Scott Elrod Cast as Avery’s Ex on The Young and the Restless

Scott Elrod

Another family reunion is in the works for The Young and the Restless‘ Avery Bailey Clark (Jessica Collins). TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan is reporting Y&R has hired sexy Men In Trees alum Scott Elrod as Avery’s ex-husband, Joe Clark.

The legal vixen was married to good ole’ Joe, when she started creeping behind his back with Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). According to the article, Joe might not exactly be over what happened in his marriage. Elrod’s first air date is slated for October.

Photo credit ABC/Men In Trees

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  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    Joe, AKA Phyllis’s new man. PAYBACK!!!

    I need a new male lead on Y&R. I can’t even THINK about Billy Miller without sighing heavily and pouting. I do miss (whispering) Adam’s portrayer, ditto Neil with Testicles (and a brain) …. even Nick has been “off” lately.

    I’m liking Devon with his new attitude, and once My Jack ditches THAT HORRIBLE, BORING ANNOYING Kelly….

    • Profile photo of FoxCrane

      What? You don’t like Adam’s hands? .. Spoilers indicate that next week he joins in the sizzling summer fun by soaking them in a bowl of water to trim his cuticles. If we’re lucky, we might even see some totally-nekkid nail buffing!

  2. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    lol…and we’re supposed to believe that Avery dumped this gorgeous man for the likes of Dylan?!?!?! right, he must be an abuser/wife beater. have they ever mentioned why she cheated on her husband?

  3. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    Hopefully by the time he airs, JFP will have been fired and an EP will be brought on who can work with the writers at balancing the show and creating more intriguing arcs. One can hope anyways.

    • Profile photo of kenerly1

      OMG he is gorgeous but so is Dylan..Hope Steve Burton does not read the classless posts some of you continue to post…None of you would kick him out of bed I am sure of that.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Avery dumped HIM for Dylan? Wow. Something really is wrong with that chick.

    I’m sure he’ll do great but it’s another character put in Dylan’s orbit. The show is more and more about him. At this point, who isn’t he somehow connected to?

    • Profile photo of elsarilla

      This show has become the Dylan family show. You’re right soapjunkie, every story seems to involve him, and if I hear
      “my son” one more time, please Nicki and Paul stop this fawning over him, they are both so annoying right now. There are secrets and other stories that have never finished because every story is about D…Unbelievable what’s happened to this show.

    • Profile photo of pumpkin

      Next thing you know, they will be deciding visitation and/or custody. Just sayin………..According to him he had good mother/father. He should have adult relationship with them. They are Nikki/Paul. That is the way I see it. This is written like he is 12 years old. Yikes.

  5. Profile photo of Desertrose

    Just like CtFireWitch & yojoromo….I can’t imagine in what world Avery would trade this gorgeous man for Dylan….

    Sad to see so much effort to prop the failed character of Dylan. Clearly JFP loves her Stevie B a whole whole lot.

  6. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Well, who did not see *this* coming. Of course, the off-screen character of Joe Clark would be coming into the show. SMH! And of course he will be another front burner newbie. As if Avery needed more storyline, or anything more but the boot right on out of town. And yea, in agreement with those who said that *THIS* is the man she dumped to be with Dylan? Lol! Yeah, whateverrr!


    • Profile photo of soapjunkie88

      I always thought that she was born Avery Bailey Summers and that Bailey would be her middle name. But who knows maybe another ex-husband of that chick will show up in a year or two. LOL

    • Profile photo of Angie Lucy
      Angie Lucy

      Bailey is her middle name. When she first came on, she introduced herself as Avery Bailey Clark but noted that her friends call her “Bailey.” That was never mentioned again. I always wondered why they even brought it up if no one, not Phyllis–who wasn’t her friend at the time, but was close to her before leaving home–not Dylan, no one ever called her “Bailey.”

  7. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I remember him from Men In Trees; GORGEOUS guy and a pretty good actor if memory serves(hard to get past the looks obviously). Too bad he’ll be stuck in the black hole of Davery’s orbit; that couple needs to be ended yesterday.

  8. Profile photo of BrookeKKL

    Another new character, really? The actor looks good. He has a beautiful eyes. And if he is acting better than Steve Burton I will be rooting for him. But really Y&R do not need another new character. Some of the actors are really bad in the acting department. The y need to go. And JFP needs to go first. Just like SoapArmageddon I am not looking forward to a Dylavery triangle.

    • Profile photo of onnie

      He should have been Adam. We do not need Avery’s ex another newbiie who is going to eat the show alive.Adam is importtant. and yet JFP and Sony don’t seem to be looking for MM replacement they seem to not care what fans want all they care about is the Young and the Newbies

  9. Profile photo of BrookeKKL

    And yes I can`t ever imagine a woman in her right mind to ditch this hottie for someone like Dylan. Seriously, we are supposed to buy that BS that she cheated on him with Dylan. IF he was my hubby Dylan won`t stand a chance.

  10. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    Elrod probably came in to audition for Adam, yet wasn’t quite right for the role; but McDaniel got all hot and bothered and told them to create something for him stat!

    But the only way I would believe Avery dumping this hottie for Dylan, is if Joe figured out he prefers someone who looks more like Kevin .. lol!

    • Profile photo of DanMan869

      Supposedly, Kevin is going on a “mission of self-discovery,” but we’ll see whether that in life’s exploring his long-denied homosexuality. Here’s hoping because GR could knock the story out of the park. Meanwhile, if they don’t, maybe this guy is Ashley’s new man? She’s back on contract in September and supposedly going to be involved in business stories, so maybe Mister Joe Clark comes to town to show Ashley his baseball bat…? ;-)

    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      I’m not even sure it’s the show as much as CBS regarding their refusal to “go there”. It seemed rather obvious a few years back when they brought Kevin Schmidt back as Noah, then had that scene at Cassie’s grave where Noah was hinting something that he was hiding, that MAB had plans to make Noah gay but then the kibosh was put on it. Considering that JFP kowtows to the suits far more than MAB ever did I don’t think this will ever happen under her watch.

      Personally, with Chavez gone, I would’ve loved to have seen Kevin mix it up with Chris McKenna’s character but, again, Kevin is apparently the most hetero guy on the show.

    • Profile photo of DanMan869

      Chris, I think Kevin and Chris McKenna’s character could make an interesting couple–just like Kevin and Chavez would have. I’d like to see what makes McKenna’s character so mean and over-compensatingly “masculine.” Honestly, it would be even better if Chavez was still around and he and McKenna’s character discovered they were both attracted to Kevin. A coming out story would be great, but a love triangle is always best for soaps. Happy couples don’t last–they need conflict! Kevin should come our, but they’ll eventually have to tell a love story. If one of the grande dames of soaps, ATWT, could tell the story with one of their core family’s sons, surely Y&R is cosmopolitan enough to tell it–even better you’d think. If DOOL can do it, surely it’s not Sony balking at the idea. CBS had as much say with ATWT as they do Y&R, so…who would really be hesitating in 2014/15 to tell this story?

    • Profile photo of Yoryla

      Yeah, I definitely think it’s from the CBS side where the objection is coming from – and from Y&R viewer feedback, who don’t want to see such things on “their soap”. The truth is, that many Y&R fans are more conservative than Days, GH, or even B&B viewers. Y&R also has the eldest viewers overall. So in a sense I’m not surprised. It’s just something that is going to have to happen eventually anyway if they want to keep up with the times. I’m sure JFP would do whatever the network told her to, and I can’t see Sony being against it given how popular Wilson on Days have been.

    • Profile photo of FoxCrane

      Yoryla – I think Y&R only “has the eldest viewers overall” because they have the most viewers overall. Other than that, Broadcasting & Cable reported two years ago that both Y&R and Days’ “median viewer age was 58.” With recent declines in the demos at both shows, I imagine, they’re still pretty much on a par with one another in that regard. – jmho

    • Profile photo of Yoryla

      But that still means Y&R has the eldest viewers, since if other shows like GH who has less total viewers than Y&R still has more younger viewers in demos, it means that Y&R’s viewers tend to be on the older side. Also, Days has traditionally has pretty much older viewers aswell, but I don’t think so anymore, many GH viewers also watch Days.

  11. Profile photo of harlee490

    He is fine…but another new character…not interested in the least. YR doesn’t need anymore new characters, recurring, contract or stunt guesting.

  12. Profile photo of tedew

    This is such good news!

    This means we are finally going to get more and more Avery screen time.
    (Something I’m sure we’re all looking forward to.)

  13. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    Y&R always adding more people to the cast but never new writers, when the latter is the real issue that needs to improve.

    I just bet this dude will be another Ian, i.e. a “bad” guy with empty threats. I just hope as soon as he comes to GC, he bumps into mariah or ashley, and they begin a torrid affair. Avery’s the last person this hottie should be acquainted with. Avery needs to get married to Dylan and relocate to wherever the hell her mother is so she can birth a bunch of dull-as-hell babies.

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