The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Plots With Deacon!

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As usual, Quinn is up to no good. See what she has planned for Deacon and the rest of Los Angeles in this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers.

Quinn/Deacon: Quinn (Rena Sofer) wants to team up with Deacon (Sean Kanan).

Thorne/Oliver/Maya: Thorne (Winsor Harmon) is concerned about Oliver’s (Zack Conroy) true intentions with his daughter. After Oliver handles Thorne, he has to deal with Maya (Karla Mosley). She takes a different approach, and confesses a past regret with Rick.

Liam: Liam (Scott Clifton) and Quinn’s rivalry spins out of control.

Wyatt/Hope: Wyatt (Darin Brooks) is surprised by Quinn’s deep commitment. He also has a chat with Hope (Kim Matula) about his mother.

Rick/Caroline: Rick’s (Jacob Young) plans get derailed. It leads to him making an admission, which forces Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) to have a chat with Maya.

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  1. Profile photo of harlee490

    Good spoilers not as good as past weeks but still tempting and teasing to peak my curiosity. I so like the potential deviltry among Deacon-Quinn. Liam-Quinn will be intense and I also appreciate something happening with the other characters especially on the Oliver front…loving Maya being a good friend to Aly, Carter needs to shut up…

  2. Profile photo of stoney07

    This is weird. Every single storyline on B&B is wrapped around a triangle. Liam/Hope/Wyatt, Aly/Oliver/Maya, Caroline/Rick/Maya, Brooke/Ridge/Kate, Brooke/Bill/Quinn and I am HERE for it. That’s what’s so weird about this show. It’s like all the same stories, done different ways, but I’m loving it. Arrrghhh its so frustrating.

    But I must say…Hope Logan is dead to me. She’s waaaay too old now t be acting the way she’s acting. She hops from man to man. “Oh look…Wyatt’s constipated, I’m going to Liam.” “oh no…Liam has a cold this week, I’m going to Wyatt” Sometimes I wish Steffy could return and they can begin a lesbian affair and get this all over with.

  3. Profile photo of pdow

    Hope has been dead to me for a couple years now. Love Deacon and Thorston Kaye I want w/Brooke, but word has it that she said she won’t work w/any other Ridge besides RM. True? Read it one time in something about her but fact? I kind of think it may be right on as she isn’t w/TK and as far as I know no plans for Ridge/Brooke any more.

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