The Young and the Restless Promo: Will Devon and Hilary Tell Neil the Truth?

YR, The Young and the Restless promo

Devon (Bryton James) and Hilary (Mishael Morgan) have been sneaking around Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) back, but will they finally admit the truth to him?

Meanwhile, Ian (Ray Wise) isn’t finished with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden). Watch next week’s The Young and the Restless promo below!

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    Hmm, Dylan’s upset.

    Poor baby.

    Did Ian step on Avery’s toe? Better call the cops and get Paul accidentally shot again. -_-

    Lily’s probably on the phone with Cane saying, “What?” about the twins. -_-

    And whatever Ian’s secret is, it better involve removing Kelly, Stitch, and himself from Genoa City for good.

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    This crappy one time XLNT show, just keeps getting worse on a daily basis. I see the ratings are down again.
    I hope they keep going that way, then maybe they will get rid of these terrible storylines and producers and TYLER and DYLDODUMB type wanna be actors.

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    Here’s my take on current Y&R: there are things that are good, there are things that are bad. Things are mostly sold successfully by the cast of actors–not by the production or writing. I’m interested in the drama factor created by the Hevon affair, although part of me thinks it should have been going on for longer than a couple of weeks. Everything feels…rushed–in general with the show. The only thing that could make the Hevon affair even more explosive would be if Neil bought Hillary her dream house, Hillary and Devon screwed in every room in the house behind Neil’s back, and then one day (soon), the doorbell rings and Hillary opens it to discover that standing there are Malcolm and…DRUCILLA. Not having met Malcolm (or knowing what Dru looked like), Hillary could be abrupt, only to have Neil discover who is at the door. While Malcolm could leave town again after bringing Dru home (bye Shemar–come back soon!) Drucilla could discover the affair between Hillary and Devon. While Drucilla’s return would mean that Neil and Hillary’s marriage invalid, she was still having an affair–with Devon! Dru would LOVE to expose “that heffa!” and Lily would be happy to help her–even if it means hurting Devon, her brother who has betrayed her with his love affair with Hillary. THIS is drama that would have consequences and payoff! Plus, imagine Drucilla back to support her best friend Sharon when Sharon’s secret paternity switch comes out–and having Mariah’s number even though Sharon thinks she’s wonderful!

    As for Ian, I think his big secret is going to be that Mariah is Sharon’s (and Frank’s) unknown missing twin daughter–stolen by Mariah’s “mother,” the desperate-to-be-a-mother-but-so-bad-at-being-one Nurse Copeland. I think Ian knows that Nurse Copeland stole the baby. I think he’s going to reveal it as a way of making them indebted to him for “returning” Cassie’s long-lost twin.

    And as another connection, wouldn’t it be more organic if Dru fell and floated down the river only to have been found by Ian and brought into his cult. Suffering from amnesia, Dru originally puts her sassy personality towards Ian’s cause–but Ian knew who Dru was from her modeling days and being in the spotlight. Being the manipulator he is, he didn’t bring her back to Genoa City right away. It was Malcolm who bumped into her and caused Dru’s amnesia to a crashing end. Thus her return to Genoa City. Maybe she’s mad at Ian, but still grateful he took her in when she was lost (literally and figuratively)?

    OH! And I would LOVE to see Drucilla (VR) go up against Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) again! I think a chemistry between those two actresses would be there and be awesome to watch again!

    I just think there’s so much potential for the show to be BETTER, but… it’s not reaching its’ potential. My ideas may not be the best, but… I feel they’re more interesting to long-term viewers than those who have only been watching, say, since JFP and Dylan came to Genoa City.

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      Planet Earth is calling, VR is not returning. She is a shady palm tree. As a 30 year watcher im just glad igs here to enteertain with the good and the bad. CGI and all. Soaps will never be what they were. They do try their all with what they got.

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      Dudes, I KNOW Victoria Rowell is not returning–but wouldn’t that be amazing for storyline purposes if she did?! Jesus. No one has a sense of imagination apparently. I can imagine shit for Y&R better than the real shit being shoveled at us. I don’t need Planet Earth to call back me back, thanks.

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    The only way Y&R can get better is if JFP, Altman and Passanante wrote letters of resignation.

    I literally find nothing else wrong with this show but them. For goodness sakes, they took characters I genuinely loved: HILARY, Dylan, Tyler, and Stitch and made me so bored of the lot of them. They turned Billy into Stitch. Victoria into Summer. Neil into Summer. Jill into Summer. They have yet to do anything worthwhile with Ray Wise’s talents. I. Am. So. Sick. Of. These. People.

    Anyway, I’m just glad that the internet exists so that i can read episode recaps a day ahead and read spoilers a week ahead. Someday soon, I hope things turn around in Genoa City so that I can tune in with bated breath like I did early last year. For now, I’m taking a vacation in Salem.

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    I like Ian as a villain he’s working for me, his scenes with Victor are very entertaining…

    Kelly I just don’t get her personality, its weird I’m a big Cynthia Watros fan she showed me layers to this character but I’m not feeling it with CM in this roll.

    I’m not a huge Hillary the character fan. I think the actress does well. But I would have preferred Devon not be stuck in this stupid triangle with her and his daddy…didn’t we have a storyline similar to this already. I always liked him with Tatyana Ali but they neveer would write for her..Why? I don’t know. But they chose to write for Hillary … Ok whatever.

    As for Dru some of her fans want her back and you can express that whether she’s ever coming back or not is of no consequence…you’re entitled to voice an opinion on a forum that is suppose to allow you to be able to do that. Do I want her back of course. But the politics involving the actress makes that an unlikely possibility and I know that. But I never say never because you never really know.

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      The Victor/Ian scenes are entertaining, mostly because Victor has a perpetual I-want-to-grind-you-into-dust look on this face during them. That said, I don’t find Ian as a villain threatening on any level; ten-year-old Ciara from DAYS is far scarier than this guy.

      EVERYTHING with the Ben fallout and the story with Jack would’ve been so much more compelling with Cynthia Watros as Kelly. I have nothing against Cady McClain; I’ve followed her since the late ’80s on AMC and I thought she was brilliant as ATWT’s Rosanna. But her Kelly is just a milquetoast, wet blanket of a character. Every once in awhile I see a spark but it is very few and far between.

      The show isn’t terrible to me, it’s just gone back to being kinda there; I don’t dread watching but at the same time I’m not in a hurry too either(something I don’t say about either Days or GH). The acting is still strong of course but I’m finding a lot of the stories to be just “meh”.

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    The reason the Victor/Ian scenes are so entertaining is that Ray Wise looks like he’s enjoying upstaging Eric Braden’s tired old repetitive routines.

    Drucilla definitely could and maybe should return. That does not mean the Victoria Rowell has to be the one to fill those shoes. Obviously the powers that be don’t think that no one is irreplaceable and that includes Ms. Rowell.

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    The only time I’ve ever thought Y&R was terrible was when Maria Arena Bell ran the show. Lynn Latham’s Y&R wasn’t the show’s best or even a really good period, and that’s how I would describe the show now. If I miss a couple of episodes here and there, I really don’t feel too bad about it, but I’m still a Y&R fan.

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    I wouldn’t mind Ian being evil and all that if we didn’t already have evil in town in the form of Victor. Ian is talked about being evil but has DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deserve the title. Nikki claimed he was Dylan’s dad without so much as suggesting a DNA test, Dylan accepted Ian as his dad without a DNA test and Avery, a lawyer who has tried cases based SOLELY ON DNA evidence never suggested it EARLY on in the story, so I am trying to figure out why he is a BAD GUY.

    Devon and Hilary is rushed and on both Neil’s and Devon’s part, selfish! Hilary should be exposed as still trying to destroy the winter’s family because I don’t take her as a heroine.

    As for Dylan, this man is a ticking timebomb. He explodes in court more times that the bailiff says “all rise, court is in session”, he’s kidnapped a child, forgotten all about that child, rages at the drop of the hat and basically is 50% to blame for his REAL daddy almost dying.

    And Nikki… well, she’s a drunk with MS and a whiny story. GREAT

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      The last line is the best one and is really great. They did leave out the fact that she has the worse hair pieces on the show. I read on some site where many compliments were paid about her new hair style. I felt all of those people needed their TV sets adjusted.

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