Daytime Confidential Top 20, June 2014

Burgess Jenkin

One month you’re in; the next month you could be out. Find out which daytime stars claimed a spot among Daytime Confidential‘s Top 20.

No. 20: Burgess Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless newcomer Burgess Jenkins (Billy) made his Daytime Confidential Top 20 debut at No. 20.

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    LOL! Who the hell looked up news on that bitch JFP enough to get her in there!

    Ugh. Seeing Molly Burnett’s name there makes my skin crawl.

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    RHYTHMCHYC, in answer to your question. I have never watched GH and lets be honest here. SB is an absolute horrible actor. Watching him is like watching paint dry. If it wasn’t for JHP, who I can’t believe is at #5 on the postings of pictures here on a site, that I thought was for actors, SB wouldn’t be on Y and R. The sooner the two of them are gone, the better the show will be. The story lines suck. Sticking SB into scenes with MST and all the others is just disgusting and doesn’t fit the long time stories of this once great show.

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      @yojoromo4469 I agree that he’s swallowed Y&R whole over the past year, but it hasn’t always been this way. Under Griffith, he was fine. And he’s just as good (or bad) of an actor as Joshua Morrow is. He just needs to be used sparingly, as he was when he first joined the cast, just as Joshua has been throughout most of his tenure on Y&R. Steve’s definitely not a leading man, like Eric Braeden or Peter Bergman. He doesn’t have a captivating presence. But the animosity you have towards him personally because of JFP’s faults really take me aback. He seems like a nice enough guy. Just being mis-used by TPTB based on his limited talents.

  3. Profile photo of AlbertoTulsa71

    rhythmchyc: With all due respect, your comment about Joshua Morrow being used sparingly is a little off. When he first joined the show in 1994, he was beyond green as an actor. Yet Nick (and Sharon) were the stars of that show for quite some time. For example; Nick vs. Matt Clark, Nick being framed for Matt’s shooting, Nick fighting Nikki to accept Sharon, Nick’s affair with Grace, Cassie coming into their lives. I could go on. And all these years later, he’s still a popular actor.

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      Morrow certainly has a niche, but can you ever imagine him taking over as lead actor on this show, to the likes of Eric, Peter, and Christian? He’s always been supporting, like Kristoff and Greg. He’s not the magnetic type of actor that Eric was (sometimes still is), and I think TPTB still know that. Nick may be at the center of a slew of triangles, but I can’t ever remember a time when he was actually the star of a story. Not like Heather Tom or MIchael Muhney were, ya know? Those two could’ve easily taken the Newmans to the next generation. That’s not the case for Joshua.

      Hopefully, the next Adam recast will be as captivating as Muhney was because I see no current Newmans doing so. They don’t have the chops.

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      Let’s face it. Joshua Morrow got and kept this job based on his tremendous sex appeal. He and Sharon were smokin’ hot together back in the 90’s. She still is. He-well, in the last couple of years, as the guy has inched his way past 40, his smokiness has faded somewhat. He needs to pay close attention to his body’s conditioning from now on as I have a feeling, based on the subtle changes I’ve seen in him recently, that he could fall out of shape very easily When he started on the show, he had a face,mouth, and smile that could drive you crazy but when he opened that beautiful mouth to act, it was laughable. With maturity and who knows, maybe acting coaching, his acting has improved markedly but in the end, I agree, he doesn’t have that leading man “it” thing that say Peter Bergman has. I still love looking at him though and by all accounts, this once very green actor\playboy has turned into a very upstanding husband and father.

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      aroundhound I actually like him more with age. He’s hotter, now. I don’t mind that he’s not as chiseled as he was. I don’t ever see him with a paunch like Eric Braeden lol. Anyway, I prefer Joshua’s acting to Steve, who’s OTT EARNEST ALL OF THE TIME. Joshua is so much more natural on screen. But they’re the same, talent-wise. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. It’s just a matter of whether TPTB know how to use them to their strengths: their looks. They have with Joshua, but not for Steve.

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      RE: “Morrow certainly has a niche, but can you ever imagine him taking over as lead actor on this show.”

      No, at least not in terms of being an “Outstanding Lead Actor” to win a Daytime Emmy. .. But actually, (per SON), Joshua Morrow had THE MOST EPISODE COUNTS of any actor (or actress) on the show for calendar year 2013. More than Muhney, more than Bergman, more than Miller, and even more than Burton. He came in with a whopping 166! So in that regard, Mr. Morrow is already most definitely a LEAD. .. lol!

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      @FoxCrane ok, I was wrong to say “sparingly” in my original comment. But it’s not like fans complain about too much Nick, right? It’s because the writers know how to use him well, i.e. not as the lead.

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      @aroundhound–couldn’t disagree more regarding Josh M. Not overly fond of the current haircut but otherwise he’s only gotten hotter with each passing year IMO.

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      RealityCheck 33

      Why do we have to have an Adam recast. Why can’t these idiots just leave the character off canvas for an extended period of time. The shit storm of a recast will make David Tom’s tenure seem like a stroll through Disneyland. The casting director is obviously an idiot by the horrible performance in their selections of recasts for the past year. It started with Abby, then went straight to hell. The hand needs to kidnap Connor in silence, then board a private jet and fly off into the sunset with Chelsea and Victor wailing away. That would be a good soap ending. If and when Phelps is gone, then bring back the character, if the show is even still on.

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    rhythmchyc: Actually, I do see your point. Even with the stories I mentioned, Eric, Peter & Christian were the lead actors. And from your post to the soap god’s ears, I PRAY that the Adam recast will live up to everyones expectations. But, what are the chances of that, LOL.

    • Profile photo of rhythmchyc

      AlbertoTulsa71 with the exception of BJ (who was just miscast, but is a good actor), I think casting has been pretty good at Y&R. Even though I can’t stand their characters for lack of depth, the actors who play Ian, Kelly, Stitch, and Austin are good actors. Gina Tognoni’s way too young to play Phyllis, but she’s a fine actress. So, when it comes to Adam, they’ll probably find some great actor who could pass for Dylan’s brother. -_-

      The cast of Y&R’s the best on soaps, imo. They’re just involved in the most inane story lines. I also love how large their African-American cast is. That’s not the case for any other soap on the air right now.

  5. Profile photo of stoney07

    I don’t think Y&R’s stories are inane. Maybe they aren’t to our particular liking, but I wouldn’t say they are inane. Actually, majority of them make perfect sense. Some of them are boring, some are annoying, but I don’t think any of them are stupid or inane….or even really that far-fetched.

    I actually think this regime is doing well in keeping things grounded. Now that these ridiculous secrets are finally being revealed, maybe we can settle down and see less of Dylan and Ben…and I’ll be a totally happy camper. There’s actually a lot more that I LIKE now than dislike…

    • Profile photo of harlee490

      Yea, that’s my problem, you hit it on the head Stoney…the stories are boring, annoying, or for me frustrating on how either the setup of the story or how it’s being written. I don’t think the current crop of stories are far- fetched but the how the beats are playing literally driving me crazy.

      I haven’t been watching faithfully of late, where normally my hardcore loyalty to CBS on tuning in is waned. Once again watching for particular scenes is the highlight for me…ex: Victor\Nikki scenes, Tracy, MO as Abby has been shining excellent of late by being intermixing with the Abbotts not Tyler, those quieter scenes have been the best part for me.

    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      @harlee, extricating Abby from Tyler has done wonders for MO. This Abby works best as a no-holds barred, snarky bitch and this week’s episode with the Abbott family dinner was the best work I’ve seen from Melissa since she took over the role.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Burgess Jenkins: Another huge miscast by JFP and her merry twits. He’s too old looking to play Billy Abbott, who’s been SORASed to 48 years old. Decent actor in a bad role.

    Steve Burton: Only on Y&R because JFP wants him there. She laid out the sweet deal and he dumped GH for Y&R’s cozy set up. Horrible actor who has seized center stage as the show’s NEW leading man. Never have I seen a character come out of nowhere and be shoved into the main family on Y&R and shoved down the audience’s throats. I swear, if his life depended on it, he still couldn’t pull off a convincing performance. He’s made of wood.

    Joshua Morrow: Good lookin’ dude. Knows he’s not an actor, but a decent hair model. He’ll be the first one to admit it. He’s on Easy Street and will do what it takes to keep the cushy role of Nick Newman, stud of Genoa City. Not interested in acting, just getting a fat paycheck. No harm, no foul.

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    Sorry, but when I see David Tom I see Billy Abbott. When I see Burgess whoever, I see a woefully miscast middle aged man.

    Josh Morrow has grown into his looks beautifully. When he was a newbie all I could see was that large mouth and crooked horse teeth. Didn’t think he was attractive at all. He HAS grown into a hot daddy!

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