disagree. I think Guy Wilson is doing a great job as Will and his onscreen rapport with Freddie Smith seems a lot more genuine to me than Chandler’s was.

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    Chandler’s speeches over the past few years have led to humorous speculation that he seems to have lost a bet and been forced into acting as he always emphasizes that acting in a soap was never a part of his life’s plan.

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      First congrats to Chandler on his third straight Emmy win.Plus now he has a better end to his tenure at DOOL.As for Chandler i read somewhere that he promised his parents that after his 4 year contract ended he would go back to college which he put aside to be on the show.Plus i’m sure Chandler doesn’t regret been on Days but maybe he doesn’t have the passion for acting and may know been on a soap takes up too much of his life.Plus during his 4 years on the show Chandler probably did everything he could as an actor and maybe that took much out of him.

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    This award truly was a puzzle to me. Bryan Craig had a stunning reel and while I understand the quality that is Mr. Chandler, this was a head scratcher for me. And the clip with his recast was, as ChrisGa said, “rather awkward”….

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    Don’t know why he got the award. Bryan Craig’s reel was a hundred times better and Massey wasn’t acting in his year. Not at all. Just a lot of smiling and weird looks.

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    So deserving. I don’t care what anyone says. His 3-minute reel hit all the right buttons with me. And after everything that transpired between the show and CM (won’t get into it here), this definitely made me smile. It was the perfect end to his run on the show. I haven’t been able to tune in to watch the Wilson story since his exit because Mr. Guy Wilson seriously does nothing for me. Chandler is Will Horton and always will be. I agree that Bryan Craig had a terrific reel as well but he choose something that had too much Chad in it- which only helped Chad and they probably split votes.

    Go Chandler. One of the finest (and nicest) actors to ever be on soaps. Hope to see him on something soon.

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      I agree.Plus even though Chandler only had a 3 minute reel sometimes shorter reels work better than longer reels because that way there’s less for the judges to evaluate.Plus of the five nominees 2were from Y&R and 2 were from GH.Plus as you pointed out there was a lot of Chad in Bryan’s reel and since both were nominees the judges may have unintentionally were judging Chad too during Bryan’s reel.So maybe Bryan should have selected a reel that had no other nominee in it.That way he could have the full attention of the judges.

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      Chandler’s submission was clever and well done so it’s a shame it wasn’t shown. Plus the wedding reel that was actually shown was a painful reminder that Chandler should’ve played out the WilSon wedding and he could’ve too had Greg Meng not fired him and replaced Chandler with one of the worst recasts in daytime history.

      Chandler’s reel is only about 3 or so minutes but in that time frame, he showcased a performance where the acting was layered, nuanced and devoid of screeching and over the top nonsense unlike his competitors especially those kids from GH. Those GH boys were hysterical drama queens in their reels.

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    Hi All…I agree that Bryan Craig should have won. However, his reel began with nearly three minutes of Craig reacting to Benard and Duell before the real fireworks began. Most of the emmy voters, the ones who actually watch the reels, probably tuned out during those three minutes.

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      you have to watch the whole reel when you vote. you can’t fast forward. the system won’t allow you to vote unless you’ve seen the WHOLE reel.

      chandler won it because voters know his name, as he’s a two (well, now three)-time winner, and he plays a gay character and they felt they were making a political statement. let’s not forget how the other soaps (and I include GH in this) treat gay characters.

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    Congrats to Chandler! I still think he’s one of the best younger actors in daytime history. I’ll give in and say this wasn’t his best year, but his reel was pretty good. Craig is great no doubt. I watched all the reels and thought his and Massey’s were the best.

    I cringed when I saw the clip was of Guy Wilson. These sorts of things should NOT happen during a ceremony such as the Emmys. Come on! But glad he made a joke about it!

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    I’m happy for Chandler, but my heart breaks for Bryan Craig who did amazing work last and this year so far on GH. Chandler slept through the majority of his final year on the show since the writing for Will and Sonny was pretty abysmal since the of Spring of 2013. The sad part is that it has only gotten worst with the bland emotion-less casted Guy Wilson. WilSon are no longer distinguishable from the set furniture on the show now.

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    This was the right call. Chandler Massey had great material up until his character became a father in the summer of 2013 and he still continued to do solid work through the rest of 2013 even though he became more of a background players. Mr. Massey’s reel showcased a subtle, grounded and authentic performance demonstrating that to win the award, histrionics are unnecessary.

    Congratulations to Chandler Massey, the real Will Horton. The recast simply does not measure up. It truly is DAYS’ and the viewers’ loss.

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    NO! I love CM but emmy voters seem to be lazy and voted for Cm because they recognize his name as the winner in the past. I think a lot of voters have something against GH (cough…Frank/Ron)….Mr. Craig was simply collateral damage and didn’t deserve to be.

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    If YR can win for best writing and best drama why shouldn’t CM win this? It is not as if the Emmys is for the deserving so i’m not going to begrudge him this win

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    I also thought that actor on Y&R, who got bullied, had a great presentation of his work. The fact his name escapes me is probably part of the problem. I was affected by his scenes and would have been good with him winning. I thought his were better than some of the others. His acting made the whole story better.

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    I dont think he earned this over Bryan to be honest. His reel wasnt as good. I feel like they gave it to him because they always do. The good thing about that is that hes gone now lol maybe some other younger powerhouses can now get some recognition now

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    Undeserved. I watched all of the reels and thought Daniel Polo have the best performance. I do very much like Bryan Craig and think he has given a year of solid performances. I don’t even think Chandler Massey earned a nomination.

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    Undeserved. I watched all of the reels and thought Daniel Polo have the best performance. I do very much like Bryan Craig and think he has given a year of solid performances. I don’t even think Chandler Massey earned a nomination.

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