Kelly to Stitch on Y&R “I Still Love You” (PROMO)

Kelly Y&R

Could The Young and the Restless viewers be one step closer to finding out what the relationship between Kelly (Cady McClain) and Stitch (Sean Carrigan) is?  Ever since the pair revealed they knew each other, prior to residing in Genoa City, many have wondered about the connection.

After months of blasting Dr. Rayburn for the mysterious dirty deeds he committed in the past, Kelly lets him know she still loves him. Little does she know, new boyfriend Jack (Peter Bergman) is watching the exchange!

Meanwhile, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) has decided to file for divorce from Billy (Burgess Jenkins). Learning he traveled to Australia with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) to get the goods on Stitch was the last straw for Ms. Newman.

Meanwhile, Summer (Hunter King) is pulling a Tammy Wynette and standing by Austin (Matthew Atkinson). Watch Wednesday’s Y&R sneak peek below!

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    Yes, I’ve figured this one out long ago; Kelly and Stitch are sister and brother. Honestly, a smart idea–it grounds both slightly instead of just having tenuous ties to others in GC. This isn’t the biggest reveal, of course–the biggest will be “what Stitch did.” I hope it’s something really horrific. That may sound creepy, but after all this build up to revelation of the secret, it better be worth it. If we get another “Jill’s music box” type of reveal, I’ll be annoyed. Stitch needs something to knock him down a peg or two AND make us want to root for him to receive eventual acceptance from the folks of GC.

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    Yeah I thought all the way back to when they first shared scenes that they were probably siblings. But then I swore Stitch had a conversation with Dylan about his marriage and he said that he and Kelly had slept together. Maybe I’m remembering wrong though…..

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    The show is good and stable. Bro and sis of course which will open a can of worms. Billy is hot and im for Cameron to claim his AMC baby mama. Devon being a wuss is gonna lead to something else. ALSO, Mariah still got the devil in her. Leopards dont change their spots.

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    I am sure they are siblings. And probably the secret they both are keeping is that he euthanized their father or mother. One of them was sick probably and wanted to die and begged Stitch. I remember an episode where she told someone (I think it was Jack or may be Billy) that she lost Sam and then someone other close to her. I doubt that Ben is someone who was on a killing spree or killed someone maliciously. Kelly told him she loves him so she may be forgave him but still remembers and is angry sometimes.

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      I was watching today I was thinking too that it may have something to do with one of their parents(if they are, in fact, sibs). Like maybe Stitch accidentally killed one of them or something….

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    At this point all the interest has drained…this secret has dragged waaaaay to long and who cares now…I think it was a mercy killing but he still has his medical license…..???

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    Words cannot express how much I don’t care about any of these stories. Yuck.

    Someone please put Devon and Hilary in a steamy summer affair and quick. That’s unfortunately the only dramz left on this show, and I saw unfortunate based on how forced that triangle is. Other than that, IDGAF.

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    hey mon

    Stupid. Force feed us this crap, JFP — maybe we will like it. Have Michael and Lauren on the back-burner, yet Dylan’s friends dominate our screens every day? Who gives a flying Fire-trUCK? Twas hoping for something real good — like Ben being Colin’s mob doctor, or something like that, but instead we will settle for this drivel. Stitch euthanized someone during an assisted suicide? Thats the big news? Victoria’s going to care? Victoria’s mother has killed off half the show in the last 30 years. Oh well.

    Music box — Yeah that Music Box is sitting very nicely on Jill’s neck. Katherine must have been really eff-ing crazy to call a necklace a music box. Looks like that music box is from the front case at the jewelry counter at Target – BTW.

    Dylan saves his Dad’s life. Cue the “Superman’ music.

    Better move the Sharon and Nick thing along a little faster. Cause Mariah, you are starting to get a little stake under the ‘wonderful’ writing of Jean Passanante.

    Bonaventure – Just bury it. Been sitting there for months, no life there. Instead give us more of Stitch’s secret.

    Bring back Josh Griffiths. he’s the one who deserves to write for the Show.

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    Ofcourse Stitch and Kelly are brother and sister…that’s been plainly evident from early on! I also early on figured out what he is hiding, and all of you posters above have come so close that I’m shocked no one has figured it out yet! I think that what he’s hiding is indeed a mercy killing, but I think the person he pulled the plug on was Kelly’s son Sam. The boy was suffering from his injuries and begged his doctor uncle to end his suffering and he did. Kelly couldn’t forgive him for ending her son’s life! She also told his wife Jenna, who thought it was atrocious that Ben would take the life of a child! In fact, at one point Kelly even mentioned to him that no one in town would give him the time of day if they knew he was a child killer….but that was only mentioned once, and from then on she has only referred to him as simply a murderer. Soaps have done mercy killing stories before, but, if I am right, (and I am betting that I am) I think this may be the first time that a soap has done a mercy killing of a child!

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    The whole steam that was working the Lily\Hiliary bitchfest, Devon longing…well now nothing but missed beats, rushing to get married. The Winters story was the one thing that was right but they could had milked this story and in real soap tradition for many twists-turns but no once again something that has potential JFP let die on the vine…hmmmm Senator Wheeler story, Bonventure story, Kelly having more of edge but now being a simpering whimp…CM needs to go she has added nothing but vanilla artificial flavoring after CW performances of layering Kelly…very disappointed in CM but not her fault.

    Bill never rushed a great rivalry in the making…he played it for all it’s worth…Can we say Katherine-Jill….DECADES WORTH…lost opportunity AGAIN!

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      I have to say I’m slowly warming to CM as Kelly, although I completely agree that the character is still totally one-dimensional in comparison to everything that Cynthia Watros brought to the role. I do think CM and SC have decent sibling chemistry though; his chemistry with CW definitely had a darker, more sexual undercurrent to it.

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    Any edge or chemistry between these two characters walked out the door when Watros left, so I’m okay with the bro/sis thing. And yes…it was carried out WAAAAAYYYYY too long. Keep it moving along writers.

    The show has been better since it sputtered during May sweeps. Bobbyew I like the Dive Bar set too. One of the best right now.

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