The Young and the Restless Promo: Will Devon Stand Up For His Father, Or Steal His Woman? (VIDEO)

Devon Y&R


Devon (Bryton James) is still longing for a taste of adopted dad Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) soon-to-be wife Hilary (Mishael Morgan) on The Young and the Restless. Will he have the stones to do something about it?

 Neil, blissfully unaware of his son’s feelings for his betrothed, asks him to step up and be his best man. Can Devon put his feelings aside for Hilary and stand up for his father, or will he snag yet another one of Neil’s women?

On the other side of Genoa City, Stitch (Sean Carrigan) tells Kelly (Cady McClain) he has to keep it 100, and break it off with Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Will he confess what he’s been hiding from her?

The secret Stitch and Kelly are keeping seems to be bigger than who Deep Throat was back in the 70’s. Watch the promo below!

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    Y&R IS SIZZLING! Tomorrows previews lit up the LED. NuBilly can act and is fine. Todays was excellent. The music was resurrected and left you with a classic wedding cliffhanger. JFP & Crew are Winning.

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    Well the CDN ep is on now so we’ll see. I don’t think it stops. I think she really does marry Neil. Because there is no truer love than that shared next to a hot dog cart over March Madness. The only way I see it stopping is if Lily is rushed to the hospital over that tea Colin spiked. Either way Hilary needs to cut the shit and hop on Devon. She knows shes wants that billionaire boo. The only way I can accept her with Neil is if shes secretly still out to get him and shes rushing into this to cause the most hurt possible.

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    hey mon

    Show sucks. It isnt good at all. I mean, let me tell you, I am an old man. I have heard a lot of cliffhangers over the years, I have heard a lot of secrets, you name it. Lily’s true bio father. Who is Abby’s Daddy? The list goes on and on.

    The way everyone carries on about Stitch’s secret. It had better be damn good. Damn good. Today, 15 minutes was devoted to it. Yesterday, another 10 minutes. Better be big, and it had better be something-something. Not something like, Mariah was Tyler’s fiance’.

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    hey mon

    soapbaby. The park does remind me of when show-killer Jean Passanante was writing for Another World. Dark, small, very non -Y&R-ish. Well, with Jean P’s guidance, I’m sure Y&R is on its way out.

    I give credit to Sean Carrigan. He is trying to spin shit into sugar with the whole Secret thing.

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    Steal i hope.

    And i’m sick of Mariah the victim and Sharon self righteous indignition about this bitch. I liked Mariah better before they gave her a new personality.

    Unless he’s a terrorist, I don’t care about Sick’s secret.

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