The Young and the Restless Promo: Victoria Finds Out Billy and Chelsea Had Sex

The Young and the Restless promo, YR

Things heat up this week on The Young and the Restless, as Victoria (Amelia Heinle) discovers Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Eagan) got down and dirty!

Meanwhile, Devon (Bryton James) isn’t ready to let Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and Neil (Kristoff St. John) live in wedded bliss.

Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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      As a straight man, I will ONLY EVER do this once and I will deny it ever happened if someone ever brings it up in the future…….. But YAAAAAAASSSSSSS Devon!!! Get it!!!

      OK, I’m back…. LoL But please for the love of God and for the glory of Hevon, TAKE HILARY from Neil!!! There isn’t anything at all appealing about Neil & Hilary as a couple. Devon and Hilary’s chemistry is explosive and until I see otherwise, I am TEAM HEVON!!!

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Billy slept with his rapist … isn’t that lovely…!? Well I simply don’t care …

    All I care about these days is that Devon gets down and dirty with his stepmama. NOW!!!! #TeamHevon

  2. Profile photo of tedew

    Well boo bloody boo hoo for Victoria.
    I’m fed up with her always being completely negative, unreasonable and hypocritical toward Billy these days.
    (She gets mad at HIM because he shared a little info about her new and future emasculation project?)
    Granted she did phone in a Birthday Greeting but only after she pushed him out of her life.
    Of course, as I predicted ages ago … Adam will return just in time to plant a wrench into that new blossoming love affair.

  3. Profile photo of Shalewa M. Daniels
    Shalewa M. Daniels

    I don’t know if I can get on board with a Billy/Chelsea pairing, but it would serve Victoria right if she found out about them sleeping together and I wouldn’t care one bit if she got upset about it.

    Victoria thinks she can have it both ways. She tells Billy that she’s done with him, yet she gets upset when she sees him getting close with Chelsea. SHE’S the one who wanted the divorce…WTH did she THINK he was supposed to do? Go on a drunken binge because she pushed him out of her life?

    If she’s so bound and determined to let him go and go through this divorce, then she needs to deal with the fact that he’s trying to move on as well.

  4. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    Did the promo just label Billy and Chelsea as friends? After a couple months of hanging out? Seriously?

    Love Devon and Hilary’s chemistry. Hate that he’s betraying his father for this woman who spent months trying to destroy him and his family. Yuck. Devon’s a better person than this, to completely disregard his father’s feelings, a man who took him in off the street FFS. I HATE THIS STORY. DEVON IS NOT JACK ABBOTT.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    Billy\Chelsea please good god!!!! NO! Victoria needs to get over it…I’m so sick right now of Billy-Victoria and “their” relationship…toooooo many nuBillies for one and it upset the apple cart and flow of the story. Stick a fork in their relationship and let the next story move on…..PLEASE.

  6. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Thank goodness for Bryton James McClure. He is really carrying this whole thing along, and I hope that Lily gets involved as an eff-ing bitch.

    Victoria? I hope that we dont have to see Amelie on a daily basis, now that she has a Statue.

    Tell it soaparmageddon, the writers are now having Billy have sex with his rapist. Sick. The only good thing that came out of Chelsea and Billy from Myanmar was Johnny — and it should stay that way.

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      I think everyone’s acting superbly, considering how none of this makes sense. Christel didn’t even annoy me yesterday.

      I don’t understand why Neil doesn’t want to go on a honeymoon to bang his nubile wife til kingdom come yet he wants to buy a house and surprise her. Ain’t no one else working in GC. And Neil’s overdue a vacation. Ain’t no reason to stay on GC.

  7. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Neil and Hilary are a boring, terrible couple but Hilary and Devon hot, hot ,hot! I love that Bruton is flexing his acting muscles in this storyline. He plays it so real.

    I only see Chelsea and Billy as friends. Victoria needs to get over whatever Billy has going on in his life. She was the one that pushed him away.

  8. Profile photo of aroundhound

    Meanwhile, when Billy and Chelsea had sex, how convenient that Adam supposedly doesn’t have a bug downstairs as well, or does he? How about the custody of Johnny coming to the forefront as a result of his coupling with Chelsea. I like this Billy, he’s got some of the moxy that Billy Miller has, some, I repeat. David Tom had none. I do agree that he looks a touch too old to play the part. Devon has turned into a fine male specimen and Hillary is hot. The two would definitely work.

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      Adam definitely should have cameras in the entire apartment. He’s Victor Newman’s son after all.

      I wish TPTB made Chelsea and Billy bond over Johnny instead of Connor. It’d be more realistic. What the heck happened to that boy? He’s become the missing Abbott, like Keemo.

      Agreed Tom didn’t have moxy. His scenes against Braeden were laughable. But yeah, Jenkins looks the same age as Heinle.

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