General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Is Wary of Nina!


It seems everyone in Port Charles is giving Nina the benefit of the doubt, except Sam. Check out what causes the P.I. to be suspicious of her boyfriend’s wife in this week’s General Hospital Spoilers!

Silas/Sam/Nina: Silas (Michael Easton) hurries to assist Nina (Michelle Stafford) when she “falls”. Sam (Kelly Monaco) isn’t buying it.

Carly/Sonny/Franco/Ava: Franco (Roger Howarth) gets jealous of Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) connection. He really becomes upset when he sees them hugging. Later, Ava (Maura West) throws a few insults at Sonny.

Dr. Obrecht/Britt: Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has a new scheme for Britt (Kelly Thiebaud). She also makes Franco an offer.

Levi/Nathan/Maxie: Levi (Zachary Garred) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) butt heads over Maxie (Kirsten Storms).

Patrick: Patrick (Jason Thompson) attempts to recall the car accident and visits a mechanic with Sam.

Tracy: Tracy (Jane Elliot) does everything in her power to get her job back at ELQ.

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    @ bobbyew-“Early years Phyllis…” is exactly what I thought, LOL! MS seems to be riffing on her initial Y&R persona, coming on that canvas obsessed with Danny Romolotti, passing off a child that wasn’t biologically his and determined to mow down Christine, which she did (along with Paul), but was never truly punished for. I know it’s just the beginning but I’m not holding out any hope that this arc is going to have me feeling anything resembling sympathy/empathy for this character that is now RC’s shiny new toy….

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    So far Stafford’s portrayal of Nina hasn’t been firing on all cylinders for me. Especially her histrionics of evil with the reveal of Nina true nature (really? an actual revenege list?)

    . The one exception being when she caught Rafe hitting the drugs. Her “Did you have cocaine after (the powdered donut)” was a subtle yet epic read. Nina’s facade slipping revealing a bit of her wicked nature.

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    Even Nina hasn’t woke Silas up in scenes; I just don’t care about her I mean the actress has fans and that’s all good but she doesn’t really mean anything to me as a long time GH viewer. I watch though. My only concern is there is a hell of a lot of story on the table and some of this needs to get wrapped up…they keep laying down new story without wrapping up some of the old stories that have been going on forever . Let’s wrap it up …there’ even more new characters/storylines coming this summer.

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