Abby Inserts Herself in The Stitch/Victoria/Billy Triangle on Y&R (VIDEO)


You can’t really expect Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) to be Team Stitch (Sean Carrigan) on The Young and the Restless. Billy (Burgess Jenkins) is her uncle and his estranged wife Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is the celebutante’s sister! Wait…are we sure this soap is set in Wisconsin and not Appalachia?

Monday on Y&R, Ms. Newman tells the disgraced doc to step off. Meanwhile, Victoria informs Billy she’s back at Newman-Chancellor. Look for the head of Victor’s (Eric Braeden) fav-o-rite son-in-law to explode in 5…4…3…2…

Over at the Newman Ranch, Sharon (Sharon Case) wants to know what Nick (Joshua Morrow) is keeping from her about Mariah (Camryn Grimes). Watch the sneak peek from Monday’s Y&R below!

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    Since her break up with Tyler, Abby has been growing on me. Her scenes at the doctor with Victoria warmed my cold my heart. It was so sweet to see the sisters interractions. I love her friendship with Lily and Devon.

    Another Newman is growing on me: Dickolas himself, he’s being really smart right now. Having already seen Monday’s show, i think Paul should hire Nick for the GCPD, he has some serious investigation skills.

    Abby and Nick Newman are the most improved characters of the summer IMO!

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    I just don’t get why the role/character of Abby is not being fleshed out more than the vapid nosy body heiress that she has become under Jill Farren Phelps. When Marcy Rylan played her as the proper adult character with flare and spunk. She was the NAKED HEIRESS and stood up to her father and her uncle. She stood up to Tucker and even went up against Katherine Chancellor… and lost.

    Then Marcy left. Then both Abby and Marcy returned and the story was that she was more mature and under her mother,’s, Ashley’s, tutelage Abby wanted to actually work and contribute. She took a job at Jabot not because she was choosing sides but because she felt that she could have a better TRUTHFUL career without nepotism.

    Then Marcy left and Ordway stepped in. A fine actress saddled with bad direction and character focus on the producers writers and directors. Now, ABby is a nosy body and a shrill character. Gone is her spunk, her witty one liners (sadly that was because Josh Griffith is no longer writing for the show), and any maturity the character has.

    As for the Victoria/Billy/Stitch triangle, I just don’t get why Victoria is not looking into the case to make an informed DECISION. Why she is not talking to Kelly at length about their childhood and the man their father was. Why she is even kissing Billy, who is now a wimpy loser under the second actor since Billy Miller.

    As for Stitch… HOW DARE DYLAN even judge Stitch the way he has! Dylan has never told Stitch about his nightly nightmares, Avery has. Dylan kidnapped a child and expects forgiveness for that and Stitch stuck by him. WHy have the writers writen Dylan as siding against Stitch without even considering the fact that Stitch, out of guilt for killing a man, is not telling the full story and that a man as good as Stitch has been could never have JUST killed his father for the joy of it.

    NONE of the characters out to protect Victoria from Stitch have even done as much to protect Summer from her LUNATIC kidnapping LOADED GUN WELDING COP SHOOTER, Austin. This is why I am soooooo not finding Stitch’s or even Summer’s stories exciting.

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      Xlnt post there. U should know that SB/Dyldo is JFP’s #1 boy and even though he is a terrible actor, she feels he can do no wrong, and as long as she is in charge, he will remain #1. Let us pray that they keep losing viewers and maybe CBS/SONY will wise up and get us someone better to run this once great show.

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      This such an accurate portrait of Abby, Stitch, and that Victoria/Billy mess right now. Wow!

      I really wish the writers would reconsider recasting a character just for the sake of filling up space. Abby has been useless since the end of her naked heiress days and Billy’s become a wet mop since Miller’s exit. I don’t get why characters have to stay on the show who add literally no value. And there are way too many like this right now to count.

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    Despite the efforts of Melissa Ordway, who I think is a fine actress, I’ve just never been a fan of this iteration of Abby…until she was mercifully extricated from Tyler, that is. Since then, I’ve grown to enjoy her a great deal, especially when she’s up in another Abbott’s business(some call it nosy, I call it entertaining). I thought she was the star of the recent Abbott dinner episode and I’m loving that she’s been hanging with that side of the family more, despite the absence of her mother, after being ensconced in the Newman orbit for the last few years. Both she and newly-bitch-on-wheels Lily have been totally reinvigorated in my eyes in the last couple months and it’s one of the better improvements the show’s made of late IMO.

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    Abby taught me a new cool word this week: Stashley. I do hope Austin gets off, which I’m sue he will. He’s a solid actor who has an amazing face. I do not care for Hunter King. I don’t get her at all. There’s nothing wrong with the New2 Billy. He’s got the swagger and a different kind of humour than Billy Miller. He fits well in all his scenes. I don’t get the Mariah crush on Nick. She knows she’s got it good on the ranch. Why would a con like her try to mess up her already good thing? It’s a certainty now that she’s Sharon’s daughter.

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    pjc722 … Excellent and accurate post above, except I’m actually an on the side of Summer/Austin (and I think there is chemistry there).

    However, I wish that this Abby would insert herself into some sort of transporter beam to a far distant galaxy. This Abby as currently written makes me cringe every time she opens her mouth.

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    hey mon

    I love Abby the Bitch. I cant wait for her and Ashley to butt heads when Ash gets to town. Its gonna be Abby vs Ben in a few months — which will be very good. Hopefully we will see another full-bitch slap like Ash gave Abby as the police station when Abby trashed Tuck & Ash’s wedding preparations at Chancellor Park.

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    How many scenes have I enjoyed the character of Abby in? Every one now since she’s been Tyler free.

    I definitely think there is a future for this character. Finally.

    When the decision was made to bring back Abby after they foolishly let Emme go, and then she went to GH, her character was acting more mature and more involved in her family. This needs to continue, especially when ED returns.

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