The Young and the Restless Promo: Dylan’s Life Hangs in the Balance

Dylan YR

Dylan (Steve Burton) just can’t catch a break on The Young and the Restless. After rescuing Avery (Jessica Collins) from Austin’s (Matthew Atkinson) vengeful clutches, his new daddy, Paul (Doug Davidson), gets shot and is now fighting for his life. As Paul starts the slow walk to recovery, courtesy of a piece of Dylan’s liver, the war veteran must fight for his own life!

Across the hall, Paul is overcome with emotion when he finds out Dylan is his son. He insists to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) he wants to see their boy.

Wonder what Cricket (Lauralee Bell) will have to say about this planned family reunion? Last week, she demanded Nikki and everyone else keep quiet surrounding Dylan’s paternity. Watch this week’s Y&R promo below!

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    RealityCheck 33

    Oh brother, like JFP would kill off her boy-toy and “star” of Y&R now? Gimme a break. If only he would die so the show might have a chance to return to its greatness. Send Steve Farren Burton back to GENERAL HOSPITAL…..and JFP too.

    • Profile photo of SZima

      God NO! He’s not needed at GH either!!!

      Of course he’s not going to be killed off…at least until JFP is kicked out on her ass. Then I hope all her Pets go with her!

  2. Profile photo of met

    I would be one happy if Dylan exit the show.
    Instead he running around being the fucking center of every storyline.
    Both the character (Dylan) and the quasi-actor (Steve Burton) needs to be off the show.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Y&R could already be a better show if Steve Burton would just leave.

    But guess that not gonna happen as long as he has Jill Farren Phelps there with him. Not to mention his very loyal fans who sweet talk every single performance Burton is doing as Dylan.

  4. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    I actually liked Dylan when he first joined the show. He had depth, mystery, heart, and humanity. Since Griffith left, he’s become a cardboard box: shallow exterior and hollow interior. In capable hands, I think he’d be so effective. He’s just not being fleshed out AND being shoved down our throats as if he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He must be put on backburner and either break up with Avery or be in a story with her about a serious issue like PTSD. He needs someone fiery.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    GAWD I wish Dylan would die!!! Not happening to JFP’s pet boi who can’t act, I’m so through with all things Dylan.

    Today the best part the show was LLB’s Christine, she has been great in her scenes and firing back at Nikki and putting her in check was fun to watch…

  6. Profile photo of pjc722

    I have to agree that Dylan had a lil more depth under Griffith. Now it’s just “fast forward this Dylan giving advice and trying to be the hero crap”. I’m down to almost 12 minutes an episode and that’s with a couple of commercials left in.

    Y&R is just story for the sake of pen to paper then it is for development. Dylan is a savior and only him.

    Y&R was never a HERO show. Even with the epic victor n jack battles OR Jill n Katherine battles sides were always drawn and there never was someone in the right.

    Paul cheated. Abandoned his kids (sorry he did) and he saved people BUT ALWAYS with help.

    Neil was a good guy but with Malcolm we didn’t see it as NEIL SHOULD WIN, it was we like both guys.

    Victoria was a bitch but a great lover. Nina loved her son and wanted $$$$.

    Now the show is all abt a battle and lines being drawn and the viewers being told “this is the good guy.

    Look at Abby vs Mariah. Mariah will soon have a mommy and we will get her sad sack abandonment story (yeah, being a baby as an adult is ok only on soaps). Abby is being written as “pathetic” and “desperate” while slowly Mariah is being written as “misunderstood”.

    Dylan is now superman with no flaws other than wearing LOOSE FIT jeans and bulking up my screen with his extreme lat extensions to his arms and “I didn’t know he was my father but I will drive around town ordering people to do my heroics so I can say ‘I told him to do that'” screams/preaching.

    Even this drivel with stitch and Kelly has ruined stitch for me. NOT once in a their fights has Kelly or stitch mentioned the same daddy or mommy and I am sure it will come down to stitch having killed their father protecting Kelly or something. ( Sad thing is Kelly never mentions her dead son to jack in all the times she swoons over him and never mentions siblings). (We know her father is dead cause she said it to lily)

    Please make the writers write for their pay checks!!!

  7. Profile photo of sillytee

    so i’m thinking mariah and cassie were separated at birth by Ian while sharon’s mom was part of the cult… am i the only one? god thats such a gross storyline.

  8. Profile photo of BrookeKKL

    I don`t want Steve Burton or need him at GH. The show is actually better without him. He can`t act at all. As Dylan he is also boring. Sean Carrigan as Stitch is very likable and interesting character for me. I want JFP out of Y&R sooner. And with her can go Dylan, Summer, Courtney, Leslie`s new husband and I can perfectly live without Lily and Cane.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I’m waiting for Neil’s longlost adult son to turn up. Apparently, every man over 50 on Y&R gets a grown son that he either neglected and abandoned (in some fashion) or never knew about. It’s already happened with Paul (twice), Jack, and Victor.

    When are today’s writers going to learn that copying from great writers of the past doesn’t necessarily make their stories great, good, or even interesting?

  10. Profile photo of pjc722

    If I have to watch Nikki FAKE cry one more time over someone who just came out of surgery I am going to FAKE CRY for real!!

    Why can’t this story be written with Avery stressing over Dylan AND FINALLY Nikki being the rock to lean on?! It gets harder and harder to stomach the Dylan is my kid and that guy’s son… wait that guy’s son… story.

    And can someone tell me, besides what Liam did to Nikki decades ago (not making light of it because of the timeline) WHAT MAKES HIM A SOCIOPATH that everyone paints him as?! Victor has done 100 times worse (he has corpses 6 feet under cause of him) yet Liam is the DEVIL REBORN?! It was Nikki who told everyone that Liam was Dylan’s son without a DNA test to prove it. It was Dylan who searched him out and wanted family history. All that Liam did was extort money from Nikki to leave town which she opted not to give him even though the amount didn’t even make a dent in her bank account.

    Even with the revelation that Paul is the father, the onus of responsibility there still falls on Paul and Nikki for saying Liam was the dad! HELLO, I can fault Nikki for being a dumb blond and forgetting a romp in the sack with Paul decades ago… 4 to be exact… but for PAUL, the police chief and a former Private Investigator NOT TO REMEMBER deposit his seed years ago (please remember one time he gave her an STD).

    I am also loving how the Newman kids have forgotten the dirty deeds that Victor did to cover the “murderer” of a young child… his step granddaughter, Victoria’s step-daughter and Nick’s step niece.

    • Profile photo of Pure_Diva

      I haven’t figured out what Ian’s crime is either unless he’s supposed to be a cross between Jim Jones, David Koresh and Warren Jeffs. Was he manipulating innocent young girls into sex when they were underraged? Did he manipulate people into committing suicide? Did he manipulate them into taking all of their money until they were flat broke? Did he manipulate/brainwash them into leaving their families? I don’t really get it either. Not after the crimes I’ve seen by the likes of Michael, Kevin, Victor, Paul, Katherine, etc., etc., etc.

  11. Profile photo of kgdallas

    Dylan, Dylan, Dylan!!!! Good grief…. glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t care less about this dude. He has been on the show for over a year now and I have yet to see what’s so appealing about him or why him joining Y&R was such a “big coo”!
    Had he been portrayed by any actor other than JPF’s little “baby boy” the characher would have been long gone by now as he brings absolutely nothing to the show!
    I guess they thought that by making him a “Newman”… we would suddenly start giving a damn about him. Boy were they wrong!!!!
    Wait a minute…. could that be his next story…. Is Nikki REALLY his mother????? (sarcastic eye roll)

  12. Profile photo of kgdallas

    PureDiva… I totally agree with your posts as well. Ian’s actions are no worse than what half of the folks in Genoa City has done! Hell, compared to some, he qualifies for sainthood!

  13. Profile photo of pferrando

    No matter where Dylan is in the show…MOST YR fans will not accept this character.

    All his airtime has added nothing to the show.

    Having said that, again the cast has been delivering. When Phelps is gone…they’ll still be there acting their asses off.

    • Profile photo of harlee490

      I hope Phelp’s is gone SOON and new writers. I despise the character of Dylan more than I have any character on my long soap opera watching, SB reeks and everything has to do with Dylan in multiple stories.

      As much as I love Nikki-MTS I’m sooooo tired of her mehhing over Dylan this, Dylan that and crying constantly…it’s grating my nerves.

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