Days of Our Lives Promo: Daniel Turns the Tables on Kristen!

DAYS, Days of Our Lives promo

Why do Kristen’s schemes rarely turn out how she plans?

Next week on Days of Our Lives, Daniel (Shawn Christen) turns the tables on Kristen (Eileen Davidson) and ties her up!

Meanwhile, Eric (Greg Vaughan) struggles with his commitment to the church and his feelings for Nicole (Arianne Zucker).
Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo below!

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  1. Profile photo of cinicic

    OMG Who cares! Get Kristen back in Salem, not some freakin’ hotel room in St. Louis with Dr. Dan! If she had kidnapped Brady, Theresa, John, Marlena, Eric…that would have been compelling story. What does Daniel have to do with anything and why are they wasting Eileen Davidson’s precious few weeks back with him?! It makes NO SENSE.

    • Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

      It was really dumb of the writers to go that route. On Friday, I found the Maggie/ Eve interaction far more interesting than those stupid scenes of Kristen struggling with surfer dude Daniel.


    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      SoapA, the scenes with Maggie and Eve were great; I love it when Maggie gets riled up about something.

      The Kristen/Daniel scenes were just more Daniel-propping IMO. FAR smarter folks have failed to get the drop on Kristen Blake Dimera–why are we to assume a hair-brained surfer horndog like Daniel could? I guess it did save us from having to sit through more Dannifer scenes for the time being though.

  2. Profile photo of soapbaby

    As much as I hate that Kristen’s return was marred by scenes with Daniel (has DAYS ever had a character so propped?) I have been LOVING DAYS!!! It’s still very much “must-see-television” for me. Can’t wait for Kristen to return to Salem and mix it up with worthy characters.

  3. Profile photo of twen_angst

    he is amazing, this daniel. is there ANYTHING he can’t do? i’m in such awe of the character. i understand potential nobel peace prize winners are watching days to get tips. is he even human? will he be revealed to be the second coming?

  4. Profile photo of kenerly1

    So sick of the hate for Daniel.on these boards.Shawn Christian is an amazing actor and if the people of Salem are in awe of him so be it..Daniel always has owned his mistakes.

  5. Profile photo of Jon

    Put me in the camp of hating to see Eileen Davidson’s first week wasted wrestling with Daniel. BO-ring! as Joann Worley would say. Get Kristen back to Salem and back in the faces of those she hates most!

  6. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Kristen will not be returning to Salem until the middle of next week, according to spoilers. Until then, it looks like it’s going to be more time spent with Daniel. I certainly never expected to spend so much time feeling bored and irritated when Eileen returned to the show. :(

    • Profile photo of Yoryla

      I just hope they’re going to do it the *RIGHT* way after she does come in. SHE is the one that needs to be on top, the HBIC, take no prisoners and show the town who they’re dealing with!

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