Eileen Davidson WINS Daytime Emmy For Outstanding Lead Actress!

Eileen Davidson

Days of Our Lives tore it up at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys! Eileen Davidson (Kristen) snatched up her first Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actress.

Davidson was previously nominated in this category in 1998 for the role of Kristen Blake, and in 2003 for the role of cosmetics heiress Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless. The in demand star will begin airing again as Kristen on DAYS this summer. She is also set to return to Y&R full-time.

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    Congrats and well deserved to Eileen! I’m so glad she won this playing Kristen on Days! I just wish it was Days she was back on full time, she’s much more interesting as Kristen than as Ashley. And this Emmy win definitely proves it!

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    Most deserved win of the night next to Eric’s! IMO Eileen gave the performance of the year last year and this is LONG overdue! Congrats Eileen, luv u!

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    Well deserved! I’m so happy that Eileen won the award. She did such amazing work last year as Kristen and truly deserved it.

    And yeah, it’s also good to see someone other than powerhouse Heather Tom up there. And this year, Davidson was the one that got her. That’s fantastic.

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    Eileen DEFINITELY deserved this…… I’m happy her reel was so different from Heather Tom’s too. However, I’m worried Y&R won’t take advantage of this woman and give her good stories.

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    I screamed I was so happy for her! I love all the ladies in the category, but I was really pulling for Eileen this year! She gave DAYS new life!

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      Oh yeah, I was yelling like crazy when they announced her name! C’mon Y&R, it’s your turn to prove you’re worthy to showcase this woman’s talent!(FYI, I have ZERO faith they will).

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    Well deserved!

    It’s incredible wishful thinking(I know), but it would be awesome to see her win next year for Y&R as Ashley. *fingers crossed* for good story. Just out of curiosity has that happened before? I mean an actor or actress winning two years in a row with two different roles/shows.

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    I didn’t think she would win on Days for her Emmy but at YR instead ,but so happy for her. She commands the respect of her peers when she won…They all stood up for her, and I’m happy for her. Jill coming up something good for Ashley….hmm

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    Needless to say I was over the MOON at Eileen Davidson winning! This was beyond a doubt not only the most deserved win of all the Emmys ever for me, also the most right one. There was always this underlying feeling that she is the one who should really win it, and I am so glad she did! Also, she looked gorgeous, one of the best dressed women of the night, and her acceptance speech was really classy. I also loved everyone’s reaction, the standing ovation, especially Guy Wilson’s reaction.


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    hey mon

    The moment that she first graced our screens in 1984, we knew that we were in for someone special over the years. Her husky voice, flawless looks, statuesque appearance, and beyond compare acting skills.

    Eileen Davdison.

    Young and the Restless, Santa Barbara, DAYS.

    Congrats to the greatest woman on Daytime.

    (I cant think of a better Birthday Present)

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    Congratuations to Eileen! A fresh win and not the usual ones that win over and over and over! So well deserved!!!! Class all the way. At first I wasn’t thrilled when it was announced she was back on Days because I was afraid we would be seeing all of those other characters she did the last time. But, boy, did she deliver and she won the prize!

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