Eileen Davidson Scoop: Daytime Emmy Winner to Continue Soap Double Duty; Big Business Story For Y&R’s Abbotts

Eileen Davidson, 2014, Daytime Emmys

Eileen Davidson won the Outstanding Leading Actress Daytime Emmy for her work as crazy, priest-raping Kristen DiMera on Days of Our Lives. The actress also plays sensible chemist Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless.

Davidson will be returning to Y&R as a series regular in September, but that doesn’t mean Kristen will never return to Salem. Davidson told the press room she knew Kristen needed to return to DAYS for at least a little while to resolve the cliffhanger that ended her stint on the show.

Fortunately both soaps are produced by Sony TV, so a deal was reached allowing her to work on both shows. Davidson made it clear she is open to doing double duty even after Kristen’s current story wraps up.

Davidson loves playing two completely different characters. ” I feel like I have the actor’s goldmine, because Ashley is a classic heroine and tries to stand for everything good in life. Even though she is very fallible, she tries to be better. Kristen is the whack job with a heart of gold; it’s an actor’s dream to play the spectrum, sometimes every day. It’s weird how easy it is to do. It’s like two pairs of comfortable shoes but they’re different. ”

On the red carpet, CBS Daytime Senior Vice-President Angelica McDaniel revealed Ashley’s return to Y&R will include a substantial business storyline, Davidson is excited by the prospect. “It sounds like Jack is in my future. I didn’t really know that [was the plan] but it sounds like it’s the way Ashley used to be, taking on her brother [Jack], which will be great because I love Peter [Bergman].”

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  1. Profile photo of aph1976

    I’m glad that Eileen gets to be on both Y&R and DOOL because she has the best of both worlds.Plus since Days tapes so far in advance they might need Eilleen back taping until later this year.Then by then Y&R may not need her as much.So then she could go back to DOOL while her story at Y&R is at a lull of sorts.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Seriously hope that DAYS keeps using her and makes the most out of her offer to be happy to do double duty.

    Hopefully Y&R will write for Eileen, the character of Ashley and the Abbotts. A potential business story sounds good, Jack vs Ash sounds interesting but if you’re screw it up in the writer’s room once again, all good intentions go through hell very fast.

  3. Profile photo of lostfan

    never liked her as Ashley but love love love her as Kristian. She so deserves the emmy–very happy for her and Eric Martsolf who is phenominal as Brady and was also very deserving. So happy to see Days actors get awards, FINALLY!!!!!

  4. Profile photo of blake3b

    Okay I feel better knowing that Eileen will be back at Days after this stint. I wish it were full time, but if it has to be every so often I don’t care. I will take Eileen as Kristen anyway I can!!!

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    This could be a much needed shot in the arm for the Abbotts and the vets on YR if she is used properly.

    I have a feeling that part of her agreeing to a contract was that she would get a lot of time off, so I hope she gets enough screen time to make an impact again as Ashley.

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