Nikki and Avery Cry a Wisconsin River of Tears Over Dylan on Y&R (VIDEO)

Nikki/Avery/Dylan Y&R

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Avery (Jessica Collins) are holding vigil over Dylan (Steve Burton), after the war veteran went under the knife to save his newfound father, Paul (Doug Davidson) on The Young and the Restless.

Dr. Barton Shelton (Terrell Tilford) advised Dylan it wasn’t a good idea to have surgery, due to injuries he sustained in Afghanistan Will Dylan come back to his loved ones?

Meanwhile, Nikki’s other son, Nick (Joshua Morrow), catches Mariah (Camryn Grimes) having a little pow-wow with Svengali Ian (Ray Wise). What exactly is the relationship between those two?

As Nick demands answers from Mariah, baby sister Abby (Melissa Ordway) isn’t backing down from her attacks on her new nemesis. Tyler (Redaric Williams), however, keeps insisting the grifter is harmless. Come on now Ty, that gal ain’t no shrinking violet!

Cricket (Lauralee Bell) is summoned back to the hospital by Father Todd (Corbin Bernsen), when Paul takes a turn for the worse. Is Paul about to check out of life? Watch the video below!

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  1. Profile photo of sillytee

    OK.. i gota admit..Dr. Shelton is hot. put him with Ashley!!

    they lost the fire with the hillary/devon/neil story. sorry folks but it lost its fizzle.. another snoozefest to me.

    stitch and kelly bro and sis? duh!!

    i already miss David Tom, but wouldnt he make a great Phillip Kiriakis recast??

    Slumber and Ausdick?? boring…no chemistry

    No comment on Dylan.. he doesnt annoy me as much as others but yeah, it’s too much..

  2. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, I agree they once again dropped the ball on a semi-interesting story with Devon/Hilary/Neil(they’ve done similar damage to all-things Mariah after that great reveal a couple months back). A ten second engagement that leads into maybe a thirty second marriage does not good storytelling make. The writers should’ve let this simmer a helluva lot longer and played some actual beats; you’d get more time with a two dollar hooker than the total time they’ve spent on this story.

  3. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    I want Dylan to die and I want Victor to burn the f***ing body.

    The only thing I like about this show is that the Baldwins haven’t been tarnished by Altman/Passanante.

  4. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    Little correction: Tilford’s character is actually “Dr. Barton Shelby” (not Shelton).

    In other news, it’s being reported that there’s a casting call out there for “Helen Copeland” (Mariah Copeland’s mama) – a two-day role for a Caucasian actress; age 40-45; a trained nurse who was a young mother; had an unsettled life; and is slightly bitter.

  5. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    Y&R is so damn boring right now. The stories which had potential: Mariah/Shick and Neil/Hilary/Devon are being rushed for no reasons. And everything else is just not worth mentioning.

  6. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Just had to say, I’m still NOT watching, but had to take a glimpse of Christine FINALLY putting that ridiculous, snooty bitch Nikki in her place! GAHD she was beginning to be insufferable! I’m glad Christine told her to take a hike from *her* husband’s hospital room. And shame on Lauren for not taking Chris’ side the minute she said what she did, when she was completely and utterly in the right.

  7. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    YORLA, I agree with you 110 per cent in the above post about Chirs and Nikki. What amazes me though, is they are all standing right in front of Paul’s room and DYLDODUMB manages in a wheel chair to get right by all 4 of them and wheel himself into Paul’s room. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    My advice for The Show:

    Send Billy away for a year or two, off to Hong Kong. People are not going to forget Billy Miller. The guy just got an award, how can people forget? Besides it was JFP’s idea that Muhney and Miller be on every day with the Death of Delia s/l. She should have known that both of them couldnt just poof — go away — and people would be happy.

    Viewership is down, way down.

    Cane isnt on, hardly at all. He should be right in the middle of the Newman-Abbott War over Bonaventure, but there is no war. Just a lot of Who’s Dylan’s Daddy? — which is really weird, because no one cares.

    Jack is only on because of Kelly? Strange. And we keep on talking about Ben’s secret. If I wasnt watching it first hand, I wouldnt even know this is Y&R.

  9. Profile photo of elsarilla

    Dylan is a rude self centered selfish ASS !. He listens in on Niki’s conversation, doesn’t listen to anyone, all he cares about is himself and his new father, had to tell him, can he even think about anyone but himself? How selfish can you be…of course he still is the “hero”, even though he’s the reason Paul got shot…
    BTW, enough of the buildings and homes between every scene, so over done, I guess they think this is the change we wanted? Not even close to what this show needs…

  10. Profile photo of pferrando

    With the exception of Dylan’s part in the show, I’ve been enjoying YR again.

    The Summer/Austin story was rushed, but I like it. I’m in heaven since it appears we’ll be seeing less of Tyler too.

  11. Profile photo of harlee490

    I have SOOOOO been enjoying Sami-Kate and their manipulations….OH wait that’s DOOL, my mistake…

    There isn’t much on YR to enjoy of late unless they get back playing the beats correctly on the Winters story…that’s it. The rest is pile of shit.

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