Hope Gets Married Today on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kim Matula, Darin Brooks, Scott Clifton

SPOILER ALERT: It’s the moment Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Hope (Kim Matula) fans have been waiting for. The conflicted fashionista will marry Wyatt, according to TV Guide Magazine.

“Somewhere, deep down, Hope must have wanted this to happen so she wouldn’t have to make the decision for herself,” Matula says. “For years she’s been telling herself she belongs with Liam. They share so much history. They make sense together. And she does love him. But it’s Wyatt she really wants.”

Did Liam (Scott Clifton) ever have a chance, after Hope spotted Wyatt’s crown jewels the day they first met?

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    I don’t understand the way Bell is writing the show these days.

    It seems like once Alden was released the repetitiveness increased. It can’t be just me.

    But these scenes were stunning. If the show didn’t continue to do things none of the others do visually, I’d probably have to take a break.

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