Will Ian’s Lawsuit Cause Nikki to Chug-a-Lug on The Young and the Restless? (SNEAK PEEK)


Nikki Reed Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) has survived quite a lot on CBS Daytime’s The Young and the Restless. An abusive father, an itchy venereal disease, a cult, working a stripper pole, 74 marriages to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), multiple sclerosis — you name it, this buxom blonde has suffered beautifully through it!

This week on Y&R, Nikki’s latest obstacle—a lawsuit brought on by silly ex-cult leader Ian Ward (Ray Wise)—has our Pauline once again in peril. Will Ian’s taunts be enough to cause Nikki to start drinking again? Let’s hope so.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, that gossipy Cane (Daniel Goddard) is all up in the Devon/Hilary/Neil Kool-Aid. Will he tell his clueless daddy-in-law what the real flavor is between Neil’s son and his new bride?

Cane better spill fast, because Devon (Bryton James) looks like he wants to take Hilary’s (Mishael Morgan) clothes off with his teeth in that wardrobe closet! Watch a sneak peek of Monday’s Y&R below!

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    Ian read her for filth. Her MS and addiction wont mix. I am looking forward to this. Chelsea snooping, Devon and Hilary as well as the wedding. YR is good to me just as Days, BB and GH.

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    Thank god for Devon and Hilary, the rest of the show while not awful isn’t grabbing me. I refuse to acknowledge anything with that buffon Ian Ward. I just refuse.

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      Ian is worse than Colin. Both are clownish and uninteresting.

      I have to agree that Devon and Hilary are the only thing that is really interesting. Love that pairing!

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      Yes, Devon-Hilary and of course the sprinkling of Lily was the best portion. Abby loved hearing about a “wet Hil” but Neil mehhing over a luxurious home for Hiliary was patently stupid.

      Ian belongs somewhere off canvas permanently because this character (as Colin) isn’t adding nothing to the canvas but boredom and Summer’s faux wedding gathering and reminder to flip the channel….

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    Why can’t Y&R write Nikki has finally having a damn backbone!??!!! I’ve been watching this show for decades and just when you think they are going to make her stand up for herself a stupid turn of events happens and she runs to victor, paul or the bottle!

    It’s stupid more than anything!

    Show women you don’t have to be a victim!

    • Profile photo of aroundhound

      I agree with you but they actually did make her independent for a few years, years ago when she worked at Jabot. I couldn’t believe it. Then it was back to tea with Katherine, booze, pills, and more of the same…

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    Austin is such a BS character. I have a feeling TPTB wanted to recast Fen but couldn’t because Kelly and Billy were recast, and they thought this one would overwhelm the audience. Summer and Austin just make no sense. Fen’s absence throughout this whole ordeal (has Summer even mentioned his name over the past month?) as well as the similar back story Austin has with Hilary (clearly, the writers copied and pasted that history from Josh Griffith) makes me more sure that Austin was a last-minute “solution” to a casting problem for Fen.

    I really hope Y&R doesn’t even get nominated next year for the malarkey they’ve put on our screens 5 days a week. Then again, I prefer this nonsense to the mess MAB/Sheffer created a couple years back. Honestly, I would rather five more years of ALL of these characters acting like that brat, Summer Newman, than one episode by MAB/Sheffer.

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      Most of Y&R is great and I refuse to trash it..Finally Paul is front and center and I adore Dylan..Avery’s ex is coming to town to stir up trouble..Could care less about the Winter’s family since they killed of Dru.

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    (If I wrote for this blog or any other place, I would write this lil piece purely out of frustration over the characters and possibly the shows writing)

    For whatever reason, since Phyllis fell, literally, into a coma and shipped off to a remote island hospital off Georgia, Summer has been a whiny brat who gets away with everything because she whines and cries when all she needs is a swift kick in the arse and a stearn talking to from both her dads! Now, Nick and Jack attend Summer’s wedding at the request of those spineless guys’ girlfriends?!!

    Seriously?! All to keep their “daughter” in love with them?! SHE IS MARRYING AN ATTEMPTED MURDERER and KIDNAPPER and FUGITIVE! Don’t let her do what she wants BUT CREATE the kind of soap drama we expect from soaps and have Victor swoop in and make Austin flee, Jack whisk Summer to his cabin and Nick act like a know it all! For all the soft music and all the “be there for her now so you can be there for her later” crap, this “special” moment where she walks down the aisle is dumb. HER HUSBAND TRIED TO KILL SOMEONE!

    SUMMER is a spoiled brat who needs a spanking once Phyllis wakes up and arrives back in the GC from 20 minutes later from Georgia.

    As for Jack being a wimp, its too true right now. I wrote in a previous post that I miss the good but conniving Jack. Not this “Mike Brady” of daytime Jack. I miss John Abbott but not so much that I want to see Jack turn into him! There is nothing that says Jack can’t try and get one over on Victor and not be a good friend, father, brother or uncle. Whether or not that will occur with the return of Ashley is yet to be seen since unless Phyllis comes back and NO love triangle with Jack, Kelly and her occurs (which, folks, could be exactly the case), Nice Jack and NOT ole smiling Jack is just dull and a wimp.

    As for Cane being a closet gay, it all goes to how the character is written and nothing to do with the actor. From his gossipy ways of late with the loves of Devon and Neil and that silly woman, to his OVERLY affectionate attention all the time to Lily (sorry, with a slew of straight guy friends and my own 3 brothers AND knowing Australian men as a whole, NO straight guy is that attentive and whispery to his wife or girlfriend all the time!) I am left to believe Cane should one day be revealed to be gay. From his constant LOVE advice to Devon when its not asked for to his overreaching advice to his father-in-law, I am left to wonder why he is sooooooo invested in the love lives of these 2 men while still getting aroused by their sister and daughter.

    I’m just saying that this “macho” bloke should either be written as NOT so ‘whipped’… it is possible to love a women and be faithful and still be more of a soap cade/bro… and have more relationship conflict or something more to do than whisper at Lily or advice to Devon/Neil or just be caught having a gay secret affair.

    For a show without a gay character, making Cane come out of the closet would be explosive. It could be excellent fun and truly open story up for all characters. Listen, Lily and Cane can’t be happy and together forever because its a soap. Let him sway. Colin could be the voice of an idiot and say being gay is wrong and see his relationship with Jill hit a snag cause she supports 110% Cane’s life. Lily could be devastated and angry and we can see what happens to the woman in a “i’m gay” marriage. Even Neil could struggle with his acceptance since there is a large stigma for black men being gay (on the DL) and, of course, whether gay or not, Cane cheating on Lily.

    This is the sort of drama the show needs. Anyway, ain’t gonna happen but with all 3 characters its a little more interesting than the drivel we see now. LOL

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      Daniel Goddard would never go for story like that. JFP aint interested and Goddard seems too insecure but would mayb do it to save his job! And yes Aunt Jack has been a schmuck for a llllong time. Wimpy doormat and EB has that contract clause!

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      Nick and Jack not preventing this wedding by any means necessary is the STUPIDEST THING EVER!!!!!

      That’s all I’ll say about that.

      The only reason Cane is butting into Devon’s affair with Hilary like he is because THESE WRITERS DON’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE FOR MEN.

      Note how most of the men on this show want to hurry up and get in a relationship (Dylan, Noah, Jack), hurry up and get married (Neil, Nicholas, Tyler). It’s preposterous. So of course Cain’s gonna be all up in Devon’s business as if he’s playing Lily cause that’s how a woman would behave.

      Also Cane is butting in because the writers need for Devon to have a sounding board but forgot Devon had a best friend in Noah and he should be complaining about Hilary to him, not Cane.

      Literally the only great thing about this is the chemistry between Devon and Hilary. Everything else, including Lily’s tantrums, is hogwash.

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    This is what I was expecting from Ian Ward. And in order for him to be “villain” material, he needs to keep getting worse.

    I’m hoping that’s the plan.

    It was nice to see Nikki tempted as that would be a natural reaction during extreme stress. They need to show the MS angle a bit more too. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but if she has it, show it.

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