Lisa Rinna Joins The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Lisa Rinna


Sorry, Days of Our Lives fans. Lisa Rinna isn’t heading back to Salem U.S.A. Instead, she’s packing her truck up and moving to Beverly Hills!

Radar Online is reporting Rinna has signed on for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Bravo and Rinna are keeping mum on her casting, the tabloid site reveals Rinna made quite an impression with producers when she mixed it up with the ladies at Kyle Richards‘ White Party in June.



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    Not sure how I feel about this one…it’s either going to be really good or really bad. I like Lisa Rinna as an actress so it will be interesting to see her interact witht he RHOBH.

  2. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    You gotta give it to LR–no matter how many times she gets knocked off the horse, she refuses to stay down for long. I’d never suffer any of the Housewives franchise but I do think she’s an appealing personality and actually functions better in a “reality” setting than in the acting realm(definitely DON’T want her back on Days).

  3. Profile photo of Cornfed

    The writing team did LR no favors during her last return; no real story, she was merely thrown a few crumbs. I dont watch any reality tv nor do i follow celebrity news –except on this site — so i judge her based on the legendary Billie Reed character. Hated Julie Pinson and Krista Allen. Just wish Rinna wasnt so mean to my lovely Dionne Warwick. I heard about that!

  4. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    Lisa Rinna seems more interested in being a celebrity than an actress, which is her choice. She certainly is more successful as a celebrity than an actress.

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    Yuck. Not a fan, and I don’t see her really adding any interest to the show. Just like that ridiculous witch lady who I’ve already forgotten.

    Bev Hills is definitely one of the best in the franchise, however. They just need to quit messing with the casting. Look at the mess that NY and OC are.

    Jersey has half of its cast “new”. And I turned off Atlanta two years ago.

    I did enjoy the Real Housewives of London most of its first season.

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