Is Kimberly McCullough Checking Back Into General Hospital?

Kimberly McCullough

Twitter was set ablaze Sunday, outside of the disastrous Daytime Emmy Red Carpet pre-show, when news broke General Hospital fan favorite Kimberly McCullough is returning as Robin. ABC Soaps In Depth tweeted the actress was heading back to Port Charles this summer. According to the magazine:

With McCullough reprising the role of Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, does this mean she will be bringing her old flame Jason Morgan back to Port Charles? Viewers were stunned when Robin left town to go save the life of the presumed dead mob hitman, shortly after returning from the dead herself.

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    Yeah she’ll bring Billy Miller’s Jason with her and get a divorce from Patrick.

    I’m not so sure if I should be excited about Robin coming back… Her last stint didn’t ended all that well. The writing for the character was just shitty.

  2. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    her last couple of appearances have made me and others come to hate the character and wish she would stay gone for good.

    i don’t give a damn if she’s a ~vet~ or whatever.

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      Kimberly McCullough was born in 1978.Billy Miller was born in 1979.Jason was born in 1981 but was retconned to 1974.When Robin showed up in 1985 she was 5 years old.So she was born in 1980 or so.As for Billy Miller i think he’s capable of playing a character who’s only 5 or so years older than he is.Just William DeVry who is 46 is playing Julian who is 55 now.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kimberly, please run as fast as you can.

    I don’t want Robin back under this regime for more character assassination. Unless she comes back to stay or to usher Patrick and Emma off into the sunset there is no reason to bring her back. Cartoony will ruin Robin even more.

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    I wish Robin would come back. Even if she brings Jason back, doesn’t mean she will get a divorce from Patrick because Jason and Robin are not going to be romantically involved. I will say that I don’t know if I could see Billy Miller as a hit man. Him in shootouts is something I might not be able to get used to.

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      Robin will only return short-term. Patrick already said that he thinks his marriage is over. So if Kimberly has no interest in returning full time, there will be a Scrubs divorce. Don’t see Thompson leaving and even if … the writers would have to do a lot to give Scrubs a sunset ending at this point.

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    As a long time Robin fan I am glad she is coming back. It is unfortunate that people who only know Robin from the past return think that is how her character truly is. Her exit was just horribly written. I think that made fans just ready for her to go. It would have been more believable for Robin to have left to protect her parents, when the head of the WSB tells her do this or we will arrest them for killing Faison. I think the writers wanted her gone and did it so the fans would also want her gone and they could move Patrick on. That could have been done in a better way. I hope there is resolution when she comes back, I should say resolution that makes sense to her character.

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    They better do what they should’ve done a long time ago-bring her back to be with Patrick and have their family move off and be happy. Who’s happy on this show? No one. A good soap has some happiness. Have her bring Jason back, that’s fine. Obviously the writers want to play with shiny new object Nina and new Jason (interesting how they are both Y&R castoffs if Miller is playing the role) the writers are horrible to Robin and they’ve dragged Patrick through the mud as an aftermath. They deserve happiness.

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    Robin’s coming back probably has to do mainly with Jason and his return to Port Charles.As for Kimberly she’s right now finishing up her 2 year directing fellowship and i read somewhere she’s going to be directing a movie in September.However until then she might be free to come back to GH for a couple of months.

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    I really don’t think her last return was all that bad. Probably a bit silly how it ended. I think TPTB need to do one or two things if KM doesn’t want to commit long term and they don’t want to kill off the character: Either have she and Patrick divorce or recast.

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    I agree Robin would never abandon Emma like her parents did with her so many times in the past. Why couldn’t we have a few random scenes of Patrick/Emma using Skype to stay in touch with Robin or lots of phone calls? I don’t think the actors that play Patrick and Emma need to lose their jobs, but the show could do a better job with having Robin stay in touch with her family.

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    Personally, I think she is returning to bring Jason back AND to finalize the divorce with Patrick. He won’t be able to forgive her for leaving him and hopefully they will establish an off screen relationship with Robin and Emma.

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    jeremy in chicago

    Grrrr. I know better than to be excited about this. I LOVE KMcC/Robin, but this situation is beyond annoying.

    They should have recast Robin. I loathe the thought with all my heart, but that’s just the situation we find ourselves in.

    Since Kimberly is coming back, I say – painful as it is – Robin needs to be killed off this time.

    There is NO viable explanation, ever ever ever, for Robin to abandon Emma. It is what her mother did to her and it is what she would NEVER do to her own daughter, no matter what. If Emma were threatened, Anna could put Robin and her entire family into hiding and get them new identities. The way Ron has written Robin’s last return and exit just sickens me.

    If Kimberly won’t sign a contract, and if Jason Thompson wants to stay on the show, then Robin should be killed off or recast immediately.

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    I also think she is returning to bring Jason back and to finalize her divorce to Patrick and thank God. I do not want Robin back nor I need her. If KM is not willing to commit full time to the show I thought it was better to everyone that she stayed dead. Robin`s stupid decision to go and save Jason and hurt her kid and husband was selfish. If the show needed Robin then recast was the better solution. As for Jason – if BM is playing him I do not want to see him as Jason Morgan but as Quartermaine. BM will be great as Q but not stupid, unemotional, stone cold jackass. It will be great to see who he will be pared with. I may finally be able to root for Jason and Sam cause when SB played the role I despised that paring. Sam and Silas is working just fine for me. It will be interesting to see Nina and Jason too.

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