10 Times Neil Winters Was Oh-So-Unlucky In Love on The Young and the Restless

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The Young and the Restless’ Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) can always get a woman, but can never seem to keep them! Here’s a look back at the many times Neil has tried and failed miserably at this thing called love.

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No.10 Neil Loses Olivia But Gains Drucilla

In 1991, Stanford Business School graduate Neil Winters joined the staff at Jabot as executive trainee. Before long, he found himself wrapped up in a war between two sisters.

Drucilla (Victoria Rowell) and Olivia Barber (Tonya Williams) were always trying to one-up each other. Olivia was a doctor, while Dru was a runaway-turned-Jabot-mailroom-attendant with a very sordid past. Olivia found love with “reformed” criminal Nathan Hastings (Nathan Purdee), which left her struggling sister Drucilla seething.

Dru wanted Nathan for herself, and needed to come up with a way to win him. She told Olivia she had a boyfriend. One small problem, she wasn’t seeing anyone! Dru needed someone to play the part — enter Neil Winters.

Dru and Neil did everything they could think of to win their respective loves, to no avail. When Olivia finally learned what they were up to, she quickly wed Nathan.

Dru and Neil were heartbroken, but soon realized they were a much better fit as lovers! Neil supported Dru as she became a supreme ballerina. In turn, she begin having his back as he climbed the ladder at “the Tower of Newman”. The rest, as they say, is soap opera history.

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    “Yep, Neil even loses at love to off screen characters!” LMAO

    Neil’s love life has been tragic. The man can’t catch a break. His lows were Karen, Tyra, Sofia and “Harmony” – yeah THAT many. Oh and Neil/Ashley was another mistake even though they SHOULD make a good couple on paper.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    That Neil and Ashley relationship was so forced and not right, that even Kristoff and Eileen looked uncomfortable in the romantic scenes.

    That was Maria Arena Hell’s insta-relationships for you. In one episode Ashley was bringing Neil a holiday gift from a friendship development that had been happening off-screen as Olivia was always the close one with Ashley. Neil and Ashley had not had but a few scenes together in years. But all of sudden in two episodes they were swapping spit. And it was just terrible to watch. Just terrible.

    Then there were Maria’s sad attempts at introducing new black characters that were supposed to be like Dru. Come on now, we all know what they were trying to do.

    Tyra was named after Tyra Banks. I don’t care what that bitch says. She knew that Eva Marcille had been on America’s Next Top Model. Come on now! Come on! Stop playing.

    Then there was Miss Sophia. I’m not sorry here either. But that bitch knew that she got the name from The Color Purple. Big girl is named Sophia in the film and big girl is named that on Y&R.

    With the recast returns were even worse. Malcolm went from a pin-up from Right Up magazine to looking your garbage collector. And Debbie Morgan went from a class act to trying to make sense of her relapsed crack-addict character. No dignity.

    But you know the other bad one was when two-time Emmy award winning actor and one half of one of the most popular daytime supercouples in history, Darnell Williams was brought on to massage Peter Bergman’s legs and bark at him.

    Agnes take the script!

    Just brought back some bad memories.

    On the other hand, it was interesting to take a stroll down memory lane.

    I could though suggest that they cast Amelia Marshall (ex-Gilly, GL; ex-Belinda, AMC; ex-Liz, Passions) as a new age appropriate love interest for Neil. Maybe she could play a recast of Alex? And this time give Alex a little edge like her Passions character.

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    Maybe its time that someone over there admit that throwing women at Neil, especially women of color, just to see which one sticks isn’t the way to go.The only ones of those i liked Neil with was Dru, Karen and Leslie. One “died,” he cheated on the other and the writers threw the other one under the bus to force a pairing with someone who was never going to be right for him in the first place. A pairing that I’m more than convinced he asked for considering how defensive he was when no one was buying it. They need to have him doing something else. This blind story might be just that if it wasn’t also forcing Hilary to stay with him. All its doing is hurting her’s and Devon’s character while propping his yet again. But I digress lol

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      Yeah, poor Leslie, she lost her spot on the canvas(not to mention Angell Conwell recently lost her contract) once Mishael Morgan took off as Hilary. A shame really, I’ve always liked Leslie–I actually used to love when she interacted with Muhney’s Adam–but the Neil/Leslie pairing just never clicked(nor does the Neil/Hilary pairing for that matter). Still say Neil’s best onscreen partner outside of Drucilla was Karen; Nia Peeples was one of the very few people who actually made me buy KSJ in a romantic pairing. Those two had great chemistry.

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      @chrisga I think what’s even worse about Angell losing her place and contract is that their is room for both on canvas. Both Devon and Neil should have a pairing OF THEIR OWN and Hilary is just one woman. now why couldn’t neil be paired with Leslie while devon is paired withHilary. Angell losing her contract is worrisome to me. It hints at writers continuing to pursue Neil and Hilary as a pairing despite her pairing with Devon being the one that took off. It only hurts Mishael/Hilary and Bryton/Devon. Neil remains the same as he always has. In a romantic pairing that few want or care about. What’s worse is this time it’s at other’s expense.

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    Wonder if this regime would bring back Dru. I do know who Amelia is and she was great on GL. More memories of a top soap who ended too soon. I think of Hamp also. The friendship between Hamp and Billy Lewis rocked. Goodness GL is so missed.

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      Camp is not a sustainable model

      Yeah it was a good relationship between the man. My favorite scene of Gilly’s was when she confronted Bill Sr. about his being arrested when he was in his early 20’s for participating in an attempted lynching of a black man,while he was getting his medals of honor for serving in the war. Roger had blackmailed Gilly into revealing the information. But it showed how well the writers were able to WEAVE real life history into their storylines.

      Bill Sr. was known as such a caring, selfless and compassionate guy that one would not have ever imagined that that was apart of his past.

      For me that was part of that golden era of soap writing. It was compelling and entertaining at the same time.

      With that being said, I think Amelia Marshall would make a great addition to Y&R and someone Neil could develop a relationship with.

      I had this idea (thinking about the history of the show) that if we go back to 2004 when Newman Enterprises and Jabot were battling in the black cosmetics market, that the black owned mid-sized cosmetics company Victor scooped called Safra was owned by a woman named Lynette.

      The company was seized from her when a Victor, who was desperate to one-up Jack paid Lynette’s creditors to make it look like she was going to default on her loans and thus she sold the business to NE under false pretenses. Now Lynette has learned the truth and arrives in Genoa City to seek revenge on the Black Knight.

      This is something that would not be revealed to the audience for months. But she would stalking around town following the Newman’sand watching them. Along the way she would be setting up the destruction of each of Victor’s children’s lives one by one. And then she would find an ally in the jilted bastered son Adam.

      Together the two of them would plot to takeover Newman and leave Victor locked out from his company. Along the way, Lynette would develop feelings for Neil and be forced to hide her little secret and yet promise that one day Neil would be the CEO of his own company.

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    OH MY GOD. How i could forget about the legendary Carmen Mess up. My friends and I used to make fun of that character all of time. Neil is such a loser in love. Thank god he’s rich and pretty.

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    After Drucilla, Neil’s best chemistry was with Ryan McNeil (whom, he also lost).

    (Anyone else remember when the two men were both on the outs with the females in their lives and were batching it together in what had rather oddly been described as a one-bedroom apartment. .. lol!)

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    Aside from all the various inconceivable shenanigans going on these days in Genoa City; what I really want to know is … Why does Cane look like he’s.wearing a bad wig on to of that head of his?

    • Profile photo of yojoromo4469

      I was thinking the same thing about the dude playing Billy Abbott. His hair is always the exact same way and I being of the male species, can never make mine look the same way twice. Being very vain, I try very hard when I have a day that I think it looks decent, but never able to do a repeat. I am a hair person and being older than dirt, am glad I still have a full head of it. I enjoy looking for the hair pieces on every show I watch. I do believe though still, Y and R, has more people with bad hairpieces, no matter if they are called extensions or whatever.

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    I’m sure JFP is not opposed to bringing back Victoria Rowell. The Sony and CBS people are the ones who probably don’t want her back. It’s self-defeating in a way because the ratings would shoot up to at least 5.5 million in total viewers if they brought her back,

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    I see we have another VR fan. My feeling has always been, “IF everyone thinks she is such a great talent, then why isn’t she on some TV show?” Never been able to figure out that one.

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