Weird Science, General Hospital Style: Jason is ALIVE! (VIDEO)

Kimberly McCullough, Robin Scorpio
Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis) has been holding Robin (Kimberly McCullough) hostage, in order to bring his nefarious loved ones back to life on General Hospital. Victor forced Robin to test her experimental treatment on a stone-cold guinea pig this week on the ABC Daytime suder.

What happened next, gave Jason Morgan the shock of his life. Relive the moment from Tuesday’s General Hospital below!

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    I am laughing over the totally random collection of medical devices in Robin’s lab. What is Robin going to do with a defibrillator? Shouldn’t there be some sort of IV to feed Jason for the past year, and how do they monitor his brain and heart acitivity?

    I love soap hospitals. Random devices, doctors with multiple specialities and Lucky Spencer is that last patient who ever had to worry about paying for medical care. LOL, no need for Obamacare in the soap universe – especially because you are just as likely to give birth in a cabin as you are in a hospital in Port Charles

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    J Bernard Jones

    I am laughing over the totally random collection of medical devices in Robin’s lab. What is Robin going to do with a defibrillator? ”

    Yesterday, she used it to shock Jason back to life after Victor injected him with her untested drug and he flatlined.

    “Shouldn’t there be some sort of IV to feed Jason for the past year,”

    No, not if he were cryogenically frozen as he has been here. There would be no way for any fluid or medicine introduced in his bloodstream. It would be different if he were in a coma.

    “and how do they monitor his brain and heart activity?”

    There are multiple ways to do this; in fact, in real life, monitors and sensors in various wearable devices like the Nike Fuel band, the Basis, the Samsung Gear Fit and the upcoming Healthkit (designed for the iPhone 6 and the presumed upcoming so-called “iWatch”) are just a few ways that all kinds of physical data can be measured. Surely, the advanced lab controlled by Victor Cassadine has something similar and more technologically advanced to do roughly the same thing in a cryogenic chamber where we do not know if Jason has actual electrodes on his body and brain — given that we’ve only seen his hand and forearm.

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    The whole storyline with Jason and Robin is very campy and stupid. This show has run out of it’s creative juice. The only good storyline going is the Sonny shooting AJ story.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I would argue that just because Eileen Davidson played 6 characters back in the 90s or Marlena had the devil in her twice, does not mean that Days needed to return the era of unbelievable over-the-top and out-of-this-world tales. And I could post clips to remind people of that era. What Days has transitioned into is something more exciting and engaging without relying on alien children, evil twins, ladies in a cage or cartoon super villains like the Emperor from the Star Wars trilogy, a marvel or DC comic.

    Now when it comes to General Hospital, I keep the same one trick pony of storytelling being done over and over and over again. And you have to credit the actors for being rise above the mostly mediocre scripts and plot-lines that remind of my after-school cartoons as a child.

    Ron is all plot, no character development or character-driven storyline. It is a let me just pull every nut from the past in Port Charles from the rafters and develop plot-points to integrate them into show.

    So the storylines ain’t gonna win him any Writer’s Guild or Emmy Awards, as he has become the new James E. Reilly (and that is not a compliment), but the actors deserves some respect for doing whatever it takes to stay-in-the-game.

    Hells Bells Timmy!

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      Thank you David, for this too rational response to all the ABC interns and CarToony apologists. And i’ll add AGAIN, that even when sci-fi plots were all the rage in the 80s, soaps still EXCELLENTLY provided breathtaking romance and larger than life super couples, which sadly isn’t the case nowadays. I ultimately fear that the networks are now running the soaps, and they honestly have no clue what the fans want, they just want younger eyeballs and ratings, no matter what the cost.

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    This reminds me of the B movie “The Head That Wouldn’t Die” that they made fun of on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    And I’m guessing we should expect Billy Miller to show up like Michelle Stafford did, except it won’t be a surprise.

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    Bad enough this material they’re giving KMc (God bless her!), and Thaao Penghlis is laughable but it’s not even approaching a bad B level Sci-fi flick. definitely not popcorn worthy……

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    Yes, I agree, there is a lot of plot on GH, but it’s not ALL plot-driven. Sam and Patrick’s burgeoning relationship is very character-driven as is (as much as I don’t like it) the CarSon redux. So is Sonny vs. Morgan and the Liz/Nik/Britt triangle. I don’t mind plot and people acting out of character (people do that all the time in real life), but I’m completely over the now-de rigueur weekly spoiler: “A shot rings out”! The main reason why I’m enjoying the Maxi/Nathan/Levi story is because we get days worth of Mac, Felicia and Lucy. But I think the story would have been much more engaging overall if Levi hadn’t been such an obvious creep from the outset. He should have been more like Eli Clarke on OLTL (Remember him?), whose turn from charming to snake had a much bigger impact because he was written (by Ron) and played as a convincing good guy. I did get a chuckle, though, out of the way Nathan tried to downplay the ass-kicking that Levi gave him. At least I’m never bored while watching GH.

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      Jezza, i will give you the Eli Clarke shout-out, that bad guy reveal was similar to what Devious Maids does on a weekly basis. But i think CarToony is given a much freer reign on GH, for whatever reason, and it ain’t helping the show, imo!

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    jeremy in chicago

    This. Is. The. Worst. Storyline. EVER.

    Not only does poor Kim McCullough have to deal with this kitty litter shit – for -writing, but her only real scene partner is Thaao – a dude I’ve always liked but who either has Alzeheimer’s or just thinks he’s above having to actually learn his lines. SO uncomfortable to sit through. He reads more cue cards than the little boy playing Spencer.

    I have taken to clipping my toenails during GH because if I look at the screen too much, I WILL fast forward it. Tragic.

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    jeremy in chicago

    Two more randoms: The way Patrick keeps fondling Sam is SKEEVY. She is the biggest whore ever and if he hooks up with her, it will hurt his stock as a character.

    Secondly… am I the only one slightly intrigued by Levi suddenly?

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      Levi! But why? They’ve been telegraphing that he’s a bad guy almost from the moment he hit Port Charles. But I suppose the way he can beat up and tie up a cop does make him kind of bad ass.

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