Shelley Hennig on Being a Days of Our Lives Recast: “The Fans Hated Me”

Shelley Hennig

Although Shelley Hennig first appeared on Teen Wolf last season, this year she’s a  a mainstay. The former Days of our Lives star now plays Malia, a werecoyote who is a new member of Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack, and also the unsuspecting bio-kid of Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). Currently, she is the object of Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) affections, which has fans divided over those who ship “Stalia” and those who want Stiles paired with someone else.

TVLine recently spoke with Hennig about what it was like joining an established show with such a passionate fan base. Henning said she’s only seen positive things so far, but knows that is not always case. She recalled:

Actually, I replaced someone on Days of our Lives once, and the fans hated me. She was a redhead, I was a brunette, they went nuts. Even at fan events, they were rude to me. [Laughs] But they got used to it, and they accepted it eventually. I hope Teen Wolf fans accept me because I’m having a really great time playing Malia.

Other fandoms have nothing on soap stans, so Henning should be just fine. What’s your reaction to Hennig’s new gig?

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  1. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Yea from what I remember the red head issue did come up quite a bit but I think the main issue was Stephanie became a mary sue character she didn’t become fun until she became conniving and a bit crazy.

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    I thought she was a beautiful & talented actress, but just miscast as Patch & Kayla’s daughter, because her dark features. Personally, I think she would’ve made a better Chelsea Brady, because I never cared for Rachel Melvin.

  3. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I liked her as Stephanie. I can’t even remember the other actress.

    She’s great on Teen Wolf, one of my favourite shows. I love how they have all these hot late 20s actors playing teens in high school. :)

  4. Profile photo of Jon

    Shayna Rose was the first adult Stephanie. I actually thought she was a better fit as Steve & Kayla’s daughter. Shelley would have made a great Chelsea. She actually looks like she could have been Bo & Billie’s daughter. Rachel Melvin has a horse face but she is an ok actress. Shelley is good as the werecoyote Malia on Teen Wolf.

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