The Young and the Restless Promo: A Deadly Secret is Exposed!

The Young and the Restless promo, Sean Carrigan

Stitch (Sean Carrigan) has been hiding a deadly secret and it’s about to be exposed!

Next week’s The Young and the Restless promo teases the fallout from the revelation that will shock Genoa City. How will Billy (Burgess Jenkins), Jack (Peter Bergman) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) react to the truth? Watch the clip below!

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      Transfigurationjc, that’s fine that you disagree. I don’t see why you felt the need to respond to my lack of interest in this character. Rather than respond to my comment in disagreement, kindly leave your praise for Sean as a general comment. I feel like you’re picking a fight with me and I do not appreciate it.

      Thank you.

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      RealityCheck 33

      I totally agree rhythmchyc. It amazes me to see how far Y&R has fallen in such a short time. JFP has moved the vets to supporting roles to prop all of her FOJ’s and newbies. Why do I care about a character who was a day player less than a year ago? Stitch could be gone by Friday and not missed. This ridiculous s/l, coupled with both Steve Burton and Hunter King’s hijacking center stage, has made this show beyond boring and a shadow of itself. BTW, Burgess Jenkins looks like Peter Bergman’s twin brother. Another recasting failure by JFP and her band of show running twits. Y&R is in a freefall. Will CBS & Sony step in and save it?

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      RealityCheck83 agreed on everything!

      I understand why the writers did this, though. With new characters, you have complete control. You don’t have to do any research on the history of the show or understand the intricacies of the characters’ behaviors. You can just create. And I actually have little problem with new characters being frontburner. Griffith did this with Tyler and Leslie. Granted, neither were strong actors, but the biggest differences are that Griffith INTEGRATED these two into the entire cast and made sure their CHARACTERS dictated the PLOT, not the other way around.

      I think the last time plot was dictated by character on Y&R was when Adam held his secret from everyone about “killing” Delia. That story had plenty of holes in logic, but at least he wasn’t acting OOC. Victoria should not be with Stitch right now, it completely goes against her character. Jack shouldn’t be with Kelly. Chelsea should be no where near Billy (UGH!!!). And Stitch should still be happily married with his kid, as he was originally introduced to us. Turning him into a murderer (when we all know it’ll be for a valid reason FFS), is so unnecessary. It ain’t like he’ll be the new villain on the show. Puhlease. There’s no logic left on this show except that Victor’s the big-bad, Nikki’s desperate, and Sharon can’t be single.

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      After this reveal, Ben and Kelly are both going to be fast-approaching their shelf dates (imho). His character was beefed-up and put on contract only after they learned Billy Miller wouldn’t be renewing his contract. It came off as a tactical move in case they faltered in recasting Billy (which they did). Her character is still only recurring (praise the lord) and seems to have been positioned as something of a benchwarmer as they figured out what to do about the Phyllis character. Beyond this top secret-secret neither of them are that interesting. – jmho

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      FoxCrane you hit it right on the nose, especially about Kelly, who wasn’t interesting as the Watros incarnation, either. Both were introduced as means to an end: break up Billy/Victoria Pt 1 (Kelly) and Part 2 (Stitch) and Jack/Phyllis (Kelly).

      Come to think of it, I wonder why Billy didn’t reach out to any of the single women on Genoa City, instead of lean on this poorly conceived and unsympathetic character, Kelly Andrews. He could’ve reached out to Chloe. That would’ve made so much more sense than Kelly and especially Chelsea. Victoria should’ve focused on a business venture instead of a man. Tangling herself in a WTD story is so beneath her. She should’ve figured out how to get Newman out of the Bonaventure mess, for instance.

      Neither Stitch nor Kelly were necessary. TPTB should’ve used the talented cast they had and focused on them, not this damn character that never existed before or his damn sister. And I actually like Sean and Cady. But their characters suck.

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    As much as everyone dogs YR I hope CBS and Sony say FUCK the fans they will never be happy and cancel it. Id rather have that than come to this great site and see it bashed consistently. JFP and crew are giving their all. If the job were ya’lls try to do what they do on a daily basis.

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      No way YR will be cancelled. It’s still number one serial, despite its fall in the younger demo. And it makes far too much money for the network and Sony.
      It just needs new leadership. It needs writers and producers that worked formerly with Bill Bell. And the network needs to give them time to develop compelling stories the way that Bill Bell did. Today the network demands that the show move at a much faster pace so they just throw stories together without much thought.
      Then ironically they let others stew forever. JFP knows how to kiss but with the execs and create some attention grabbing gimmick stories. But she has no idea of how to consistently run a show and keep it compelling. YR needs someone with the creative vision of Bill Bell but with the business savvy and hard nose of JFP.

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      I very much agree with you Bobbyew… If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
      What I would love to know is…
      What do you want to see and happen?
      That way if we don’t like it,
      we won’t bitch and whine,
      we will shut it off.

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    I love Sean Carregan but theyve dragged his secret out long enough! Actually his secret and the recasting of Adam are the only two stories that even remotely interest me in this show. I havent watched a full episode in almost 4 months now. I still DVR the show but I either erase it entirely or ff through most of it.
    I will watch Sean’s scenes as Stitch when the secret is revealed. But I have a feeling it will be convoluted and cliche’d like the rest of the stories. Bottom line is that no matter where they go with the story line, the brass need to realize that the “Villy” pairing is over. They need to promote Sean and Amelia ( Stitch & Victoria) as the new couple. They have great chem and its time to move on and stop trying to “replace” Billy Miller. That’s a dead end.
    Also I know no one will replace MM in his loony fan’s minds, but its time to find a suitable actor ( like Trevor St John, hello) or give up on that score too. I’m sick to death of the mysterious hand being shown.
    I getting more comfortable with skipping YR every day and I’m not sure I want to return as a full time daily viewer. But nevertheless if the brass would follow my advice the majority of regular viewers would be more satisfied I think.

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      RealityCheck 33

      So if you liked Michael Muhney you’re now labeled as a loon? Give me a freakin’ break. You may not appreciate Muhney’s work, but he did an incredible job last year. He’s a hell of an actor and most people know it. Just because you didn’t doesn’t give you license to insult people.

      Who appointed you the grand insulter on this board? Pipe down.

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      The “Hands of Adam” thing is approaching Alistair Crane territory .. only big difference – Passions was soap parody, while Y&R wants us to take this seriously. And oooh look! .. The hands are squeezing a rubber ball now. .. He must be upset! How ridiculous.

      For the record, I loved Michael Muhney, but even I have a recast in mind whom I’d accept in the role: Jon Prescott.

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      @tranfiguration — Could you PLEASE come to the GH threads and add some much-needed sanity and criticism? You are sorely needed! Thanks for the good reads on this thread too :)

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    I’m ready for this to be out already. I mean, did he used to be a woman? Is he a closeted gay man(I wish)? It’s dragged on for so long that I’m not entirely sure I even care anymore. Although I think the fallout from it would be exponentially better if Cynthia Watros were still playing spitfire Kelly instead of the milquetoast wet blanket she’s become under Cady McClain.

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      Yes, ChrisGa. .. I thought the same thing – such a monumentally huge build-up that about the only thing it could possibly be is that Ben used to be Kelly’s sister, Benjamina. .. And Ben killed ended up killing their father after the two got in a huge argument when the man caught his daughter wearing his tuxedo to her high school prom.

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    trans…I couldn’t agree more. You said everything I would have said. Stich and Victoria are the only couple I see chemistry with, not sure why most people don’t like him, I do wish he would be honest with Victoria because I do not want them to break up…I also would love Trevor St. John, he would be great as Adam if it’s not possible to bring back MM.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    This looks like it is going to be good. Like the actor. Things are heating up on Y&R. Jill Farren Phelps though, has another message for her haters. Hehe….

    Jill Farren Phelps: I’m not going!

    Y&R Fans: Then have you have a problem with Angelica McDaniel’s and you better take it up with her.

    Jill Farren Phelps: No! I got a problem you haters. I got a problem with you.

    Y&R Fans: Jill, do you want to get fired?

    Jill Farren Phelps: Oh that’s stupid question. Of course I don’t want to be fired. But I bet you want me to. I bet you are enjoying this. And you want me to beg. But I’m not gonna beg you.

    Y&R Fans: Give it a rest.

    Jill Farren Phelps: No, I’m not gonna give it a rest! I’ve done everything by the letter of the law. I kept my mouth shut. Got the showed renewed through 2017. Gave the Winter’s their best storyline in year’s. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do. But that’s not good enough for you. You want to start petitions. Well we can start petitions.

    Y&R: This conversation is over.

    Jill Farren Phelps: This conversation ain’t over. It’s over when I say so! Now if you think you gonna campaign to get me removed from the head of this show so that you can have an opportunity to replace me. You are more twisted than I thought… GET OVER HERE! You ain’t going nowhere. Let me tell you something. Steve Burton is a hit! You understand me? That means I don’t leave. So you better stop that petition. Do you understand me? And find yourself another back up plan.

    Y&R Fans: Keep your pets off our soap!

    Jill Farren Phelps: That’s right! Run! Call Les Moonves! See if I care bitch!

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    I dont care about Stitch. I dont care about his secret. Mainly because I dont care about Victoria. And haven’t since it became obvious that they were taking everything from her that made her Victoria. She is no longer the great business woman who fought tooth and nail for her place at Newman. All she cares about is having babies and who she will be sleeping with next. They turned her into Sharon. Soap gods help me!

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      I love everything about this post.

      Victoria’s totally Sharon.

      Avery, Dylan, Neil, Jack, and even Jill have become idiots, a.k.a. Summer Newman.

      The only people these writers know how to write for are idiots and completely harmless villains.

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    If Kyle comes back, Austin is Keemo’s son and they fight for Summer when it is revealed Summer is really Nicks. That would be great storytelling. That’s what I want to see.

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    I love Sean Carrigan, too, but I am tired of the way they are dragging this crap out. It’s to the point where I dont even CARE what his secret is any more. And if I hear “MURDERER!!” one more time i’m gonna scream. Kelly has flip flopped so much on this issue she needs to be slapped. First it’s “I’ll never forgive him for what he did!” then it’s “you can’t tell anyone what he did! he’s changed; he’s not the same man he was!”. Well of course he’s not the same man, he stole someone else’s identity.

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    Sharon is a Newman by injection only. Plus, she’s crazier than a shit house mouse!
    Why isn’t Billy being called a man whore for screwing Kelly and now Chelsea, but Vikki romps with Stitch and is called names?
    Double standards muchhhh?

    • Profile photo of kenerly1

      That drives me nuts too..mY HUBBY says I made up the term man-whore..No it is what a man does when he flits arounds from one women to another..Men like to be called studs when they do that…WRONG..the double-standard drive me nuts too…

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      Victoria’s always had higher standards. She shouldn’t be compared to whores or man-whores. The writers are the ones lowering her standards. And Billy’s always been loose, which is why there’s never been complaints. If Devon starts becoming a baby daddy to multiple women on this show, on the other hand, you better believe I’ll be complaining. This tryst he has with Hilary’s already hard to stomach and for that, I’ve complained repeatedly on this board.

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      That’s right… why is it okay for Billy to be sleeping with Chelsea while he wants to be with Victoria? Why is Victoria the bad one. I think Billy is an ass for doing what he’s doing and I only hope that Stitch is the father of the baby because that would make a more interesting story, if Billy’s the father, then what, another boring Villy…..

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    I think its become painfully obvious that Stitch killed his father or someone else who was harming Kelly.
    Stitch will emerge from it all the unscathed hero in the end.
    Victoria will understand and nearly forgive him for being a different version of Billy.
    No matter what; nothing takes away from the fact that Stitch is a monumental asshole.

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    They surely won’t let Vikki lose another baby. Nice to see on their top twenty, that new Billy is @20 and Billy M; is #2 and dipsy doodle David T is #1, but best of all is Phyllis at #4 I believe it is and MM/Adam at #11. Only thing wrong is they have Dyldodumb at #3 and JFP at #5 and I have never seen other than stars of the shows on the list before.

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