Soaps’ Biggest Stars React to DISASTROUS #DaytimeEmmys Red Carpet

Ryan Pavey
Daytime’s biggest stars reacted to the Daytime Emmy’s red carpet coverage, which included one horny host talking about raping General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey (Nathan).

Multi-Daytime Emmy winner and 2014 Lead Actress nominee Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful) tweeted her reaction to her red carpet interview.


General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) tweeted her co-stars, warning them to avoid the red carpet if at all possible.





Former General Hospital star Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) called for the Daytime Emmys to hire people who didn’t make jokes about rape and black people.





General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) joked that next year’s Daytime Emmy Awards will require dial-up to watch.


General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud tweeted that the Daytime Emmys should be renamed.

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    It was beyond shocking as to how disturbingly bad these idiots were, particularly the two twits in the above pic with poor Ryan Paevey. To say it was an epic fail would be like saying Hitler only had a mild dislike for Jews.

  2. Profile photo of josser

    Rape jokes? Really? How did those idiots think that was funny. For all they know Paevey or someone he knows could have been a rape survivor.

    Why didn’t the Daytime Emmys use soap actors as hosts? Martha Madison has a great webshow. She’s a good interviewer who knows the daytime landscape.

  3. Profile photo of josser

    Rape jokes? Really? How did those idiots think that was funny. For all they know Paevey or someone he knows could have been a rape survivor.

    Why didn’t the Daytime Emmys use soap actors as hosts? Martha Madison has a great webshow. She’s a good interviewer who knows the daytime landscape.

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    The problem the daytime emmys want to be hip, young and edgy. .I saw ppl twitter feed saying how awful the pre Emmy show is. Next year hopefully somebody will show up to the plate and demand better. …I remember watching the daytime emmys in the 1990s and the show was always elegant and classy. ..They treat daytime fans like idiots, and the fans keep so many with a job…

    It would of been cool to have it on tv either broadcast or cable. .I don’t have TVGN on my cable but I’m sure clips would of been online….However the place they should of been talking too or making a deal to broadcast the awards was E! Entertainment because Giuliana, and Terrance could of did the red carpet show…Keep Kathy as host broadcast on E and do a post award party. Comcast owns E which also owns NBC which you get to pimp Days which is on NBC as well…There more ways to skin a cat, but clearly too many ppl not trying to save this genre, but saving their asses more like it-

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    That show was an embarrassment. And I don’t typically call people names but those 4 women were just bimbos. Or drunk. It was hard to tell. And the two above would interview someone and a few minutes later the other two would interview the same person or group of people. I couldn’t watch the red carpet, and only watched a bit of the show. Besides being a poorly produced show the feed kept freezing and reloading. That was an epic fail.

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    I was wondering what the response to red carpet would be. Those red carpet girls had No Ideal who those soap stars were. Just had.No Clue about who they were interviewing. It was just bad form. I’m glad people are speaking out.

  7. Profile photo of pumpkin

    The red carpet interviewers were not familiar with the actors, or for that matter, I suspect the shows in general. Bad start there.
    They assumed actors were married or together when they came to be interviewed at same time. That just shows no thinking power. Why didn’t they just clarify for the audience who was who. They didn’t identify names, etc. A little clarification helps many who watch one show. Soap fans do not watch all the shows. A lot of nonsoap fans think that.

    They were matching Tyler Christopher and Maura West. I think both actors looked confused by the whole interview. They handled it well. Maura West does not get flustered. It just looked like explaining would make things worse.

    Not to interviewers: Actors do the red carpet mostly alone or with fellow actors, not husbands/boyfriends.

    Not complaining it was online. No trouble with that. Just thought production was unprepared. (Never liked Sharon Osbourne. Her conduct last night just validated why I can’t stand her. She is an idiot and I don’t care what she thinks. Like who are the people that think she has good opinions? )

  8. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I have to say this was the WORST. SHOW. EVER. The two chicks were more interested in joking between themselves and acting “clever”. Note to them: you’re NOT clever. I wanted to slap them when they asked Don Diamont’s wife where her kids came out. “Did they come out of your eyesockets? Did you blink them out?” UGH. Then they said the same stupid thing to Heather Tom. Awful. Just awful. And why is it nobody knew when the camera was on?!

    Sharon Osbourne was ridiculous, too. What a foul mouthed jerk.

  9. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I felt so bad for all the actors having to deal with these stupid girls. They should have their Youtube accounts deleted. over 300,000 followers?

    Must be a lot of stupid girls out there…

  10. Profile photo of DeniseMaria

    After 20 minutes or so I could not watch the Red Carpet anymore. Which was sad, I wanted to see the daytime stars, their dresses and their comments on their character, show, storyline ect. But other than who are you wearing? And to all the men, I would do that, it was an embarrassment to the Daytime community. I tweeted as much and until the Emmys started, I just watch the tweets that came thru. As a fan, I feel as if who ever produced the Red Carpet was saying FU, you don’t matter. The daytime stars don’t matter. While the show it self was 100% better than the 2 years it was on HLN, and I myself, like Kathy Griffin (could have done w/out the F word being used by her and others) I felt like the daytime community were not enjoying themselves. Only time it seemed the audience was even awake was when Eileen Davidson won. I was very disappointed GH didn’t win ANYTHING, I thought Jane Elliot and Bryan Craig deserved an Emmy, but oh well life goes on. I can only hope someone who loves Daytime will step up and produce the Red Carpet and the show itself next year.

  11. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    Can I say, not only were they a disgrace, the show as a whole was too. Gone are the days when the the Daytime Emmys finally got the recognition they so deserved. This was a horrible, vulgar show. When I turned on the ceremony, the first word that I heard out of Kathy Griffens’s mouth was the “f” word. I muted out the rest. And what was with those women of the Talk? Talk about trash, I was mortified by what came out of Sharon Osborn’s mouth! How horrible was that? Its bad enough our Daytime Soaps have been destroyed and now this. SAD!

  12. Profile photo of mickie1

    those four girls — they are not women — did a really bad job on the red carpet — to think red carpet people didn’t even know who Joseph Moscolo was !!!! and he’s been on DOOL for over 40 years !!!! they were truly not informed but ignorant and truly disgusting in their talk with the stars !!!!!!! IGNORANT IGNORANT BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!! A RAPING IS A JOKE ?!?!?!

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    Painful. I get that the producers want to keep the show young and lively but this was not the way to do it. Everyone in daytime deserves respect. Poke fun but keep it light. If the person you’re interviewing looks like a deer in the headlights, reel it in. I’m here to see the daytime stars, not these tacky women trying to outperform each other like drunk schoolgirls.

  14. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    the entire show from pre-show to actual show was a freaking giant sh!thole mess in every way possible.

    the so called ~hosts~ were completely clueless about the event they were working. after the standard ‘who are you wearing’ questions they just stood there SILENT! with nothing to say until someone jumped in.

    these actors are treated worse dirt by everyone else in the tv industry, they did not need to feel like it at their only award show where they can have fun and interact with their peers once a year.

    if the academy can’t do a decent job like the other ones they bend over backwards for, then maybe there shouldnt be a Dayttime Emmys show from now on.

  15. Profile photo of MrRHS

    Embarrassing, pitiful, shameful, disgraceful….a hot mess from beginning to end. I cannot count how many times the word “amazing” was used. Get a thesaurus and find some other synonyms.

    These girls had no idea who anyone was and really showed themselves to be completely irrelevant and out-of-touch with the viewing audience. I cringed for the actors as they had to subject themselves to those yahoos.

  16. Profile photo of SoapStud70

    Brittany Furlan’s twitter feed this morning included a posted quote about Alexander the Great not “reeling it in.” I could detail at least 20 ways she is not even close to being Alexander the Great, but she’s clearly got her head up her own backside too far to hear the criticism.

    Jessica Harlow hasn’t posted on her blog in two weeks. Was she spending the time prepping for the Emmys? Clearly not.

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      Jessica Harlow had this to say on facebook

      Jessica Harlow First off, I didn’t make any rape remark and don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. I think you need to get up from behind YOUR computer and maybe find a hobby besides bashing people you know nothing about? The soap actors were delightful and down-to-earth and from what they told me when our cameras weren’t rolling is that they had such a blast with us. Loosen up, lady! Let your hair down! Have fun and let other people have fun, too!
      4 · about an hour ago

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      From what I’ve heard about this show, Brittany Furlan and Great shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Its what 1titanman said above, they want the show to be hip, edgy and cool instead of being good. Thats like that with all forms of entertainment lately.

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