Nina and Murphy Return; Nikki Falls Off The Wagon on Y&R

Tricia Cast

To mark the one year anniversary of Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) passing, The Young and the Restless is bringing back fan favorites Tricia Cast  (Nina) and Michael Fairman (Murphy). TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan is reporting the pair will return to Genoa City for a ceremony to remember Kay at Chancellor Park, per the late grand dame’s request. Katherine’s gathering will also finally resolve the music box caper Jill (Jess Walton) has been embroiled in since the Duchess passed on. Watch for Cast and Fairman to air Aug. 26 and 27.

Fans can also look forward to seeing Kay’s good pal Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) hitting the bottle yet again. What knocks the socialite off the wagon this time? Stay tuned!


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    Restless Fan

    Kudos to the news that Nikki falls off the wagon. The MS aspect of Nikki’s ongoing story has been a bust and produced nothing relevant in terms of story or drama.

    I’m happy to see the show is honoring Kay’s one year anniversary despite the epic fail that has been Katherine’s on screen death. I’m surprised JFP even remembered.

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    Thrilled at the returns and I’m also surprised that JFP even gives a flying fuck about Kay’s anniversary. So glad to read Nikki’s gonna fall off the wagon….the MS story is such a bust…..and MTS is one of the best in the biz at playing soused!

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    I loved the way the MS story began and developed. I wished the current regime used it more because it would unfold a lot more drama and be a lot more interesting to me to watch than seeing Nikki fall off the wagon for the 387,108, 299th time.

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    I don’t really see how this would matter. I mean, nobody would like to see these characters back for just a few episodes, Nina at the least should be there full time. These kinds of things, while respectable, just see gimmicky and plotty to get people to not say anything about respecting the show. It’s just a flash in the pan. And while MTS probably loves playing drunk Nikki, I’ve always *hated* it when they’ve taken her down that path. Nikki should be a strong, vivrant heroine with some insecurities, but not a drunk. That’s just something I don’t think people want to see, especially with this character.

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      Yeah, Tricia Cast definitely needs to be brought back full time; that’s about the only thing I’ll give MAB, she did seem to try and bring fan fave vets in and out with more frequency than JFP does. Oh well, at least Traci gets to come downstairs every so often.

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    Great Y&R today! Michael Eilbaum directed yest. and todays to perfection. Im glad its still on cause it could be gone. Not everyone with MS shows the symptoms every day. ALSO Alcoholics, drug addicts go through hard times.Nikki dealing dealing with the day to day. Love Nina coming back for a coupla epi’s it may turn in to more. We’ll see IT’S A SOAP.

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    hey mon

    Thank goodness Nikki is going to be a drunk again.

    There is no one better who plays an alcoholic than Melody.

    Hopefully, self-righteous Nick will lecture her, too.

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    Always happy when Nina returns as Traci but it’s window dressing for pacify longtime viewers, no substance in story or even an offering of a story.

    These idiots touted this story over & over about “wonderful long-term story” about Nikki’s MS and received very little substance or real air play once again…I like when Nikki’s drunk but this seems like a desperate attempt to connect to lost long time viewers. We just had Nikki on a great drunk during MAB so it’s not needed for now.

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    I agree that Nina should be on the show full time. I’m glad they are doing an anniversary show for Kay’s passing.

    And great news that Nikki will be a drunk again.

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    RealityCheck 33

    So now JFP rolls out Drunk Nikki for the umpteenth time. The woman is throwing everything against the wall out of desperation to attract female viewers who are leaving in droves. I had no idea Y&R is dead last in Women 18 to 35 ratings for all four soaps. That ain’t good for selling ads. I just don’t see how a nearly 60 year old woman on the downslide acting drunk is going to draw in a big audience, especially in that demo.

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    Surprisingly I seem to be in the minority when it comes to seeing Nikki drunk YET AGAIN. Sorry, I’m just tired of the story that is brought out every few years for “drama” purposes. The last time was when Diane was killed and even then it’s boring watching her sneak the alcohol.

    Why can’t the story be about her standing on her own two feet and not with the help of newfound superson, Dylan and evil victor?

    Guess, originality isn’t Y&Rs forte.

    As for Austin and summer at a Abbott family dinner! seriously?!! It’s not a story of a poor boy with no money going after a wealthy heiress… ITS A STORY OF A COP KILLER (almost) and kidnapper marrying their supposed daughter/niece!!

    Why is everyone acting like they are star crossed lovers?!!! Why they opted to have Austin shoot paul… A legacy character and a cop on the show… Only to downplay for this silly and stupid Romeo n juliet storyline?

    I can see Dylan forgetting what happened, paul not wanting to charge him with anything and Christine being forced to say there is no proof Austin shot the gun or Dylan so no charges. (Austin had intent and the lame feel sorry for me Austin story sucks)

    Truthfully, I have slowly stopped watching every episode and might catch 1-1.5 episodes a week for the past month or so. Each episode is full of repeat dialogue and no action and everyone and their mother is on to stitch so just have him be stand up. And since Kelly said it was murder and not self defense or otherwise I will be shocked if it turns out to be anything less than substantial. And why two “be kind to the murderer” stories at the same time?

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    hey mon

    I agree that Austin as an accepted Abbott was a bit rushed. JFP should have definitely had Paul forgive Austin first.

    JFP moves way too fast on some stories — In May, Austin was a simple cameraman…In June, hes shooting Paul and on the lam…In July, hes Summers’ husband and sitting in Ashley’s seat at the Abbott Family Dinner…. What is he going to be doing in August, working at Jabot as one of the VPs?

    Meanwhile, we are literally on Month 9 of Stitch’s Secret… and oh what a Secret it is (sarcasm).

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    Sorry this is OT, but I still can’t get what JFP et. al saw in Burgess that screamed Billy Abbott. Every time I see him, all I see is either Dylan McAvoy or Stitch. He may look like Peter Bergman, but his mannerisms are so much like Dylan and Stitch, that those three could be triplets.

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      I’m thinking JFP didn’t read the memo that they were using a “code name” for “Billy” and thought they were casting a new character, “Cousin Andrew Abbott.”

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    Phelps aside, all these stories make perfect sense.

    It’s been a while since we’ve had drunk Nikki. It’s fun to watch and not out of character.

    I’d prefer Nina stay around, but I’ll take her any way I can. And with the news today that Shemar’s coming back…things continue with momentum IMO.

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    Just finished watching today’s episode and I can buy billy n Chelsea passing judgement on stitch’s past, his secret, etc. But the one person that irks me more than anything in judging is Kevin!!

    Like Nikki n alcohol, Kevin and breaking the law is a recurring story when the writers have nothing else to write about. As it is, Kevin stole from Katherine and never admitted it. He hacked into the jabot computer system and even was an accessory to his mothers crimes. He kidnapped lily. Kidnapped n attempted to kill colleen. Arsen. And the list goes on and on.

    The show needs to stop making Kevin the paragon of innocence and judgement. Let’s have the character crushed by a bus!

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